Pantech Duo 2 Appears at the FCC

Fan (Okay, maybe there's more than one) Fans of the Pantech Duo - you know who you are - can rejoice in the fact that that the Duo 2 appears to be making its way back through the FCC (by way of Phonemag).

While the FCC filing is as cryptic as ever, we have ascertained the following:

  • It's made by Pantech.
  • It sports the 850 and 1900 bands, making AT&T a safe bet.
  • It has Bluetooth (duh).
  • There are five screws hidden beneath the battery.

If you want to find out more, bone up on your materials science, hit up the FCC report and see just what those little 3G radios will do to that pretty little head of yours.

Or you could take a look back at our video review of the original Pantech Duo and take your best shot at what improvements have been made.

WC Staff