Penny Arcade's Gabe gives his thoughts on the Surface Book

So far, we've mostly seen what tech sites have to say about the new Surface Book and how it performs, but it's always interesting to see views from outside of the tech media, the latest of which comes from one of the minds behind popular webcomic Penny Arcade. Writing under the name of his comic alter ego, Gabe, Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik shared his thoughts on the Surface Book after spending some time with it:

"It really is two distinct devices. Microsoft says the Surface Pro is a tablet that can replace your laptop. The Surface Book is a tablet that is also your laptop. I think that's really the selling point here. In much the same way that a mullet encompasses the properties of both business AND party, The Surface Book is a true two in one. It's a laptop in the front and Surface pro in the back…or on the top I guess. That metaphor broke down fast. The point is that this device is really giving you the best of both worlds."

Of course, the experience wasn't without its pain points. Calling the experience "both frustrating and awesome," Gabe notes some less-than-stellar issues involving some blue screen crashes, a cracked stylus tip, and battery life concerns in tablet-only mode.

If you're still considering a Surface Book purchase, a quick read of Gabe's thoughts at Penny Arcade are definitely worth a look. Be sure to hit up the source link below to read the full post and check out an impressive piece that Gabe created on the Surface Book.

Source: Penny Arcade

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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