There's certainly an abundance of photography apps available on the Windows platform - we're talking about both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. One of said offerings is PhotoFunia, a cloud-based photo editing suite which provides you tools and options to let you enjoy photography with some interesting and fun results. The team have updated their app to work with Windows 8.1.

If you've not heard of PhotoFunia before, you can check out the app for both Windows and Windows 8. This isn't the right choice should you wish to hard edit photos through cropping, adjusting colour balance and sharpening, but you're going to have some fun with PhotoFunia with hundreds of effects that can be applied to photos.

Some examples would be to add your mug photo on a magazine cover, poster boards and more. An interesting feature of the service is that it's all cloud-based. This keeps the app size low on both Windows and Windows Phone, but it does mean you require an active Internet connection to make use of all the effects, which are downloaded on the go. 


So, what's new in the latest release? As noted above, the PhotoFunia team have added support for new features and functionality introduced in Windows 8.1. So what does this mean for those who aren't familiar with apps being updated for the latest version of Windows 8? 

With the new PhotoFunia release, you now have a new UI with elements structured better to make it easier to pop in and crack on with adding effects to your images. New search integration is also present, along with new Live Tiles (supporting all sizes). Should you need to get on with other things at the same time, the new snap vies will help you with multitasking. 

You can download PhotoFunia from the Windows Store, as well as the Windows Phone version while you're shopping (both available for free).

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