Outlook Mail updated for Fast ring Insiders with colorful contact icons

A new version of Outlook Mail is rolling out to Fast ring Insiders on Windows 10 PC and Mobile with some colorful new UI tweaks. In particular, Fast ring users will notice that there are now colorful contact icons next to each email along with the first letter of the contact name.

Outlook Mail updated for Fast ring Insiders on PC with colorful UI tweaks

The colorful icon pops up next to any contact you don't already have in your phone. If you do have the contact already stored with a picture, you'll see the image instead. It's a relatively minor change, but one that makes the app look much better overall.

If version numbers are your thing, this feature is included in version 17.7906.42007.0 of the app. If you're on the Fast ring on either PC or Mobile, the update should be available now. Be sure to chime in if you happen to notice anything else once you've installed the update.

Thanks to Kyle and Jona for the tips!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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