OneNote for Windows 10 picks up flurry of new features

Whether you're an Insider or not, OneNote is getting plenty of new features to check out today. Announced by OneNote product manager William Devereux, the latest updates bring new Start menu tile options, formatting tweaks, and even Microsoft Translator integration.

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If you're not an Insider, you'll see an update to OneNote version 16.0.10325.20049 with the following features:

  • You can now pin a "New Page" tile to the Start menu for quicker access.
  • New transparent version of OneNote's Live Tile
  • Online Video button on the Ribbon's Insert tab makes it easy to embed videos.
  • Paste options now let you decide whether to keep source formatting, merge formatting, or just keep the text.

If you're an Insider, you'll see a much longer list of new features rolling out starting today. Here's a look:

  • Option to include source links when you paste. Cut, copy, and paste also now appear on the Ribbon.
  • Some Insiders may see the simplified Ribbon Microsoft announced last month.
  • New table options let you hide borders, quickly select a range of cells, and choose whether to include the heading when sorting.
  • Symbol gallery added to the Ribbon.
  • Two new eraser sizes are now available from the Draw interface.
  • Microsoft Translator is now integrated with OneNote, available from the View tab.

It's been a while since we've seen a major update roll out to OneNote, so these changes are nice to see for fans of the app. To check out all of what's new, you can grab the latest version of OneNote from the Microsoft Store now. If you don't see the update right away, it's likely still rolling out and will be available soon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • "New transparent version of OneNote's Live Tile" how?
  • ... -> Settings -> Options -> Start Tile -> "Pin transparent tile to start"
  • Tried it. Tile wasn't transparent, just my system accent color.
  • That's what transparent tiles do. For any app that does not specify a tile color, the tile is considered to have no background and therefore uses the system accent color.
  • for windows 10 mobile, maybe
  • or maybe, they have plan to release transparent live tiles too in the future Windows 10 Build
  • Why is OneNote Windows 10 screen shot has Mac OS control icons on the top left? Even Microsoft don't like to use their own OS screen shots for commercial?? when you watch any TV/Print commercials these days, every single consumer is supposedly using a Mac. the ad agencies really don't care what 90% of the population using in their desktop and laptops. they only make ads for 8% population. I guess Microsoft also paid the same ad agency. LOL
  • Bullseye and same comments also pertains to 90% of the US movies :-) they tried this now for 30 years and the 8% is still well.... 8% so what a waste of money or what a terrible ROCE to stick to 8% market share after all those years....
  • It took OneNote 3 years to add a transparent tile to their UWP app.
  • Yes you're so right, let's ignore every other update and change the has ever been released in the last 3 years.
  • Considering how massive a downgrade it is compared to OneNote 2016, which hasn’t even been in development for years at this point... Yes, let’s do that.
  • I'm part of the 92% that uses OneNote on Windows and I'm a big fan of its functionality. I'm happy to see any attention paid to OneNote to improve it, but mostly I hope we don't lose any existing features or functionality and it seems we haven't. I wonder how much effort it took to deliver these improvements?
  • "One Note for Windows 10", does that mean it is UWP?
  • There was a statement and article released here on WC a while ago stating they weren't going to add more features to the win32 version anymore and would be focusing on the UWP version.
  • I basically live in OneDrive, it's my universal go to app regardless if it's PC, phone or otherwise.
  • Onedrive or One Note? or both :-)
  • Can’t save locally so mind as well bebwhat he said 😉
  • I really can't abandon the desktop version until they implement video recording on the UWP version too. It's the one use-case that keeps me on the desktop version. Please implement video recording and associated search functionality on the UWP. Please, please, pretty please.
  • another thing missing from the UWP version is a screen shot feature so that I don't have to manually use snipping tool and then add the photo into OneNote. It will be automatic just like in all the other Office apps.
  • I really want them to re-enable sharing a single note, not only the whole book.