Microsoft has taken to a new blog post to detail a somewhat redesigned OneNote that will be rolling out to all platforms soon. While it ultimately looks pretty familiar if you're already familiar with OneNote, the new design is much more consistent across platforms with simpler navigation and extra tweaks for those with disabilities.

On the assistive front, Microsoft says that it has integrated a better experience for everyone with improved keyboard shortcuts. And using those shortcuts to navigate is made much easier by a simplified navigation layout. The navigation controls are now all located on the left side of the app, hopefully making it easier to move between your notebooks, sections, and pages.

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All of this is bolstered by consistency across platforms. Now, no matter where you use OneNote, the transition between devices should be much easier with similar navigation and design.


These changes follow a pretty big OneNote update for Windows 10 that landed earlier this week with a handful of handy new features. The redesign, Microsoft says, will be rolling out to Windows 10, Android, iOS, Mac, and the web "over the coming weeks."

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