Paper Monsters is today's myAppFree Deal

If you are in the mood for a unique platformer for your Windows Phone gaming library, take a gander at Paper Monsters. The side-scrolling platform has cool graphics and a nice 3D environment where you transition between the foreground platforms to platforms that are in the distant background.

The Windows Phone game has your main adventure along with three mini-games to offer you a little variety. Paper Monsters normally runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree Deal, you can pick the game up free.

Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters has you controlling a creature made from cardboard boxes that has to navigate a series of platform levels, jump across and over obstacles, dodging monsters and collecting buttons.

Key features of the game include:

  • Classic 2d side-scrolling game play with gorgeous 3d environments
  • Awesome original soundtrack
  • Fun under water and flying power-ups
  • Two control types: "floating" joystick or classic touch pad
  • Twenty-eight game play levels across six unique worlds
  • Tons of secret areas hidden throughout each level

You also have three-mini games that become unlocked as you progress through the main adventure and several costume upgrades that can be purchased with the buttons you collect during game play.

Paper Monsters

The quality graphics and animations really help Paper Monsters stand out and I particularly like the transitions from the foreground platforms to platforms that are set in the background. The two gaming areas are connected by tunnels and while a simple feature, it helps set the game apart from other platform game offerings.

Paper Monsters

In just playing Paper Monsters for a short time this morning, it comes across as a fun title to have tucked away in your Windows Phone gaming library. Paper Monsters typically runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick the game up free over the next twenty-four hours.

If you try Paper Monsters, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. Also, don't forget it may take some time before this deal appears in the myAppFree app or the Store due to all the time zones involved. The deal is showing live in the U.S. Market.

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