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Rainbow Six Siege's 'Operation Black Ice' free update adds a new map and more

Operation Black Ice adds an entirely new map, two new operators and much more to the game, as part of Ubisoft's ongoing commitment to providing free updates.

Rainbow Six Siege also has a season pass, but unlike other certain other first-person shooters, Ubisoft keeps maps as free DLC to prevent splitting the community based on those who purchased content and those who didn't. Free maps and other content are supported by micro-payments, which allow you to unlock content such as guns and operators more rapidly. Thankfully, all content can be unlocked just by playing as well.

"As part of the ongoing commitment to provide new content on a regular basis for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, the Operation Black Ice content pack includes the new Yacht map, two new operators, Frost and Buck, from the elite Canadian special operations JTF 2 force, and new weapon skins. Additionally, the Spectator Camera feature will be available online for all platforms in custom games.""Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege post launch philosophy is to avoid any split in the community, consequently all gameplay elements will be available with no additional costs. Maps and modes will be free and available immediately for everyone. New operators and most weapon skins can be unlocked with earned currency, called Renown, or with R6 Credits.""Season Pass holders will instantly receive the new JTF 2 operators and non-Season Pass owners will be able to unlock them using Renown in-game currency or R6 Credits starting on February 9th."

In our review, Matt Brown praised Rainbow Six Siege's tense atmosphere and polished gunplay, and some of his concerns about server issues have since been repaired in updates.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Downloading it now!
  • They should be giving everything free. We have dealt with garbage servers after paying $50. Most of us have felt ripped off for some time.
  • It technically is all free. ?
  • That's what happens to every game on release unfortunately
  • RTFA
  • I f'n did. Go play the game. The classes require club points....REAL money. GPLFG.
  • Article says that you can unlock them using renown after the 7 day season pass exclusivity is over.
  • All maps/operators are free, there is a 7-day exclusivity period for season pass holders though. So if you want it right now, yes, you will have to pay.
  • Game is unbelievably good. Still some connection issues but nothing like at launch
  • No way! Can't wait to get home
  • Hmmm, can't use the new operators, because I'm not a season pass holder.  Someone in the game told me each new operator will cost 25,000 renown each?  WTF?  The others start at 500!  I hope that is not true.  If this is their way to force us to pay more to get game content, I won't be happy.  I cannot imagine earning 200,000 renown to unlock all the 8 new operators. 
  • Go tell the guy above telling me to read the article, that the classes aren't free. But yes, you are right...they aren't free for me.
  • Try again, Sam.
  • The classes are free after Feb 9th. You'll have to use in-game currency to unlock them.. You know, the same currency you use to unlock all of the other classes with.
  • He probably said twenty five hundred, which would be 2,500. Sounds more likely to be the case to me.
  • Nah its def 25,000 in game credits to unlock each new operator. The rainbow six twitter account confirmed this, think they said about 50hours of game play. It's to get more people to buy them with real money or the season pass. (BTW the season pass is way over priced, $40 AUD. Which is a rip since they charged full price for a game lacking content) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This game is fun when you can get a server and game to match up. If your squad doesn't have that 5th player when you start matchmaking, then expect to wait because it won't find it. Their servers have gotten better though. Glad to hear that they're making the maps available to everyone because this game is a tad light on content at launch.
  • It will be awesome to see bots at multiplayer...
  • Anyone else notice an uptick in free content updates on games in general? Maybe someday we'll be able to get an entire game, and only pay for it once! #DeathToDLC Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • GTA being the best at that. Edit: DLC wise!!
  • Ubisoft drive me potty. Always some hurdle, like uplay to download. I imagine they are the same here.
  • And they still haven't fixed the kapkan glitch.... I like the game but sometimes I wonder about their priorities. The god awful launch and bugs have made sure I don't buy the Division
  • Kapkan glitch is being fixed in 2.1 update (next update) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android