OneNote Class Notebook Creator enhances learning in the classroom

Microsoft has released an interactive teaching and learning tool called OneNote Class Notebook Creator, which works in a similar way to OneNote allowing students and teachers to type, ink, and save clippings to their notebooks. Where OneNote Class Notebook Creator shines is that it creates a collaborative teaching and learning environment where the teacher could set up a notebook for each student in the class and monitor learning and engagement of each student through their notebooks, distribute digital handouts to all students, and setup a space for students to collaborate.

The notebook consists of three different areas:

  1. A student notebook that is shared privately between the student and the teacher
  2. A content library where teachers can distribute digital handouts and course materials
  3. A collaboration space for anyone in the class to share and collaborate

What do you think of the OneNote Class Notebook Creator? Do you want your school to adopt this technology?

Source: Office blog (opens in new tab)

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  • Of course I want my school to adopt it.
  • Wish my teachers adopts it
    But they hate Microsoft in order to love Google because it is "open source"
  • Haha, Google is far from open source. Just try asking them for the source code of Drive, Docs, YouTube, Search, or Android (and by Android I mean the Android people know, not AOSP).
  • To them, open-source is just a synonym for the word "free". Which considering that they're educators, is more than just a tad bit ironic.  
  • It would make so much sense to have the district create these accounts. I would never again have to hear a student claim they lost their notebook. That same book could be used for every class. Alas, we are going Google which totally sucks.
  • Do they even know what open source means, or they just heard it somewhere on the Internet? ;) Anyways, something being open source does not worth too much if you don't touch the code of it, or there are plenty of great closed source alternatives. I hope they use Linux then ;)
  • Yeah... Wish mine too.
  • Microsoft loves long names. This is a really good idea, I was thinking about an app for something like that.
  • Sounds great ...whats with names ?...whats wrong with OneNote Class or whatever is shorter...
  • Yeah I thought they were supposed to be simplifying names!
  • It's funny how I had the same idea when it comes to the name. It's simply too long.
  • Sounds good.
  • Seems faster than the conventional method. And that would mean that I could get a laptop!
  • My school already has something like this
  • Obviously it will never happen in our schools but it would be so nice. We use Edubuntu and we all hate it.
  • Linux rules
  • Somewhat but it's very unintuitive when you use it in the classroom. And when all of the students have Windows PCs at home it's just unfamiliar.
  • Looks like a great tool to me. I wonder how actively MS will push it to gain traction.
  • I has to be better than google's solutions. My son's school district has signed on with google and has been a disaster....
  • I use OneNote for my classes. Love the fact that I can import specific parts of my book and still write on it on my tablet.. While everyone writes in (see pg573)
  • Ab kiya sikhaogey?
  • This is brilliant. It will be interesting to see how teachers and classrooms decide to use this.
  • I've been looking for a paperless solution to disseminate and collaborate documents for my lectures. This may be a viable solution!
  • What is it missing?
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Bring the ability to have AD integrated Microsoft accounts to Windows and then we'll start considering the platform more seriously. Currently this requires students to setup their own personal MS accounts and this is a nightmare to manage in a school environment. Office 365 leverages of AD but Windows doesn't. I'm an IT admin at a school, we've integrated 365 along with SharePoint, Yammer etc, but Win 8 MS accounts, no can do.
  • If the leaked enterprise blog post the other day is true then it's happening with Windows 10. Just link your Office 365 account to Azure AD and when when Microsoft gets it ready you are set. So Azure AD accounts will be like MS accounts.
  • In my classroom, I use OneNote and sync to a network drive. The cloud solution is much better, but like you say setting up accounts makes for a nightmare. Plus our district is all Google these days, so sad.
  • Pretty powerful stuff. Sounds like this could be blown out into an Enterprise level content sharing platform.
  • With current (local) public schools you have 2 barriers. Simplification and cost. How simple is this to use for the students? How hard is it for the teacher (with zero free time) to manage 36 to 136 students accounts and passwords? "Creating a OneNote for each student" in a middle school would take HOURS (I know, I've done someting similar for my spouse). My wife has 160 students and some classroom turn over. Ideally she would want the school district IT to create global accounts for all her current and potential students. Top that with the school ( a fairly tech savy school) that has only 2 sets of laptops for all the students. These 70 devices are now shared with a school population of over 850 students (6th, 7th and 8th grades). These devices cannot be dedicated to a single classroom environment, so you either won't be logging on to these devices, or using generic accounts. Right now she's using Schoology ( online testing, document sharing site) and Google Docs (i.e. they are using ChromeBooks). These two tools together have similar functionality (if not more) as the OneNote Notebooks For Schools. The students have a single username and password across both services (plus the schools grade book) and this account follows them all through school. Unless Microsoft is giving away laptops and/or surfaces to all the students and teachers, this will never take off; at least in the current form. Management of 800 accounts on each of the shared laptops would never fly. O365 + OneNote would be a better match.
  • Same, we have global Google accounts, but Microsoft no. I have over 200 students with high mobility. I want OneNote so bad, but they don't make it easy.
  • Total. Cost. Of. Ownership.
  • I glad MS is showing more use case adverts. However, I wish they would incorporate some of Project Austin features into OneNote - I use OneNote every day because one it is free and two it is ubiquitous. If Bamboo paper was more feature rich I would drop OneNote because the inking in Bamboo is soooooooooooo much smoother and better. Another great notebook I used in college was Penultimate. When the eff is Evernote going to bring this app to Windows?
  • future gardeners.
  • Always believed a OneNote is a great teaching tool, specially so if used on a pen enabled device, that way the teacher can easily share hand written notes with the students, the classroom projector suddenly becomes far more useful etc.
  • Wonderful. I wonder what took them so long. Well, better late than never.
  • It's certainly something I would entertain if I were a teacher.
  • It wouldn't... :(
  • I have office 365 - Can I use this for my company?  Would be amazing to share content with individual staff and managers to share with staff too, we can calaborate as well as train.
  • Ha, don't know how to use it...fugly!!
  • Awesome!
  • Amazing!!! hope back yo school and use this software!!!
  • OneNote is awsome my both friends like it