Orange UK (EE) pushes out minor firmware update for Lumia 920

We’ve had a few reports come in today and a discussion in our forums about a new firmware update that is evidently being pushed out to those with a Lumia 920. To be clear, this is just a firmware update (not OS), bringing it from 1232.5951.1249.1017 to 1232.5951.1249.1018. That’s a small change and we’re confident in saying no new features will be on board.

This should also be only for those on Orange UK (EE) with carrier subsidized Lumia 920s. We are not getting reports of any other carriers, nor is this the new 1308 firmware with Storage option.

One possible explanation for the update is reportedly the 1017 ‘Portico’ had some stability problems related to “signal as well as call cut-offs and freezes” which v1018 addresses.

Thanks, Martin S. and Ranak M., for the tips

Daniel Rubino

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  • I caught a couple dropped calls and I've owned a L920 for only a little over a week. That was it though.
  • Here we go again - FRAGMENTATION!!! jk :P
  • They have to start somewhere!
  • i dont care about firmware fragmentation as long as OS stays on the same version
  • I am on EE 4G (not Orange) and I have received the 1018 update tonight for my 920.
  • try to manually update it, the update should appear
  • And I am on O2 actually, not on orange any longer.
  • how is your mobile speed? my mate with 820 is disappointed from the O2 speed
  • Yeah!! i now have signal, ever since the Portico update my signal has ben in and out, now it is back constantly....
  • On T-Mobile EE and got the update too :) Hoping this fixes my speed issue with EE. A couple months ago I was getting 12-17MB/s download on 3G/H. Now I am only getting about 3-4MB/s.
  • EE (Orange, T-Mobile) cap customers speeds  at certain times, in certain areas or on certain days, or depending on usage on the specific account, which is why it is worthwile to switch to the only network which does no capping whatsoever, 3UK.
  • Three caps too.
  • I updated my Lumia 920 to Portico, but I still have the .1001 firmware.
    This update pushes from .1017 to .1018, and here in Italy we don't even have the .1017...
    I'm also experiencing call drops and random reboots, I hope these FW updates will be released soon for everyone :)
  • I'm in the netherlands and im on .1004
    Guessing that the region has something to do with it. Since it only seems to affect certain carriers, i'm guessing its carrier related.
  • So my firmware ends with .0001. Does that mean that I don't have portico?
  • Portico was a windows update that has nothing to do with this Nokia firmware.
  • Yes, I know that, however, I know I downloaded portico but my firmware ends with .0001
  • So firmware is the phone and OS version is the operation system. two different kinds of versions there.
    One is wp8 the other one is the lumia 920 related stuff
  • Oh. Duh @ me. Lol.
  • Mine is still on 1249.0001. Maybe that's why it freezes once a week. How the heck do I upgrade? I have the Rogers model running on t-mobile USA.
  • Downgrade to 0000, it will not freeze "once" ;P
  • Mine says .0001 but it has never frozen.
  • Just got this update on my 920, my data signal is instantly better after suffering the past couple of weeks with patchy connectivity and speeds.
  • good to hear - since portico, i've had intermittent cellular connection issues, and i'm sure that's been responsible for worse battery life. Installing update now. Have you noticed any improvement in battery life sionce this minor update?
  • Has anyone managed to unlock there mobile from orange? I keep getting different answers #grrr
  • I managed to unlock mine from in about a week and half. Try it out :)
  • Thank you for your advice, I placed an order
  • supply an unlock code for $15 (around £8) in less than 24 hours. Mine took an hour.
  • I got the .1018 update this evening on my L920, purchased on EE (Orange), now unlocked and on Vodafone.  No obvious changes, hadn't had any problems before.  I also used fonefunshop, got the code after a few days.
  • I really want the 920 and managed to extract £550 from Carphone Warehouse for my 820 (now rocking 620 as a bridge). How much is the EE 920 off network and is it branded? I'd rather not have them polluting my handset (unlocked Mozart was left about 3 updates behind on Orange). I'm also on Vodafone.
  • About time! My phone didn't receive calls so I put an apology on my voicemail warning people. Hopefully this update will sort it out. EE are absolutely crap! Will consider other 4G services when contract comes up in Nov.
  • Did they fix the 'Other' section memory hogging problem?
  • They've said that's unlikely in this update. Read the article.
  • All carriers under the EE branding (EE, Orange, T-Mobile) are receiving the update. Could you update the article to reflect so people know to check.
  • Wondered why my phone wasn't finding the update, then realised I already had it! My phone went back to EE for repair a couple of weeks ago, and they must have put the new firmware on then whilst it was getting repaired.
  • Just downloaded it now. Its seems to have changed the.3G+ sign bk to 3G.
  • Mine is saying 3G+ right now after update. They must mean different things.
  • My 920 is now 40g's lighter! Amazing!
  • .
  • I received a variant as mine's 39g's lighter :(
    Not happy, straight on the phone to EE!
  • Also got an update pushed to my HTC 8X yesterday. I was already on Portico, so seems like Orange may be rolling out for more handsets than just the 920.
  • I'm fed up with Orange. Will be switching provider when contract is up. They offer zero support for WP.
  • I have just got the new firmware update which is nice as i didn't ever receive the first one, for my 920 TMOB (EE).