OneMusic, a fast, clean alternative to Xbox Music is this week's myAppFree Deal

Looking for a viable alternative to Xbox Music? OneMusic offers a fast, clean alternative as a Windows Phone music app that is worth considering.

With OneMusic users can create and manage playlists, repeat music and randomize songs. OneMusic also includes support for full album art work and can scan both your Windows Phone main memory and SD expansion memory for songs.

The app normally runs $1.99 but through this week's myAppFree deal over the next twenty-four hours you can pick it up for free.

When you first launch OneMusic it will scan and index your music library whether you have files on your main Windows Phone memory or on an SD expansion card. Depending on how large your music library is this could take some time.

Once scanned and indexed, OneMusic will present your music across four pages sorting them by playlists, artists, albums and songs. Settings are accessible from the top menu bar and cover options to choose your startup page, color theme, search for new music and more.

OneMusic Screens

Playback options include your customary play/pause/forward/reverse controls, as well as a repeat and shuffle option. As we noted when OneMusic first hit Store shelves, the only drawback for some users is that the app cannot access Xbox Music DRM protected files or work with an Xbox Music Pass. Other than that, it is a clean looking, appealing option to consider.

Here is Dan's video look at OneMusic's initial release.

Normally OneMusic has a five day trial version with the full version running $1.99. Through the myAppFree deal of the week, for the next 24 hours you can pick OneMusic up for free. If you've been sitting on the fence about OneMusic, now might be the best time to act.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of OneMusic and remember to head over to the Windows Phone Store and review the app. It's an easy way to offer up feedback to the developer.

And please note, it may take a little while for this deal to show up in the myFreeApp Windows Phone app but the discounted price is already reflected in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • George.. Why are developers not using the DRM music feature that MS has released?
    Didn't MS give developers the tools to allow their apps to play XBM files? Can you, or Daniel, shed some light on this❓❓❓❓
  • Of the jungle
  • smooth
  • Strong as he can be.
  • I so much agree with you but I think most of the devs don't have xbm subscription and they probably presume it's useless. I for one use it for more than 2 years, and it rocks.
  • Yup I love it too!
  • Yup I love it too!
  • I love my Xbox music subscription
  • Hummmmm... I wonder what percentage of WP users do have an XBM subscription... Great point.
  • Same here, and unfortunately for me any music app without the ability to play Xbox music is completely useless.
  • Agree. Xbm excellent service. If an app can't get past the DRM it is useless to me
  • Yes please shed some light because I would love to use One music if it only played my Xbox music songs.
  • Sadly, MS does NOT give app developers any possibility to playback their DRM files. It is really a shame. I am a developer of a music app and I would really love to add this possibility for my users. But MS does not allow Windows apps to play Windows DRM files on a Windows device...
  • Maybe I am missing something but I'm not totally convinced you are correct.  Check here:
  • Yeah, I think they did say that developers could do this AND I thought they could get revenue from sales. I wish people would look stuff up and give SOURCES when giving an authoritative sounding answer.  
  • Well, not even MixRadio supports it and that's technically an MS app. So, I don't see why they would be lying.
  • But, you do understand that the capabilities are there, right?
  • MixRadio uses a different backend than Xbox Music and I believe I remember hearing somewhere that they didn't want to combine the two because of the overlapping services and such.
  • That's a red herring.  MixRadio has its own store.  Why would they integrate with XBM?
  • Well it's the only music app that can read Xbox music playlists. But I wasn't really talking about having all the Xbox music features. Just the DRM stuff. Not that it matters, I consider Xbox music a better app anyways.
  • I have read all of the developer docs form that website above. The only thing they offer is streaming of music. But there is no possibility to play the offline DRM protected files. Maybe you should look stuff up before accusing someone of not looking stuff up. I cannot give you a source to something that does not exist on that website. All of these APIs are online server APIs, meaning you can fetch data, images, or a stream from their online service. But the question here was if it is possible to play their DRM files. For that they would need to hand out some kind of code library for decoding the files. But they offer nothing like that...
  • From Microsoft Music Service FAQ   I want to stream music, but I can't because I need to log in an Xbox Music user. What should I do? Some features of the APIs require that you authenticate an Xbox Music user. For the moment, this is restricted to partners that are part of the pilot. To apply follow the process explained here. I want to access an Xbox Music user's collection, but I can't because I need to log in an Xbox Music user. What should I do? Some features of the APIs require that you authenticate an Xbox Music user. For the moment, this is restricted to partners that are part of the pilot. To apply follow the process explained here.
  • Yes it is possible to stream music with the API (given that MS would approve your app as a pilot app). But it is not possible to play the offline stored DRM protected files. I have studied the xbox developer website a lot, only to find out that it provides none of the stuff that I hoped for. You are not even allowed to use the images they provide without adding an "ad link" pointing to the xbox music website for every single image used. The OP question was if MS gives devs the possibility to play the DRM files stored from xbox music pass. And the answer is still no, MS does not give us that possibility. I would not write this if I had not looked that up thoroughly. As I said, I would really love to add this into my app, and if there was a way, I would do it. But you can search the store and you will find not a single app that can play these DRM files. This is not because devs are unwilling to add this. This is because MS does not allow us to do it.
  • As reported by the then WPC, MS DOES give the tools to add this...
    And, your comment explains a lot... Thanks❗
  • No they don't, please read my other comments.
  • Anybody know any app for adding album arts other than MPAtool
  • Great!
  • That App had never been update and has bugs!
  • Free is free, take it or leave it
  • I paid for the App while ago, so I got the right to...
  • Zbox is another nice alternative though!
  • Waiting for vlc
  • Seems like VLC doesn't worth the wait...
  • Can you elaborate?
  • Beta dude, beta...
  • Nice!
  • the app crashes way too often to be used as a daily music player. Excellent design otherwise, loads if potential
  • It won't even start on my Lumia 1520
  • I found this to be because of having a large library
  • Try "Music x beta" its very good app, doesn't have these issues and trrust me ur not gonna regret after dwnldng...
  • Best music player ever seen thanks for suggestion
  • I just wish it had queuing support
  • App would be perfect when it integrates with cortana so i can play music by voice. Very handy while driving.
  • Zbox is pretty good too
  • Zbox is the best
  • It doesnt use embedded album art in the music file.. !! Right?
  • It stopped at 2442 tracks for me. Giving it another go 'round. Maybe, I'll have better luck the second time.
  • Hail myappsfree!
  • Hail MS!
  • At last
  • Gonna download it because it's free but probably wont use it as my daily driver until it's patched and gets better XBM support.
  • Never heard of this app before..downloaded and trying out now.. I love the look and feel of the app. Smooth, crisp and minimalistic UI.. Gonna try some lossless
  • Looks nice
  • Beautiful interface. Love the clean look of the player, no jumble of icons and titles and a nice full screen album art. And clean menus, none of this What's New and New Artists shit you get with Xbox music. Wish I could make it the default player.
  • I said the exact same thing about making it default player, see last comment
  • MyAppFree rockzzz \m/
  • You like metal? :D
  • Zbox and Audiotica is the best alternative music experiance.
  • Gonna check those... Thanks for the tip..
  • Are they paid apps or free?
    I hope they are not Ad supported $_$
  • Can't find Audiotica in store !! 512MB supported or not?
  • It is on beta stage.
  • And tell me how to get it.. :/
  • Unpinned Xbox Music from Start sceen... Bye bye (~.^)
    ..OneMusic is simple , eye-catching , and does the job... I'm satisfied
  • I wish there was a way to set this app as default music player
  • I tried the app. Very basic music experience. No live tile, no artist info, no background wallpaper. Just song and album art. I then went and played the same song on XBox Music and it's a totally much richer experience. Thank you but until someone comes out with a music app that has an artist screensaver similar to what Zune had I'll stick with The XBOX Music app.
  • Zbox looks good.. But it doesnt use album art embedded in the file just downloads it -> waste of data... But the looks are awsome.. Just like ZuneHD.. Give it a try... Its free as well :)
  • Just installed it. Thanks! That's what I'm talking about. These guys have the missing piece.
  • Use the old Xbox Music player, with: It has the same great tile from Windows Phone 8.0 and you can use MPAtool for adding artist background.
  • Clearly one of the overrated apps. Didn't find anything interesting or unique about this. ModernMusic performs better and has more features than this. Zbox is also better than this.
  • ModernMusic feels just like Xbox Music player
  • Three problems I've had after using for about half a year: The app has to reload completely every time you open it (even when you don't kill the app), it crashes every time I unlock my phone and try to switch the song (both on my 1520 and 930), and also there have been a couple occasions where I have to quickly remove the ear buds from my ears because the volume turns to max at the start of a new song (even turning down the phone volume does not work, its either at 0 or its blaring loud well beyond the threshold of pain)
  • Thanks! This app is amazing!
  • Nice interface and features
  • Why hasn't somebody remade the ZuneHD's music app.
  • checkout Zbox
  • Thanks for heads up George, this app actually does everything Xbox music doesn't (display album information and cover properly).
  • I think I have downloaded every single music app that exists in the Store trying to find one that suits my needs but no luck yet.
    Some apps don't support 1080p resolution and look ugly on my 1520, others look fine but they cannot read the embedded album art and others (like OneMusic) are way too buggy and keep crashing a lot.
    My only hope is VLC but it needs a lot of work to be usable.
    And of course there is no app yet that supports gapless playback but I believe Microsoft is to blame for that.
  • Use the old Xbox Music player, with:
    It has the same great tile from Windows Phone 8.0 and you can use MPAtool for adding artist background.
  • The app wont start on my Lumia 1520. All i get is some white headphones on a mint green background. Sure I have a pretty large music collection, but shouldn't it say absorbing plz wait or something then?
  • Doesn't find any of my playlists, requires me to recreate them in the app
  • Love the UI, really easy to use and very smooth.
  • 8.1 only I assume
  • The app looks great is simple enough, kudos to phelipe for the design great job mate
  • No xbm support? ... Store or playback? = Not a replacement for xbm player!
  • I wasn't sure to get this app, but since you guys at Windows central recommend it, I think I'll try it
  • I use music+, it's awesome