Pepper for Windows Phone updated with general fixes; get involved to add your local venues

Pepper is a free music discovery service available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. While Pepper has been around since Windows Phone 7, the team behind the service has only just launched Pepper in the US. It has taken some time, but one should not underestimate just what their end goals are - to not only enable consumers to check out and attend local events at known venues, but discover new music in the process. 

Today an update has been released to the store. We're also calling out to US consumers who would like to get involved and lend a hand by seeding some local venues they'd like covered by the Pepper team. Head past the break to read more.

Here's what's new in version, which is now available:

  • Bug causing the app to crash while performing the Here & Now Search (step 3) has been resolved
  • Ticket currencies are now displaying correctly, based on the country that the particular venue is located in
  • ‘Location Services Disabled’ message box no longer shows for those who have location services enabled, when the app is waiting for the first location to come from the device. User may be prompted with ‘location not found’ message if it takes too long
  • Improved calculations to allow users to check-in to events when they have poor accuracy on their current location. This should solve issues on checking in at venues that may be underground, or made of building material affecting signal.
  • Fixed bug causing issues when attempting to connect Twitter accounts.

Pepper Win8

Get involved and provide data

You may recall our article some time ago asking the community to help out the Pepper team while they prepared for the US launch. Now that the team are well and truly locked on to the states, they're still working hard on building the central database of venues and events nationwide. This is where you guys come in. Do you enjoy the app and use it to visit local venues? If so, they're interested to learn of locations they don't currently cover.

For the time being, the Pepper team would like to find out the following on any venues you're aware of:

  • Venue name
  • Town
  • State
  • Website / phone number
  • Any further details you believe might be useful

You can enter the above information over on our forum in the designated thread (more information in the thread - please do not do so on this article in the comments as it'll split the data up). 

Fancy trying out the service itself? You can download Pepper from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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