Paper Snow, designing the perfect snowflake from your Windows Phone

I’m sure many remember making paper snowflakes in an Arts and Crafts class during their Elementary School years.  Paper Snow is a creativity app that brings the art of creating paper snowflakes, which so many school kids are creating this time of year, to our Windows Phones.

Your creations can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as saved locally to your Pictures Hub.  Paper Snow is a simple, fun app available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices but oddly addictive.

The main page for Paper Snow calls on you to select your paper fold type.  From there you make your paper cuts by using one of the cutout shapes or by free-hand.  Paper Snow has a wide variety of shapes that include stars, candles, stockings and other Seasonal shapes.  Each shape can be resized by touch.  To cut shapes free-hand, just tap/hold the screen and sketch out your cut shape.

Once you have the shape in place, tap the Cut Icon at the bottom of the screen.  Repeat the steps until all your cuts have been made and then tap the Open Icon to open up your piece of paper to reveal your paper snowflake design.  If you need to make additional cuts to get the snowflake to look just right, tap the back button and cut a little more.

When your snowflake is complete you can then add a background image, share the snowflake, set it as the app’s Live Tile image or save it to your Windows Phone Picture Hub.  Please note that the text in the below sample was added with Fantasia Painter, not Paper Snow.  Thinking about it though, having the ability to add text to your paper snowflake image wouldn't be a bad feature for Paper Snow.

Paper Snow Sample

There really isn’t much to Paper Snow but there’s an odd addictive quality to the app that keeps pulling you back to see how creative you can get with your paper snowflake designs.  Paper Snow is a fun, seasonal app for all ages and I can see it being a perfect app for those who take advantage of the Kid’s Corner on their Windows Phone.

Paper Snow is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  Based on the Store listings there’s a slight design difference in the two but the functionality is the same.  Paper Snow is a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Update: Just received an email from the developer who has identified a bug in Paper Snow that causes the app to crash after a cut has been made.  We didn't experience this while testing out the app but the good news is that an update has been submitted to the Store for certification that should fix the problem.

QR: Paper Snow

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