Perfect Music - a clean looking music management and playback app for Windows Phone

While we try to keep an eye out for the latest apps and games arriving in the Windows Phone Store some sneak in under our radar. Perfect Music is one of those titles.

Perfect Music is a feature rich, clean looking Windows Phone app for managing and playing your music files. The initial release was a little buggy and even up until the last batch of updates, I couldn't get the app to run on my Lumia 830. However, after a strong effort on the part of the developer the app is now running smoothly and is an impressive music player worth considering for your Windows Phone.

Here is a quick breakdown of just a few of Perfect Music's key features.

  • Listen to music by album, artist, genre, songs, favorites or personal playlist
  • Gesture based navigation
  • Sleep timer to stop music play
  • Support to run in the background
  • Ability to search and group by artist and album inside your library
  • Ability to pin songs to your Windows Phone Start Screen
  • Search for lyrics
  • Nine themes to customize Perfect Music's appearance

The main menu for Perfect Music remains hidden. It can be pulled up by tapping the menu control button that sits at the bottom of the playback screen. From the main menu, you can view your songs by artist, song title, genre, albums or folders. You can also access your playlist manager where you can view, edit or create song playlists.

Perfect Music Menu

You also have a More button on the main menu that will give you options to view your recently played songs, recently added titles, top songs or songs you have tagged as favorites.

There are also a few options up under the three-dot menu that includes accessing Perfect Music's settings, view more apps from Perfect Thumb (the developer), view the app's guide (help section) and view the About screen. Settings cover turning on/off the status bar, tooltip and setting the app's theme.

Perfect Music Library Views

For the most part, viewing your music library by genre, artist or album starts off the same. You will have a series of title bars with buttons to view the song list for that view and a play button to start playing that particular album, artist or genre.

The list view for the artist, genre and album is similar to the list view for all songs. The currently playing song is listed at the top of the screen with the remaining songs listed down the screen. You can group songs by album, artist or turn the grouping off completely. You also have control buttons at the bottom of the list view to select multiple songs, access the menu, add songs and launch the search option.

The playback screen has a CD with album art spinning in the center with a series of controls surrounding it. On the left and right of the CD are slider controls for the background opacity (left slider) and volume (you guessed it, the right slider).

Perfect Music Playback

The three buttons along the top of the CD include a lyrics button to pull up the lyrics for that particular song, a pin button to pin the song to your Start Screen and a favorite button to tag the song as a favorite.

Along the bottom of the CD are buttons to repeat the song, toggle between the CD view and list view of your library and a shuffle button. The list view will be whatever view you started the song from (artist, albums, songs). If you started playback from an Album list, you will toggle between the CD and Album list.

Perfect Music Settings

To pause playback, just tap the CD. To advance to the next song, swipe to the left or right to hear a previously played song.

Overall Impression

While I do not use my Windows Phone often for listening to my music library, I was very impressed with Perfect Music's design and features. The navigation does take a little time to get used to. However, once you get your feet wet the gesture-based controls give the music player a nice flow.

I did like having the ability to pull up the lyrics for your songs. It is a convenient way to answer the "Wait, what did they just sing?" type questions that come up with songs. It could also turn your Windows Phone into a handheld karaoke machine.

Perfect Music has strong appeal and should give the other music players a run for their money. It was a little frustrating to see the app crash so often but I have to extend kudos to the developer for actively working on these issues. At last check, Perfect Music is rated at 4 stars in the Windows Phone Store, which may be half a star too low.

Quick Footnote: Perfect Music was updated the other day to include a handful of new features that include:

  • New Live Tile support with artist photo
  • Option to perform a manual scan for new music in the settings
  • Timer option added in the settings
  • Alphabetical groupings
  • Album list order by track number

Perfect Music is a free Windows Phone app and if you give things a try, let us know what you think about the app in the comments below. Also, remember to rate Perfect Music in the Windows Phone Store. It is the easiest way to send feedback to the developer.

Download Perfect Music for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: Perfect Music

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Love it
  • One thing has always been true... WP's distinct style has been complemented by some BEAUTIFUL apps. Shame that people will continue pretending WP development is dead even though we get great apps like this all the time.
  • Agree with @TLRtheory . Although WP lack of apps , but the quality of apps itself are even better than ios and android apps. For example Tab Player(guitar apps) , Airwary tuner( guitar tuner) , Noiz( SoundCloud client) , Aeries & Tweetium(Both twitter client). That's why I'm still stick with wp although theres alot of bad news lately. Quite hard to move on actually. Lol.
  • rodnye or whatever his name is is gonna rip you a new one when he gets home!
  • I have been using this app from day 1 and its simply awesome. The developer updates the app with new features twice a week which is pretty great.
  • I want to be able to play songs by genre.
  • You can! Tap the four little squares inside the circle at the bottom of the screen and the option is there and use the more button for more options. :|
  • Can it playback music from the Xbox music app? That's wht I use so just wondering Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm not surprised now when I read who the developer is :) they are perfect
  • I'll try it. It looks perfect
  • It does, but tried it.... It's smooth bit missing the recent songs feature. I'll continue using Onemusic
  • There is recent songs feature. In menu click on more.
  • I'm not able to forward to rewind song played thru this app.
  • you can see bar at the bottom. You can use that.
  • Hit the three little dots in the right hand bottom corner, a menu pops up. In that menu there is an option to use the guide, use said guide as operation manual. It tells you how to pause, play and use the controls. Et voila! :P
  • Yes, but either it doesn't work, or it only works with songs I downloaded AFTER downloading the app
  • Can't install on memory card = can't install at all.
  • Is 4MB really that big for your internal memory ? 0.o
  • actually yes, having had a 16 gig 925 for a while, I can say that you start nickel and diming every little bit you can to free up just a teeny tiny bit of space, im assuming hese on something like the 63X which has around 8 gigs if i remmeber correctly, which means it has around 3.5 gigs of space for apps and music, so yea, you pretty much rely on sd cards for those phones
  • It's awesome I've been using it for the last two weeks, and the Dev's are amazing, They've been updating it almost everyday Best part must be the search function within a playlist...
  • Gapless playback?
  • Gapless playback is an OS problem. So no.
  • to clarify how music works on wp, apps are jsut a front end, they dont control how audio is played, when you click play in an app, that app then sends that song and any other details you hit to the OS's sound engine via an api, after that its out of the apps control, when you skip a song, the app jsut tells the OS to skip that song and so fourth.
  • Sasuke? Nice...
  • Let me give it a try. Hopefully "resuming" is not strong in this one like that other music app from Ms
  • What a surprise...I downloaded it 1 hr ago!
  • I downloaded it like days ago. :)
  • Wow this is great, hope it plays highres audio files.
  • No xbox music api no go. All these Music players and not a single app with the API. I am starting to think that devs are poor people who can't afford an Xbox music subscription therefor they think it's not important.
  • ^^^This^^^ For most of us using xbox music, it's really disappointing to see really cool music apps out there with no support for xbox music
  • Ask the devs to add the Xbox music API and if it's not possible, ask why not. I have no idea whether it's hard to add the API or not. :)
  • Acoustica is a music player in the store that uses the Xbox API.
  • I would like something better than the stock player, but I too use Xbox music... A lot actually. I never really kept music on my phone or used it as a player... But since getting the Xbox subscription, I fell in move. shoot my colleagues at the office love it as we create various radio stations to listen to daily. I play it from my phone or my dell vp8, or surface pro 3. Xbox music is passable on the tablet, but the phone leaves room for improvement... I personally did not know how bad. I read comments all the time on the forums complaining of Xbox music on the phone and now I understand. It works... But I am looking for a replacement player... Especially when I am in on of my vehicles. I guess we need to ask these devs to include the API if possible :)
  • Yup, no xbox music, no go for me :)
  • That's why apps like this appeal to the so many because you DON'T need an Xbox music pass. Who an earth wants to pay for music? The player is a complete mess, all your tunes mixed in with paid content.
  • Can't upvote you enough. Are the devs even aware this is possible?
  • Way to be insulting and condescending.. Maybe they are poor? So what? maybe they jsut like using the music they already own..
  • Pleasantly surprised by this.
  • Downloaded!!! :)
  • Woow .. What a masterpiece !
  • Great app. This and loco music player are my fav because of folder playback. Better way of managing music in wp
  • It's the best so far... I love this app... Thanks to the developer.. And the best of all, it's free...
  • This one is better than OneMusic?
  • Far far better...
  • Good app. But rotating album art is what I really hate it.
  • +1
  • Is it just me, or is there no way to access and play music stored on a microSD card?
  • All my music is on microSD and it plays them all.
  • Misery loves company I guess. Same problem. I don't have any music stored internally, it's all on the card and it doesn't seem to see any of it.
  • I cannot see search option or the ability to quickly jump to desired alphabet in Albums menu. Is there one?
  • I want to be able to play songs by genre. Please developer, if u are reading, take note.
  • There is a way to play by genre. Just click the menu button. Not difficult!
  • It already does.
  • Too many users here are not taking the time to familiarize themselves with the menus on this app. It really isn't rocket science people!!!
  • I'm impressed, it's amazingly well designed, and works pretty smooth.
  • I need a music app with Xbox Music DRM support! Didn't Microsoft release an API for this?
  • where does it pull it's media from? just local storage? or could it access the music folder in my onedrive?
  • Why another player? X Box music does all that's needed, Genre, Song, Playlists ect ect. I just don't see the need.
  • I have all of their apps and I buy them instantly :) perfect job
  • Yes it is cool.
  • What I like is inapp volume control. My volume buttons are broken. So this player is very useful. another good player is "Core Player".
  • When I first got the app, it was a disaster.  It seemed to have no idea how to read the metadata.  Song titles showing instead of albums, songs all had 'unknown' as the artist, etc.  Many updates did not correct this.  Today, I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now it is great.
  • Very nice app. I just installed and loving it so far!
  • It is overall good, loved it but could not see the artist photo on the tile.
  • Windows central is too late....
  • Your mom was too late. How can a proper review be late. The app didn't even work on my 1520 until a week ago because it would just crash. Also, just because YOU know about this app, doesn't mean the rest of the Windows Phone world does. Quit being so self-centered, this isn't about you. I guarantee this app will get a huge bump in downloads today, more reviews and a higher profile in the store. It is never too late for something like that to happen when an app deserves it.
  • I am not one to sit around in boredom browsing through apps... My 1520,920 & 635 are set up well and I never feel like I am missing anything... (damn u chase :'( ...)
    Late or not... I and others rely on windows central for all news Microsoft... late or not... It was new to me. I download more apps from reading articles than I ever do just browsing. Windows central and mobile nations are my source.
    Daniel... Yeah he snaps back but I don't blame him. I work with end users too and you are never satisfied no matter how hard we work to give you our best and the best. Im tired of placating users like I owe them something, lol. I'd better stop now.
    Keep up the good work and if the news is old... Why dont we send tips the WC team when the news breaks... There are still priorities with news and it still may not show up when you want or you may not be shouted out to, but who cares. You made sure the news was not "old". A closed mouth is not fed.
    Have a good day :)
  • rightly said daniel.. i downloaded it just b4 30 mins this article was posted n that too bcz i found it in windows central recent discussions.. n yeah THIS APP IS AWESOME... MAKE IT UNIVERSAL. want it on laptop too
  • Hahahaha, You're right, I have Perfect Clock pinned on my start screen and I wasn't aware of this gorgeous and promising music app, so thank you George and everybody in WCentral for the tip.
  • Not convinced by this yet. Seems to have issues with the metadata and playing some of my music. Although it does look great and has some really good features. Will keep an eye on it to see what future updates bring.
  • Yeah, definitely a work in progress with lots of promise.
  • Looks good and the reviews look even better.  I'll check it out.  Thanks devs.
  • Just bring the F'n hub back and be done with it. All these updates haven't fixed the mess, and these third party apps are always way more miss than hit.
  • What's F'n hub?
  • The fucking hub. He's lamenting the changes that 8.1 brought.
  • Just confirming it. ;)
  • Apple fan boi much
  • Difference from native app is Mostly visual side then? Why is there no feature rich app like PowerAmp from Android or Foobar2K from Windows (legacy app)?
  • Saved to offline list. Might try it in the future.
  • Man this awesome it even plays folder music tht i created.... Xbox music cudnt do this vlc cudnt doi it mixradio cudnt m gna use this app as my primary music player
  • Perfect thumb are one of my favorite WP developers, Chung absolutely rocks. I am using 5 of their apps and now with this it's up to 6. :)
  • Just found out that they are Vietnamese.... :)
  • Okay but the themes are not workin i dnt know why
  • unroll the left visualisation area with color red yellow and green and after that will show the theme
  • Thnks tht worked
  • Lol
  • Can it play ALAC ?
  • You mean FLAC?
  • It's been weeks since I installed it in my phone.....
  • WOW WOW WOW !!! Where is the donate button? :)
  • I already have it loved it so much
  • Nice, but I was looking for simple and file-oriented music player.
    I found MusicMan which does not generate any library or playlist automatically. MusicMan does not use the file’s metadata, but works with the names of files and folders exactly how you have them stored in your phone or SD card. You can simply select songs from one or more folders, and then just enjoy the music.
  • This plays from folders.
  • MusicMan is not free . . . only 16 songs per playlist then you have to pay $1.29 , Perfect Music is FREE and can do much more.
  • I cant find the songs which are downloaded from nokia mix radio. Do anyone facing this same problem?
  • Downloading
  • i dream of an app that has an equalizer in it. but this app is great and has a lot of promise :)
  • Looks cool. Nothing like this on IOS.
  • Unable to download on L1320 in India! What's the problem? It says install it on phone memory.. So I changed settings from storage sense.. But still not installing...
  • Is it compatible with songs downloaded from xbox music?
  • nope
  • I downoaded and replace the onemusic:D great music player!!!  
  • Good app
  • Anyone else having trouble downloading this app?  It seems to be stuck on "pending" for my Lumia Icon.
  • Problem with theme.. It's not the same as shown in the screenshot
  • Pick a different one then. Jeez.
  • Thanks for this post....nice app....loving it.
  • Pretty cool app, but there's no Xbox music support...
  • As the name says ... It's perfect
  • A list sorted by album artist would be awesome
  • Cool app
  • Perfect
  • This is a beautiful music and one of the best and first one to include volume control within the app.
    But still it lacks recently added music hope devs see that.i use 6 music apps and ( LISTEN ) app is fastest of them all. And ( QUICKPLAY PRO ) is only app to show recently added songs. But this has beautiful UI .
  • Recently added is already there in the more button ( ... ).
  • Still no basic music application on Windows Phone for those with local-stored music.... Just those basics like Winamp and Foobar does. The best so far is the Music Locker Beta (I am beta-tester). This is the only one that can read my .m3u-playlists. Still missing FLAC and WMA support though. How Xbox Music can't even support .m3u or their own .wpl is really sad Microsoft. 
  • Los saludo desde Medellín Colombia este reproductor es excelente. Otro que es muy bueno y que poco lo apoyan es Quickplay ambos reproducen por carpeta, muchas gracias por recomendar tan buenas aplicaciones. Dios les bendiga.
  • Hey! Saludos igualmente para ti. Colombia es hermosa, en especial Medellín.
  • "Xbox"
  • Es increible que una aplicación como Quickplay Pro en la tienda sólo tenga dos calificaciones (aca en Colombia). He notado que a menudo que sale una aplicación nueva y falla en algo la gente deja de apoyarla  siendo aplicaciones que superan incluso a otras que son muy famosas.
  • En la tienda de EEUU le va algo mejor, tiene un rating de 4.5, con 175 reseñas por lo general positivas. Tienes razón, es importante apoyar a las aplicaciones emergentes, sobre todo cuando son de calidad como Perfect Music o en el caso de la que mencionas, QuickPlay Pro.
  • Cool but some trouble in WP10, lumia 635
  • Tracks don't play in the right order on albums. Or I can't seem to get them to. It ignores the track tag and lists them alphabetically.
  • Album tracklist will be improve soon :)
  • Excellent. Thumbs up.
  • Great but after Xbox music now with XBOX music upload on OneDrive!
  • No scrobbling, no love
  • on lumia 630ds on tech preview (music player) does not read songs of memory card..any help
  • zbox - now that's a music app that never crashes... nor jammed the OS  like Xbox Music once did
  • Loving it already. Plus the fact that you can even use your own photos/images as themes (that's the 10th theme option). Looking forward to more features in future updates...
  • Ms should buy it b4 google takes interest & screws us once more.
  • Does anyone know what the adjustable bar on the left side of the disc does on the now playing screen? It isn't volume, as that's on the other side, and there's nothing in the in-app guide about it
  • ​That will change brightness of background when you select artist theme or custom theme. will be visutulation too maybe...
  • Hi. The question is -  I've added an album and tracks should be played in the order the artist meant them to be played. but it always sorts them by A-Z and it makes no sense. There are many tracks which are the continuation of the previous. Can the app just keep the tracks in the original order?
  • oh, i like it !!!
  • Thank you for taking as much time in making this app as beautiful as it is perfect to use.  Finally I can browse songs by folder.  The only other thing I'm looking for and I think it might be an OS problem, is cross-fading.  If that's a feature you can add, I will never need another music player again!  Oh!  And maybe give us the option for spinning disc or static album cover. Great Job!