OneDrive on Windows 10 Mobile updated with new sort option

For those running Windows 10 Mobile, you'll want to head to the Store to check for an update to OneDrive. Version 17.3 is now available a bump up from the previous 17.2.2 released on September 16.

Although there is no changelog associated with this update, we did some quick comparing and found a new option under the ellipsis menu for 'Sort by'. Tapping the menu item lets you sort your OneDrive files by:

  • Name (ascending)
  • Name (descending)
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Smallest
  • Largest

Granted this is not a huge update but then again for an online file repository such options should be considered mandatory. For that reason alone we are glad to see this new ability come to OneDrive on Windows 10 Mobile.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Good, missed this from 8.1
  • They should use the new folder icon from OneDrive online.
  • Great
  • I did not know that OneDrive adheres to the dark theme.... Nice. They need to follow that completely.
  • Completely? For office? ;D
  • Office is best viewed in White theme... Remaining all (except Games) I need in Black theme
  • Alas, I prefer a dark theme for Office as well. 
  • Odd, I really wanted this earlier today.  Nice to see it added back.
  • I just want this app to be able to sync my Saved Pictures folder! I already repported this for about three months and they didnt fix it.
  • It does it by default on my WP8.1 All I ever want it to do is to give me the ability to sign out of my main microsoft account (linked to the phone) and log into a separate account.
  • i dont know if you can log out from main account but you can add another account.
  • And then I believe you can choose which account to sync to.
  • Yes, this is broken in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • In photos, i don't see an option on how do we select all photos. MS please add this.
  • niceeeeeeeeee
  • Still can't even get OneDrive to open. Just crashes every time I open it. May have to roll back.
  • It seems like sharing audio files now requires the recipient to have a OneDrive account as well. I shared a self recording with myself via text and it asked me to sign into OneDrive to listen to it. This has never happened by default before. I know on the web you can select "Require the user to sign into OneDrive" or something like that or just have it where users can view files without an account. I checked the settings in the app and i do nor see a way to change it. I tested it by clicking on a link that I shared with myself last week that used to just open and it now also asks me to sign in before listening to the content. I hope this is not the way it's going to be on Mobile because I share recordings with people who do not have a OneDrive account nor do they want one.
  • Now, if only they fixed it so auto upload works again consistently for the camera roll and so that timestamps are for when the pic was taken and not when it was uploaded.
  • Welcome addition of function. I suspect with this new unbundled framework of W10, core apps like this will be perpetually developed. I'm patient, IF that's true. :)
  • black theme? now I like it
  • Another day, another small update on Windows Phone (Mobile)
  • Help me. Everytime I click an option to change Lockscreen, it's always forced close. And I can't use my photo to use it in #tileart. Any suggestion?
  • Lockscreen option crashes first time. Just go back to it and it should work. Tileart doesn't work sadly :/
  • Judging from these slow updates it is clear W10M development has a long way to go before it is officially released on phones, so the farther the release date of W10M the better.
  • After months on W10 with my everyday driver, I just downgraded to 8.1 yesterday... mainly because I couldn't s send emails at all, but other issues... I already miss checking out the W10 updates!
  • Why no update for 8.1 we also need this feature
  • Maybe 8.1 has limitation that 10 didn't for this one
  • Well said
  • What are you talking about? OneDrive for 8.1 already has this feature.
  • The Weather Channel also showing an update. Errors out when trying to install.
  • Do a hard reset and everything will start working/downloading again.
  • I may downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1, just because of the appalling performance of the Windows Central app on W10M!
  • There hasn't been an update to this app in a while.
  • Microsoft must have changed something in the way it handles older apps. Maybe they changed something in the builtin controls used in it. Windows Central took a dive in the last two builds for some reason. So yah, either microsoft need to fix that or better yet, we need a universal app :)
  • I just dropped back down to 8.1 yesterday, and yeah, the WC app performs as it should. Along with some other things that seemed to just break in the latest build like emails. It tells me recipients aren't valid email address, even for Outlook accounts.
  • Password protection came?
  • No
  • Sort by type?
  • Is there some reason why it can't sort by type?
  • Why did they remove the PIN logon?
  • but pinlock missing in thia latest version
  • outlook mail & calendar got updated too, S/MIME options have disappeared o_O
  • I can confirm this. Maybe there were issues with that.
  • According to OneDrive support, this also fixes the photo upload issue where photos no longer sync to OneDrive after windows mobile build 10536 but not tried it yet!
  • They sent me an email two weeks ago saying it would be fixed in 1.73 out something. I can't try it because I switched back to 8.1.
  • what i hate the most about this app is that it is not respecting any app design from this os. why cant they be consistent? -_-
  • Because MS is like Nokia used to be? ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually.... I can't test the photo autoupload as OneDrive now just crashes and exits on loading. #lumia930 #10536
  • Me too! Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.
  • Just did a factory reset and redownloaded everything. Started working again for me.
  • I left feedback for sort options in OneDrive and for the Photos app. Here's hoping they put it in Photos app. However, this type of stuff should be obvious to the development teams. They really must have lost some key devs.. Sad..
  • I just installed win 10 on my 640 and I'm not getting any of these updates. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
  • Maybe you just need to wait longer for the Store to finish looking for updates. It takes ages and then downloading them takes ages again, it's horrible.
  • That black theme is making me not use the app, it's a horrible theme for a file browser, and not going with the white web theme of OneDrive. Hopefully they will add an option to set a theme, like they did with the Outlook mail app. Until then, it's so ugly I just can't use it.
  • W10M needs option to change white theme only for some apps! I like OneDrive with white but I want Dark theme for phone. And I like Mail and store with white. ^^ I hope they'll add this!
  • we need an option to choose the icon size (in folders) in onedrive , the list views is god but the thumbnails view is too big, I would like to have a 3 columns view option
  • Why dont they choose that design like option be in the middle of screen . It s coool. Make u feel more like pc Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone else have an incorrect time for when a picture was created?  OneDrice on my W10M 1520 displays a create time that is 4 hours earlier than the picture was taken. My 1520 has my correct timezone. The picture create time on my PC App [Explorer] of OneDrive Web is correct.    
  • Doesn't seem faster. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't they design 1 folder UI? Folders look different everywhere. I name windows explorer, onedrive web, onedrive app, photos app, file explorer, and probably a bunch more. Non tech people don't even recognize folders anymore. I had to explain my mother the thing with the blue bar is a folder on onedrive web. Seriously Microsoft... Get your stuff streamlined...
  • Very basics like sorting should be in v. 0.x already.
  • Welcome back!