Office 365 Outlook web mail will soon automatically add flights to your calendar

Outlook Address Book

Outlook web users will soon get a few extra features and improvements if they have an Office 365 subscription commercial subscription. They include some improvements in its address book, along with a way for airline flight confirmations to be automatically added to the calendar when they show up in an email.

Outlook Flight Calendar

Microsoft says:

"When you receive a flight confirmation via email from a supported provider, Outlook will gather key information and automatically add it in your calendar—no extra clicks, no copy/paste, no drag and drop. In addition, Outlook will block out the time of your flight and show the flight number, destination and airport. You will receive an automatic reminder three hours before your flight that includes the original email in the calendar event, so you have all the details handy."

Outlook will also add suggestions for recipients when you are ready to send an email out:

"Just place your cursor in the To: or Cc: line and Outlook will bring up suggested contacts in a drop-down list based on your usage. These are the people you're most likely to email based on who you've been communicating with recently and most frequently."" Outlook will now show you names of people you email most frequently—even if you spell their name wrong. For example, if you occasionally write to "Kathryn," her name will appear as a suggestion even if you typed "Catherine.""Finally, forgetting to include people in an email is common. Now, Outlook has help for that too. If you frequently send emails to the same set of people—say, Steve, Anna and Bob—then whenever you email only Steve and Anna together, we'll ask, "Do you also want to include Bob?" This prompt will not get in your way and will only show when Outlook is highly confident you want to add Bob."

These additions will be rolled out to all Office 365 commercial users by the end of March 2016. The new address book features will also be added to the PC, iOS and Android Outlook clients in the first half of 2016.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Automagically!
  • What about Outlook for Windows phone?
    Cortana hasn't even been tracking flights for some time and there's certainly no calendar integration.
  • +1
  • It sucks, but you have to add the flight in by hand. She doesn't auto populate for some reason.
  • I was about to make the same comment. Cortana is more miss than hit with interpreting email and adding a trip manually impossible. Individual flights are possible, but a lot of work. Maybe Tripit will step up to the Cortana plate.
  • Cortana worked great at first, but hasn't detected any flights in several months.
  • When can we expect to finally get the interface change that Office 365 has? That's been in the making since last spring.
  • I am an office 365 personal user and I am ****** my experience is still the free version. At least get rid of the advertisements please!
  • +365
  • You have to pay to get rid of Outlook.Com web interface ads. its like 15 pounds per year
  • Don't leave personal users in the lurch.
  • I'm the only one with Office 365 Home and I can see tracking info for packages in outlook online, but Cortana doesn't show them automatically?
  • No. Cortana has gone to crap over the past couple months. Microsoft giveth, and microsoft taketh away.
  • Still works for me. Try the FlySmarter app from the Store.
  • I use Google Calendar no matter what. It's way smarter Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How do you turn this feature off or change it so that it does not save as a private appointment? I manage people's calendars and because they are saving as private appointments I cannot see the details or edit them.