Path prototype for Windows Phone 8 revealed in detail in Clarity Consulting video

Clarity Consulting has been around Windows Phone since day one as development partner. They were involved with the original Facebook app, Nokia Music for Windows 8 and have had various concept apps floating around. We also know that a Path app for Windows Phone 8 is in the works, as revealed during the Lumia 1020 announcement back in June and recently teased by Nokia.

In a video that was posted last month to Vimeo by Erik Klimczak, Creative Director at Clarity Consulting, we can see what looks to be a fully-functional prototype of Path for Windows Phone. The video shows lockscreen support for images, a double wide Live Tile, notifications, friends and chats all in action on a Nokia Lumia 925.

The app though is very different from what Nokia has revealed back in June. While the bottom bar is the same design (plain except for the “+” new post button), the color has changed from red to grey. In addition, a permanent title bar with “Path” is now located at the top of the display and the pivots for the various categories have been removed for a single pivot with categories (similar to the new Facebook app).

Basically, we don’t know if this is an updated version of Path with a re-worked UI or if Clarity was merely offering a design concept of the service. Considering how polished this app looks though, we’d be surprised if this isn’t the near-final release for Windows Phone 8. We have to admit, it does look quite good.

Path ( is a private social network, meant to be used amongst your friends and family versus an open one, where anyone can follow you. It’s built around messaging and photos with a 150-user limit. It launched in 2010 and has quickly become one of the more popular services on the iPhone. The app is expected to come in two versions, one for non-Lumia phones and one for Nokia devices with 50 customized filters for photos and other perks like the Nokia imaging SDK.

Hopefully we’ll find out more in the coming weeks if this is indeed the real Path app for Windows Phone.

Source: Vimeo; Thanks, IceCrush, for the tip and rikipy for the YouTube rip

Daniel Rubino

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