OneNote redesign heading to all platforms 'over the coming weeks'

Microsoft has taken to a new blog post (opens in new tab) to detail a somewhat redesigned OneNote that will be rolling out to all platforms soon. While it ultimately looks pretty familiar if you're already familiar with OneNote, the new design is much more consistent across platforms with simpler navigation and extra tweaks for those with disabilities.

On the assistive front, Microsoft says that it has integrated a better experience for everyone with improved keyboard shortcuts. And using those shortcuts to navigate is made much easier by a simplified navigation layout. The navigation controls are now all located on the left side of the app, hopefully making it easier to move between your notebooks, sections, and pages.

All of this is bolstered by consistency across platforms. Now, no matter where you use OneNote, the transition between devices should be much easier with similar navigation and design.


These changes follow a pretty big OneNote update for Windows 10 that landed earlier this week with a handful of handy new features. The redesign, Microsoft says, will be rolling out to Windows 10, Android, iOS, Mac, and the web "over the coming weeks."

Download OneNote from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Settings > Options > Enable experimental features (scroll to the end)
  • Thanks for the tip! Just enabled on my PC and L950. Glad to see this is here already for some folks. The OneNote team likely will be taking it out of experimental and enable for everyone else.
  • I echo the thanks for the tip! Looks good on my 950XL. I'll have to give it a spin in Continuum and on my Surface Pro.
  • Does Windows 10 include mobile
  • if it the uwp version than yes :)
  • I see this change on W10 Mobile now after enabling Experimental features.
    OneNote Version 17.8241.57592.0
  • I have always much preferred the notebook sections as tabs across the top. Much more intuitive for me.
  • Same here.
    Tried on mobile it is even worse - you have to click Back button several times to get from page to notebooks list. I expected to see app minified/closed in this case.
  • That's unfortunate! One easy place for navigation turned into a mess. :(
  • That section panel takes up so much screen space! I tried turning on experimental features before but had to abandon it because I was so against the section redesign.
  • Here's my feedback hub submission if anyone wants to give an upvote!
  • Ok, no Windows 10 guidelines, fail.
  • I hope they either Scrub the 2016 version from Office or make it the same app, I always found it odd there were two versions with two totally different layouts.
  • The Office version is much better than the UWP version.
  • Not anymore
  • I agree with's finally getting to the point where I can consider making the switch. We'll see, but with the navigation issue sorted out and the new features that were just released, we're coming closer and closer to parity. It's take a long time getting here, but it's feeling close now. Plus, they've been adding things to the app that aren't in the 2016 version. Will love a time when all the applications I use are in the store and I don't have to worry about serial numbers, multiple device installs, etc.
  • Me too, I've switched this week. The biggest missing feature was "send to onenote" the new Store App, so you can now print into OneNote - boom - thats me switched over :)
  • That's the plan.
  • We're first?! 😲 no way!! That's good 👍😊 I already have it..
  • Good news. Will test it to see if worth switching.
  • If there is still no handwriting recognition and conversion to text I will stick with OneNote 2016
  • Oh no, where's my scratch-out gesture? 0k, I'll live, but please add it to the app!
  • Was anyone else put off by the narrator reading off literally every word on the page and talking over herself?
  • personally, i'd like to see the app be more stable with sync across devices... i have lost notes so many times as the mobile app doesnt seem to sync to the cloud, or doesnt sync the right changes.