Pac-Man Championship Edition leads this week's Red Stripe Deals

Another week, another batch of Red Stripe Deals. These special offers for Windows Phone owners help save a few pennies when shopping for apps and games. This week, we have Pac-Man CE DX leading Pool Plus Friends, myBattery and more. The best part about the Red Stripe Deals is not all the apps and games included are Windows Phone 8 only.

Head past the break to see what else is on offer and for download links.

Pac-Man CE DX (Windows Phone 7 & 8)

Sale price: $2.99 Download size: 110MB Store Link

PacMan CE DX

Namco Bandai's PAC-MAN CE DX is currently on sale. The faithful port of the retro arcade game from the 80s has been available on the Windows Phone Store for some time, tasking players with nabbing yellow dots on the screen. The famous ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde are also included in this deal.

The title is also available for Windows Phone 7, perfect if you're still rocking vintage hardware. Oh, did we mention that Pac-Man CE DX is Xbox Live enabled? Well worth the download.

QR: Pac-Man CE DX

Pool Plus Friends (Windows Phone 7 & 8)

Sale price: $0.99 Download size: 2MB Store Link

Pool Plus Friends

Pool Plus Friends is a multiplayer pool game, hence the name. You're able to challenge online players to a friendly (no rage quitting please!) game of pool. Multiple bots and challenges allow you to practice and test your skills against a range of difficulties, as well as learn the game in general. Here are some features:

  • Multiplayer Mode
  • One-Player Challenges
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy-to-use aiming controls
  • Cool graphics and user interface

Should you be a fan of the popular game, we recommend you check out Pool Plus Friends for some online fun.

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (Windows Phone 8)

Sale price: $1.49 Download size: 202MB Store Link

Enigmatis Maple Creek

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek is an addictive hidden-object puzzle adventure game. Players are tasked with finding a missing teenage girl while saving yourself in a detective story. Are you a fan of such games that immerse you into a mysterious experience? Enigmatis is a top game from Artifex Mundi.

What ancient evil lurks in the peaceful, pastoral lands of Vermont?

myBattery (Windows Phone 8)

Sale price: $0.99 Download size: 2MB Store Link


Battery usage can be a pain to keep track of, but luckily there are some apps available to help consumers out with status and values displayed on Live Tiles as well as the lock screen. myBattery is one of said apps with some awesome functionality. Here are some of the highlighted features, pulled from the store listing:

  • Modern UI with animations
  • Battery percentage
  • Remaining charge time
  • Charts: from daily to complete history log
  • Settings to change chart colours
  • Choose whether to see the battery image in colour or black and white
  • Notifications in the screen saver
  • Data backup/import
  • Export data to csv file
  • Low charge notifications

Whether you want to simply check the battery level of your Windows Phone or analyse usage and drain, give myBattery a shot.

Second Chance (Windows Phone 7 & 8)

Sale price: $0.99 Download size: MB Store Link

Second Chance

What exactly is Second Chance? It's essentially 32 games of 5 seconds, as it is brilliantly described on the Windows Phone Store. Players are able to test their brain and reflex skills in a rather frantic experience. A free version is available, but picking up the premium edition will bag you an exclusive game mode, 5 funny hats and no advertising.

Should you be after something slightly different, be sure to check out Second Chance.

Gym Builder Pro (Windows Phone 8)

Sale price: $0.99 Download size: MB Store Link

Gym Builder

There are many of us who head to the local gym to get some training done and keep fit. As well as using multiple devices and services to help us along the way, there are some neat Windows Phone apps available, including Gym Builder ( The frequently updated app includes the following features:

  • Huge exercise database with detailed instructions
  • Create custom exercises
  • Create your own workouts
  • Browse exercises by multiple dimensions
  • Search for exercises by title
  • Modify entries to correct mistakes
  • Automatically hints weight and reps based on last set
  • Live tile - pin your workouts
  • Metric and imperial support
  • SkyDrive integration (backup and restore)
  • Fully featured history browsing so you can see your progress and results including graphs
  • View history on a calendar
  • Exercise timer, can even configure to auto-restart after each set

Should you do any type of workout and are looking at a companion to help you through exercises and improve your life, Gym builder is worth downloading.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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