Piano Lead

Onbeats has released another instrumental app for Windows 8.1, and this time we're looking at Piano!!. Already available on other platforms, this interesting little app will turn your Windows 8.1 device into a virtual piano, enabling you to create some music without forking out for a new physical keyboard or carrying around equipment with you.

Just like other Onbeats apps already on the Windows 8 store, it's both simple and intuitive. The app has already accumulated positive reviews on the store from consumers, so you can be sure you'll get a kick out of the experience should you make the purchase. Just like many such touch supporting apps, multi-touch is here for performing more complicated tunes.

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Piano Windows 8

There are a number of themes to choose from that alter the sound produced by the virtual piano. These include popular and well known tracks.

You can download Piano!! from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (Windows 8.1). Should you be a large fan of ONBEATS apps, you'll dig this new entry. Let us know how you get on and if you have any recordings to show off.

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