Overwatch's latest hero is a robot tank named Orisa

Blizzard Entertainment's popular team shooter Overwatch has added a 24th hero to its roster today with Orisa, a powerful robot tank character. In a new developer video, Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced that Orisa, giving a peek into her story and abilities. Check it out below:

As a tank, Orisa is meant to be able to take a beating and protect her allies. Her main weapon is a "fusion driver" machine gun, and she has plenty of abilities for protecting herself and teammates. An ability called "Fortify" is a pretty straightforward tank ability which lets her quickly reduce incoming damage and prevent crowd control abilities from affecting her.

Meanwhile, Orisa's protective barrier allows her to shield allies from damage. She also has a bit of crowd control with "Halt!", which can pull on enemies to slow them down. Lastly, her ultimate is a supercharger that boosts ally damage when thrown down, but can be destroyed by enemies.

Orisa is available for testing now on the PTR for testing and should make her way to the main game soon. For more, you can check out Orisa's origin story in the video below.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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