Rent an affordable hotel room in India with OYO Rooms on Windows Phone

OYO Rooms is one of India's largest branded network of hotels, offering hotel and guesthouse rooms with assured amenities that include an AC room with TV, complimentary breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi and 24x7 customer support.

The official app for OYO Rooms has just launched on the Windows Store (no, it's not a universal Windows app). The app allows you to browse the list of hotels in a city or explore them on a map, and sort hotels by price. You can view the amenities at each hotel to make an informed decision that suits your travel needs.

The app offers a user experience, that's easy to understand, and allows you to book rooms in just three taps without a credit card. All you need to do is verify your phone number when you sign up (annoying really, first up), and pay at the hotel. From within the app, you can manage your bookings - modify or cancel a hotel booking – and experience in-room services at the tap of a button, including ordering tea/coffee and booking a cab.

OYO Rooms offers hotel bookings at affordable prices starting from ₹999 in 3000-plus OYO hotels across 150 major business and travel destinations in India. It's a pretty neat app if you are a regular business traveler, and like their service offerings and network. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

QR: OYO Rooms

  • So if an app launches first on Windows 10 Store for PC, it can be called an universal app and if it launches first on Store for Phone, it is not an universal app?
  • I guess if it has a same code on all platforms then it is called universal app
  • So how do they determine if the code is same? I guess Windows Central has a special power to see the code underneath.
  • In store it is clearly written above screen shots for mobile or PC or mobile and pc both.. So, if the app's screenshot is available for both, then its universal app... Meanwhile the app which works on windows phone 8, 8.1 are not universal and their design language clearly tells the difference between Silverlight app and universal windows app..
  • Okay thank you.
  • Just out of curiosity, what are the design differences between universal and Silverlight apps?
  • Or common sense?
  • Their customer service is horrible
  • I have stopped doing business with them due to their horrible customer service. Amazon ftw.
  • Finally it arrived..
  • Not finally.. They didnt take long time.. Though they did not launch the app with other platforms
  • It's already on android and i think ios too..
  • So what about goibibo and makemytrip? :o
  • Goibibo and makemytrip already have an for windows phone but are not designed well.. So they need to be universal Windows apps which are far better than old Silverlight apps
  • Great thanks Oyo. Good if they know that they have to make universal apps now for windows 10 and mobile.
  • great!
  • And what's the percentage across all mobile,platforms? Measly numbers undoubtedly and unsurprisingly.
  • Sounds great!!!! I'm not a frequent traveller to India in any respect but I have friends there and if I was to happen to need a hotel room, this sounds like a good idea!!!! :p
    NFC to open room doors would be cool too!!!! :p
  • Yesterday i downloaded it. I thought it was already available. So didn't hint WC. Last updated date in windows store was useful in this aspect.
  •   When in India.....  
  • That joke got old buddy. Come up with something new.
  • Cool
  • Finally!!!!........
  • Great :)
  • The App which they have lounched it''s great. Funcanationaly is also great. I have seen App of Vista Rooms it is also great.  Vista Rooms has better app then oyo app.