Palm's Touchstone wireless charger and the Lumia 920

Update: To clarify, the Touchstone charger doesn't actually charge the Lumia 920. It just actives the charging protocol but due to a mismatch in frequencies, it does not actually do anything. In fact, as webOSNation's Derek Kessler tells us, it could even damage your phone were you to leave it on there for an extended period of time. In other words, don't do this!

The Nokia Lumia 920 (and 820 with backplate) uses the Qi standard for wireless charging. In simplest terms that means universal charging plates (as opposed to some proprietary system) can be mass produced and the 920 will work with future products. It also means that past wireless charging systems, like Palm's Touchstone charging dock also work with the Lumia 920 as demonstrated in the video above.

That video, posted by Nokia Developer Ambassador Rich Dunbar, clearly shows the 920 instantly charging with the Touchstone...

Even more cool is the fact that Touchstone docks can be found for less than $6 on Amazon (opens in new tab). The downside though? Palm's dock was smartly angled so that you can view the phone was charging. They accomplished that by having alignment magnets in it which would secure the phone to the pad (something we lamented in our review as missing on the 920). In other words, we do not recommend you go and pick up a half dozen Touchstone chargers as your slippery Lumia 920 will just slide off. 

Sure, we imagine some of you may hack up a chin to keep it from sliding but that's not exactly ideal either. Hopefully some third party accessory makers though will get creative as Qi catches on e.g. an all-in-one toilet paper dispenser and charger. Eh? Maybe not.

Source: Twitter; via Windows Phone Daily; Thanks, Rob E., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Interesting, so would this cause any harm to the phone?
  • To my understanding, it won't stay in place due to the incline. Apart from that, I don't think it'll cause any problems.
    I can already think of ways to keep it in place...but might as well spend a little more for a more elegant solution.
  • Does this work vice versa? And can I charge my nexus 4 to my Nokia wireless charging plate, and my Lumia 920 to the nexus 4 wireless charging thing, and so forth?
  • they all use the qi standard. the charging plates should work with all qi devices.
  • Actually, the lumia 920 and the nexus 4 use two different standards of wireless charging.
  • Don't forget that the HP TouchPad had a wireless charging stand as well. I have a few of them laying around. They work perfectly. The best part is that I can lay them down flat such that the phone can hit the charger spot which happens to be too high in the stand to charge the phone if it is in "stand" mode.
  • Hmmm...i forgot about the touchpad's touchstone. I will be trying it when I get off of work. Thanks for the tip.
  • just discovered that on my 920, the battery still drains when doing this.  I think it's just tricking the indicator, unfortunately.
  • Cool.
  • I tried it with my touchpad touchstone charger and if I hold it just right I can get the do-do-do knowing it is charging. I also tried the energizer qi charger and after a couple of hours the phone only showed a half full battery.
  • I tried this yesterday when I saw Rich's tweet however, my white Lumia 920 keeps sliding off. Wish there was a way to keep it from sliding. Until then I will just wait for my charge pads to arrive.
  • i have a touch stone at home too. someone come up with a creative and safe solution to modify this
  • Velcro? Or make an inclined base for charger.
  • How about using playdough as a base and adjusting the dock so it no longer tilts
  • Why my touchpad charging not have the same effect?
  • There are quite a few chargers out there that utilize this kind of technology. There is an energizer branded one that is pretty large and could probably accommodate 3-4 phones on the same unit. Amazon has them for under $10. The downside is that it doesn't exactly look sexy.
  • surely a small piece of the correct silicone/gum or rubber would hold the glossy back of the 920 against the angled plate? might be worth a fiddle.
  • At least us webOS refugees get something.
  • What I want is an touchstone dock in my car so that I can drop my phone in and charge while using bluetooth.  No more cables, just a permanent cradle that I drop my phone in and out of.
  • Nokia will be offering a charging stand that looks like it will hold it upright. The base is circular, so maybe it will fit in a cup holder. I think that's probably what you want.
  • Include NFC in that dock to make the Bluetooth paring automatic and you got something.
  • You could put an NFC tag on it so it automatically pairs with your in-car BT rig!
  • I already have touchstone charger begging to charge other than crappy palm pre+. Another reason for me to get Lumia 922!
  • So I just tested this myself with my original Touchstone, and with my Touchpad Touchstone.
    The former works as demonstrated in the video, but the device won't stay on it. The Touchpad one also charges the device. The problem with that is the alignment of the charging parts. If you use it laying flat, just put the phone at the top of the stand. However, to use it propped up, you need to put the phone upside down in order to have it aligned properly with the charger.
    Since the image won't embed here:
    Wait, no I take it back.  The charging indicator turns on,and it beeps to say it's charging, but the battery still drains on both.  This original post is false.
  • Guess I'll have to do some more testing when I get home. Really thought the charge tone and indicator meant it was charging. Will be a real bummer if it isn't actually charging.
  • Ok. So many videos are using the white Lumia 920. I got the white Lumia 900 and I ordered the yellow 920. Now I feel like I made a mistake, but I wanted a change. Has anyone seen, felt the yellow Lumia 920?
  • Does this work or not?
  • Didn't Derek say it may mess up your phone or did I misread that anyways I just love anytime WebOs/Palm is back in the lime light as bashed as it gets they did something's right when it came to hardware and its the only Os id leave WP for
  • can we charge hp touchpad with fatboy or someother nokia wireless charger?
  • I tried my touchstone, left it over night, and woke up to a dead phone.
  • Same here....
  • I have a touchstone, I woke up to a dead phone as well