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Original Xbox game hubs start appearing ahead of backward compatibility launch

Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently confirmed that backward compatibility for original Xbox games would arrive before the end of 2017, and Microsoft appears to be in the process getting some consumer-facing aspects ready ahead of launch. As spotted by Reddit user HiPanda123 (via OnMSFT), game hubs and listings have started to appear online for several original Xbox games, even giving us a look at a few games that haven't been officially confirmed to be headed to backward compatibility.

Here are the games that have been spotted and announced so far (Note: Fuzion Frenzy and Crimson Skies have had store listings available for some time since they were available to play digitally on Xbox 360):

Of the five, only Crimson Skies and Fuzion Frenzy had been confirmed to be coming to backward compatibility. They're also the only two with store listings on the Xbox 360 marketplace; King of Fighters: Neo Wave, Dead to Rights, and Red Faction II each appear in dedicated game hubs with a short description. Store links also appear on the game hub pages, but they don't lead anywhere at the moment. It's also worth noting that Red Faction II's page currently appears with Xbox 360 cover art even though it was never released for the console.

There's still no word on when, exactly, original Xbox backward compatibility will land, but it should arrive before the end of the year. We could also see the library of initial titles grow more ahead of launch; it wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft add more first-party games to the launch lineup.

What games are you hoping to see with original Xbox backward compatibility?

10 original Xbox games we're dying to see hit Xbox One backward compatibility

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  • I'm still hoping that both MechAssault games will be made backwards compatible
  • Forza motorsport 1
  • YES! And 2,3,4. I'm wondering why they didn't make these titles backward compatible yet.
  • most likely due to the licensing expiring on the cars
  • Project Gotham Racing 2, plz!
  • Burnout 1, 2 and 3 Please!!!  Also Whacked and Capcom VS SNK2
  • Re-Volt
  • Wasn't re-volt a "test" for the original XBOX Live program? Was it released commercially? I Still have my test disk somewhere (along with all the other XBOX Live beta goodies)
  • Yep. First game they got running on Live, I think. I never got to play it, as USA only. But, played it on the Dreamcast... Sunk weeks into it.
  • Dead to Rights makes me happy, but like others, I want Mech Assault. Wonder if MS has plans for popular or niche games where the publisher/studio no longer exists.
  • Pac man world 2!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Simpsons: Hit and Run please
  • Starwars knights of the old republic
  • Splinter cell series. I have the first on disc and chaos theory digitally. I also have bloodrayne 2 on disc.
  • Marvel Nemisis, Mechassault 1 and 2, Timesplitters: Future perfect.
  • The timesplitters series was just awesome, if timesplitters 2 makes it for backwards compatibility... I can definitely get an insane number of people jumping on the xbox bandwagon. But Microsoft's missteps have really become sticking points when it comes to any sort of discussion of which is better xbox or playstation.
  • I've got my copies of Star Wars:  Knights of the Old Republic I and II, just waiting!