In Orientate up may be down and left could be right

Orientate is a simply designed Windows 10 game that isn't very difficult to learn, but can give you fits as you try to master things. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Orientate challenges your skills at speed and deduction as you identify compass points based on its orientation. All this may sound way too simple for a challenging puzzle game, but the compass doesn't always face north and not all points are marked.

This Windows 10 game is an entertaining option to consider when you only have a few minutes to spend on gaming. Just be warned, there is a slightly addictive pull to Orientate; if you aren't careful, you may find yourself losing track of time (and your sanity).


Orientate opens up to a brief tutorial on gameplay that is available for replay through the game's settings. In a nutshell, Orientate presents you with a compass dial that lacks any directional markings. As a puzzle begins, a point is highlighted and the direction noted in the center of the compass. The direction disappears and is replaced with the compass point you need to identify by tapping on it. You only have a few seconds to determine the compass orientation and tap the correct marker. For example, the compass highlights the marker for North and then you have to locate and tap the marker for East.

Once you complete the tutorial for Orientate, the game transitions to its primary menu that displays the gaming levels and access to the game's settings. Along with volume controls and the ability to replay the tutorial, Orientate also has the option to synchronize gaming progress between Windows 10 devices using your Microsoft account.


Gameplay includes fifty levels that are progressively unlocked. Each level contains a target number of puzzles you have to solve before you are eligible to advance to the next level. Each level of gameplay increases in challenge by shortening the game timer. Luckily you do have a few seconds between seeing the reference point and the puzzle point that allows you to figure out the compass orientation.

Unfortunately, this orientation changes with each puzzle and can easily throw you for a loop. The pressure of the game timer does an excellent job of making you disoriented, easily tapping on the wrong compass marker.

Orientate on Windows 10 PC

I did find that the Windows 10 Mobile version of Orientate played out better than the PC version. The game is a great option while you are on the go and need a little help burning down time. The larger screen version on a tablet wasn't terrible, but the game did feel a little cumbersome on a laptop.

Orientate is currently priced at $2.49 with a trial version available. The Windows 10 title looks good with its minimalist graphics and the challenge of gameplay has a nice level of difficulty. All in all, Orientate is a great time waster to have in your Windows 10 gaming library.

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