Phones 4u slashes Lumia 625 price, makes Lumia 1020 more affordable this Christmas

Lumia 1020

Retailers are lowering prices and offering unique deals this holiday period to tempt consumers in parting with hard-earned cash. Phones 4u here in the UK isn't content with sitting on the sidelines as the retailer has just announced some sweet changes to the pricing of two Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. 

The Lumia 625 is now available for just £139.95, according to the press release, though we're only seeing the reduction go as far as £199. That's still a sweet deal for the Windows Phone, considering the pricing was set at £299.95. The Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available for free on contracts starting from £42 a month (was previously £47) - this specific plan is with Vodafone. 

Who's picking one up? 

Source: Phones 4u (Lumia 1020 - white / black, Lumia 625 - white / black)

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  • Damn! Wish AT&T will have another promo, as I missed the $99.99 one!
  • If you're looking for a 1520 for $99 then you're still in luck
  • That price for the 625 is cheaper than the price I paid for the 620 when it was released back in February.
    The contract price for the 1020 seems a little high still and ought to be lower in my opinion. Somewhere in the mid £30 range would do.
  • +1 I personally would never pay more than £25 a month for a phone. Anything above that I'll just buy the phone outright.
  • I'm paying £32 for 8GB 4G data and unlimited calls/texts with a Lumia 925. Fairly decent deal, turned down Frauds4U on a 1020 at £42 a month. I'd say anything over £37 is expensive and warrants buying the handset. There isn't much at £25 worth getting.
  • I know, which is why I buy all my phones outright. ;)
  • Cool
  • Isn't it £139.99 + £10 top up? That's exactly what i paid in the carphonewarehouse for the lumia 625. Either way - superb deal and great phone! The battery life is insane!
  • 34ppm unlimited internet 3mobile soon unlimited 4g!!! lumia1020
  • O2 and Carphone Warehouse have been selling the 625 at around £140 (with £10 top-up) for most of December, glad to see Phones4u get in on the action too! Hopefully it'll bring in a lot of new WP users like the 520 and 620 have (I see 520's so often when I'm out and about now, it's great!).
  • I agree, £42 is way too much. mobilephonesdirect have the Lumia 1020 for free on Vodafone for £29 per month (although the £31.50 tarrif on O2 is better value).   mobilephonesdirect also have the new Lumia 1520 for the same price of free handset + £29 per month on Vodafone (again the £32 tarrif on O2 is better value).   Other bargains of note are on Tesco Mobile (O2 network) who have just cut the price of two nice Lumia handsets.   Lumia 920 for free + £15.50 per month   Lumia 925 for free + £24.50 per month
  • Not bad. Bought mine in Australia for $677, which is roughly £370 outright, the Lumia 1020 I mean. Seems like for once the "Australia tax" is not so terrible. I hate getting phones on contracts in general though.