OneNote Class Notebook Creator helps teachers teach and students learn better

Microsoft has released an interactive teaching and learning tool called OneNote Class Notebook Creator, which works in a similar way to OneNote allowing students and teachers to type, ink, and save clippings to their notebooks. Where OneNote Class Notebook Creator shines is that it creates a collaborative teaching and learning environment where the teacher could set up a notebook for each student in the class and monitor learning and engagement of each student through their notebooks, distribute digital handouts to all students, and setup a space for students to collaborate.

The notebook consists of three different areas:

  1. A student notebook that is shared privately between the student and the teacher
  2. A content library where teachers can distribute digital handouts and course materials
  3. A collaboration space for anyone in the class to share and collaborate

What do you think of the OneNote Class Notebook Creator? Do you want your school to adopt this technology?

Source: Office blog