Perfect Note for Windows Phone is this week's myAppFree deal

Perfect Note is a simple, feature rich Windows Phone app for recording and managing notes or tasks. The app has a clean and easy to use interface but doesn't skimp on features that include OneDrive integration, Live Tile support and three security options to keep your notes private.

The Windows Phone app normally runs $1.99 but for the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree campaign, you can get Perfect Note free.

Perfect Note

Here are some of Perfect Note's many features.

  • Tasks, ideas and notes can be organized by priority
  • Completed items can be marked as such to track your progress and productivity
  • Reminders can be set for each item
  • Additional details can be added to items such as contact information, notes, etc.
  • Items and sub-items can be re-organized, shared and deleted
  • Customize Perfect Note with 16 color themes
  • Three security modes include password, pincode or pattern
  • OneDrive auto backup

Tasks can also be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen with a countdown reminder. All in all, we found Perfect Note to be an appealing option for those looking for a note management Windows Phone app. Being a myAppFree deal and saving you $1.99, the app should be even more appealing.

Please Note that it may take a little while before the Perfect Note appears in the myAppFree Windows Phone app. However, the deal is already live in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • OneNote FTW! ;)
  • Nothings better than OneNote!
  • One note and wunderlist.
    But thanks dev
  • I use wunderlist all the dam time. Greatapp
  • Is it quick?
  • Yes, very.
  • I like all the "Perfect" apps they made till, expecially Perfect Flashlight, Perfect Music and Perfect Recorder. They really look perfect. And I tried this Perfect Not the first day it's been released, and I don't find it that "perfect". It's too similar at many of the same kind. For me the best one is Top Task List.
  • Nice!
  • No Perfect Porn? Good app btw.
  • I use both OneNote & Evernote Premium. Both are excellent note taking applications.
  • OneNote is ok, but the WP app leaves much to be desired.  No password protection!  You also cannot organize notes, put them in different order, move them to different notebooks, change font size, voice dictate....the list goes on and on.  The more I think about it, the more I realize how crappy it is.
  • +1
  • Does Perfect Note have a limit to the size of the notes?  I have several other Note-type apps and they all have length limitations.  I can copy and paste a long piece of text into the apps, but they do not show all the info.  I'm not sure if this is a limitation within WP or what.
  • I use fastnote, awesome app, will give it a try
  • Movie to watch: Spider men 3?