Outlook's design director leaves Microsoft

Outlook on Android
Outlook on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Peter Skillman, Microsoft's design director for Outlook, has left the company.
  • Skillman has been with Microsoft since 2015, and has worked on Outlook, Skype, Windows, and IoT.
  • Skillman says he has a new role lined up, but it's unclear where he's headed right now.

Peter Skillman, who most recently served as Microsoft's design director for Outlook, has announced he's left the company. In a Twitter post, Skillman revealed the move while teasing a new role that he'll announce in the coming weeks.

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Skillman joined Microsoft in 2015 after departing Nokia, where he last held the role of leading design on the HERE team. After joining Microsoft, Skillman initially took on the job of general manager for Smart Things (IoT) before adding experience program management for the core Windows UX to his plate.

In 2017, Skillman took over directing the design for Skype before also adding Outlook to his duties in May of 2018. Under Skillman's watch, we saw the revamped Skype client roll out with its new, albeit controversial, design. Outlook has also seen some major updates to its look over Skillman's tenure.

In late 2018, Skillman shed his Skype duties, shifting to focusing solely on his role as Outlook's design director.

It's unclear where Skillman is headed next.

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  • As much as I love Outlook, his inability to make an Android or iPhone calendar that was as intuitive, functional, and beautiful as the Windows 10 Mobile calendar is a sore spot for me. How do we still not have a week view for the calendar in 2019? Windows Phone 8 had it, Windows 10 Mobile had it, and yet it's nowhere to be found in Android or iOS's versions.
  • I agree completely! 😩😠
  • Corporate America, where you can be a Director of paper clips. :)
    For goodness sake, a Director for 1 app? <facepalm> Too many chiefs.
  • Loved the Outlook redesign. Did not love the Skype redesign but Skype has a lot of other issues as well.