OneDrive gets bolder, cleaner design overhaul on iOS

What you need to know

  • Microsoft detailed a fresh design overhaul coming to the OneDrive app for iOS.
  • The new appearance follows a similar revamp the Outlook app recently received, complete with a bold, blue header.
  • The app looks cleaner overall, fitting in with the modern trend of the rest of the Office suite.

Microsoft has a new design in the works for the OneDrive app on iOS. Teased in a blog post today, the overhaul trends towards a cleaner overall look overall with a greater emphasis on OneDrive's signature blue color.

In an effort to unify its experiences across the Office suite on iOS, Microsoft has taken a cue from its work on the Outlook app to add a splash of extra color in the header. "Our bold new header adds a splash of color, more native feel, and alignment with Outlook on iOS. Microsoft Search is now integrated front and center, allowing users to find files faster," Microsoft said in its blog post.

Additionally, Microsoft says it has tweaked the font sizes and colors in the files list, potentially making it easier to browse through your files. That in addition to a revamp of the command sheet that brings a "softer look and a draggable surface."

Another major area of focus in this update is the PDF annotation experience. When annotating PDFs, you'll now find all of the touch controls at the bottom of the screen. Likewise, notes are now more "lightweight and reactive" and the color picker now lives on the note's surface.

Finally, the settings menu has seen some tweaks to make it easier to use. All notification settings are now grouped by account in a dedicated "Notifications" page. Camera upload settings are more granular, giving users more control over how videos and photos are treated. A question mark icon has also been added next to some items to help better explain their purpose.

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