OneCast lets you stream Xbox One games to Macs

Microsoft has allowed Xbox One gamers to stream their games to Windows 10 via the Xbox app since 2015, but Mac users have so far been left out. A new app called OneCast is aiming to break that barrier by allowing game streaming to macOS (via 9to5Mac).

Much like game streaming on Windows 10, OneCast requires you to be connected to the same network as your Xbox One to get started. Once you sign in with your Microsoft account and connect a controller (either over Bluetooth or via USB), OneCast will stream your Xbox dashboard over your home network to your Mac. The app supports 1080p streaming and can run in either full screen or windowed mode. It also supports multiple profiles, so you can switch between different Xbox One consoles and gamertags at will.

OneCast is certainly an interesting option, particularly compared to the usual workaround of using a Parallels virtual machine or a Boot Camp partition to access streaming on Windows 10. However, given that this is an unofficial app, there's a chance Microsoft could move to shut it down.

Still, if you're willing to give OneCast a shot, you can try it for free for 14 days. The app will then fetch a standard price of $20, but it's currently on sale through April for $9.99.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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