OneDrive for Windows 10 Mobile

For those running Windows 10 Mobile, you'll want to head to the Store to check for an update to OneDrive. Version 17.3 is now available a bump up from the previous 17.2.2 released on September 16.

Although there is no changelog associated with this update, we did some quick comparing and found a new option under the ellipsis menu for 'Sort by'. Tapping the menu item lets you sort your OneDrive files by:

  • Name (ascending)
  • Name (descending)
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Smallest
  • Largest

Granted this is not a huge update but then again for an online file repository such options should be considered mandatory. For that reason alone we are glad to see this new ability come to OneDrive on Windows 10 Mobile.

Download OneDrive for Windows 10 Mobile

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