OneNote update now rolling out with custom pens, multi-window support, more

OneNote's July update is now rolling out on Windows 10, bringing along some interesting new features to check out. One of the biggest features included in this month's update is multi-window support for everyone, but there are also some smaller conveniences like custom pens and immersive reader.

Here's a look at what's new, according to the latest release notes (opens in new tab):

  • Customize your pens: Choose a personal set of pens, highlighters, and pencils for inking. On the Draw menu, choose the plus sign (+) beside the pens, and choose the type of pen, width, and ink color.
  • Improve reading with the Immersive Reader: The Immersive Reader boosts reading skills by adjusting text spacing, presenting a narrow column for reading, and highlighting each word as the document is read aloud. It has been designed to help you improve your reading skills by boosting your ability to pronounce words correctly, to read quickly and accurately, and to understand what you read.
  • Multitasking made easy: On the View tab, choose New Window, or use Ctrl+M, to open a new instance of OneNote. Now you can see a bunch of notes at the same time. Multitasking has never been easier!

As pointed out by OneNote product manager William Devereux on Twitter, the July update is rolling out a little differently than previous updates. Instead of hitting everyone at once, this month's update will roll out gradually. If you don't see it right away, you should soon.

Download OneNote from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Sorry for off topic but, Is it just me, or is it suddenly hard to see article titles like this in the WC uwp app? White text on white background = icky
  • probably just you. It works fine for me. I'm using Windows Central UWP app as well.
  • That problem has been intermittent for me for some time. Some sessions the titles look fine, other times they're as you described.
  • This app has went bad so it's not just you. It freezes everytime I open it and the arrow doesn't work to send you back to the top.
  • It bugs out occasionally
  • Go to Settings/ apps / :choose WC, and reset.
  • I'm going to say it every chance I get till it's implemented.
    OneNote needs an internal floating calculator!... Not needed so much for desktop, but for mobile, it's a very necessary addition (No pun intended)😄
  • +1
  • +950XL
  • Feature this feature that...still cannot crop pictures within the app.
  • Can't you do that with the lasso tool? I'm pretty sure you can.
    No, wait.. You can tap, and resize from the edges..
    Update.... You're right, this is stupid.
  • That would be nice but not a deal breaker for me
  • It is a real pain. It was never implemented into the desktop app either, so I am not sure what Microsoft's hesitation is with implementing such a feature. It would at least be nice to open the embedded picture in the new Photos app that now will let you crop pictures and then save the cropped image back into the note.
  • And still doesn't have built-in reminders! Depends on Outlook tasks for that :/
  • Which for me is a really nice thing to get everything synced to my calendar. Of cause, when not using an exchange server, that's not good.
  • Can't you crop during the original capture using the "clip tool" or is that just a function with OneNote 2016. I keep getting disappointed when I read a "OneNote Update" article just to find out the "update" has already been a long term function of the Office version.
  • Missing crop was the reason I always installed onetastic
  • I love how this site asks me to disable ad blockers... this site is why I use ad Blockers! It's so unbearable otherwise with massively obtrusive ads that Take for even to load and scroll through. It's like they hate their readers and never heard The word "moderatation"
  • Agreed. This is the "heaviest " site I go on. 
  • Yea, I'm about done with Mobile Nations with the way they've completely broken the sites for people who don't want to be abused by their terrible ads (especially on mobile devices, where the adds are full screen and you have to scroll up an entire page - at molasses pace - to get rid of them).
  • I feel so ashamed of myself. Read the title as "custom penis" instead of "custom pens".
  • Yup, assists you with all your penis doodling needs lmao.
  • Anyone know if Ink to text works in the app yet, I know it works nicely in the desktop app Onenote 2016