Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 now available

Opera Mobile 10 (see our video hands-on and full review) has hit the beta 2 stage of its life. Here's what's improved, via the Opera Moble Blog (opens in new tab):

  • Opera Link.
  • Download manager.
  • Improved UI for finger touch.
  • You can now manage search engines.
  • Remembers page position and zoom state.
  • Column snapping on touch.
  • Better memory management.
  • Fix for mobile view crash.
  • Start page available from touch menu.
  • Clear cache setting.
  • Asks whether to set as default browser.
  • Fix for startup crash (on some devices due to encoding in imported bookmarks).
  • Shortcut support.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

That enough for a beta 2 release? We're definitely happy to see better memory management -- that was our chief complaint of the early beta. And for what its worth, we're now getting 99 out of 100 on the Acid3 test, down a point from the first release. But as this is still a beta release, there are bugs. Peep a list of them after the break. Now, what about you guys? This latest release of Opera Mobile 10 working for you? Grab it here. (opens in new tab)

Known bugs in the Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 release

  • Non-Touch devices are not supported (Smartphone profile)
  • No plug-in support (e.g. Flash)
  • Some input method editors “IME” (hard and soft phone keyboards) are known not to work well with Opera because they do not comply with Microsoft's SIP and/or IME standard. When such an editor is detected by Opera, Opera will use a known (default) input method instead. An exception is EzInput v1.5, where the phone keypad and compact QWERTY, ABC mode doesn't work, but the rest of the modes work fine. We recommend upgrading to EzInput v2.0 to avoid this.
  • Many IME's (Input Method Editor) will override the Opera shortcuts
  • Certain HTC devices with TouchFLO will force Opera back to portrait mode if visiting home screen when Opera is in landscape.
  • On older WM 5.0 Devices with 480x800 resolution, switching between portrait and landscape may cause display errors. This is due to lack of support for this resolution in early versions of Microsoft's driver.
  • You must click connect twice to use Opera Dragonfly
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  • Double Tap to zoom out works!
  • This browser is supposed to work with WM Standard. However, the hot keys cannot be used. I often find that there is a menu item at the bottom of the screen that cannot be used with WM Standard. For example, on first use, I am given something to either accept or exit. It would seem that the left hot key would be for Accept. The hot key does not accept. I cannot get the curser down far enough towards the bottom of the screen to press the accept button. As far as I see this program really does not work with WM Standard.
  • ...it specifically says the following above and on opera's blog: "Non-Touch devices are not supported (Smartphone profile)" I found Skyfire to be by far the best option when I was using the blackjack II.
  • I think 10 beta 1 is a pretty major step back from 9.7. For example, ESPN mobile simply cannot be read on my Omnia in Opera 10. Since it's a mobile page, there is no zoom option. Skyfire is far superior, especially the 1.5 alpha version. The only thing Opera does better is the ability to make your device look like a PC instead of a PPC so you don't get forced to the mobile version of some sites. Cmon, Opera, you can do much better. Having said that, I haven't had time to download the new beta and try it.
  • ummmm....beta? Renders much faster and easier to navigate than Skyfire/Opera 9.7. The scrolling and zooming is also significantly smoother, significantly. (Although both other options are great as well, Opera10 definitely does not render m.espn.com correctly, but it is legible on a tilt 2 and other mobile sites render great, such as iGoogle) ...fyi, using Tilt 2 with Energy's Phoenix2 Rom (WM6.5.3), I realize especially with beta's everyone might be having different experiences by phone.
  • I hope they make interface a choice. I'd like use the smartphone interface on my Fuze (softkeys are remapped on mine). Sometimes it's just easier to navigate sites using hardware keys instead of the touch screen.
  • I'm happy with Opera 10 beta but am anxiously awaiting flash support.
  • As of 11/23, the FixOperaFlash tool on XDA may add flash to your Opera10, haven't yet tried it yet or read other posts to see if anyone's having success with it.... Link, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=544770
  • The thumbnails on the start page are still erratic.
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  • It is working on my Curve 8330 but I still like Bolt better.
  • using: htc excalibur, windows mobile non-touchscreen. unfortunately this windows mobile version still does not support non touchscreens, a big disappointment since i love their browsers. it looks like it has a smooth feel to it. im still using the java version, opera mini 5, and have to say this is my browser of choice. all the options in offers - tabbed browing, copy and paste, highlight text... are very good for a mobile browser. the other option would be skyfire. but i've found that even though it offers flash, which is far ahead of it's time in a mobile browser and puts it ahead of the rest, the bugs in skyfire cannot justify my using it on a regular basis. even with the newest stable version, it's plagued by random crashes, and often frequent involuntary 'sleep mode' which it will go into if i decide to use another app then come back to skyfire. so final statement...skyfire will be the best browser in about a year. but if you have tcpmp, the core, or any other player that will play flash videos, then opera mini is the way to go. has everything you need...and these extra apps allow for your youtube viewing pleasure.