Mobile Beta coming next month

When you think photo editing, usually one name comes to mind. And finally, Photoshop is getting into the mobile game.

In September, Adobe plans to release Mobile beta, which will work in conjunction with your free account. From your Windows Mobile device, you'll be able to upload, store, access and share up to 5 gigabytes of photos - $49.99 upgrades you to Plus and gets you 20 gigs of space. And once your photos are online, you'll be able to edit them in the cloud with Photoshop Express.

The beta will be Windows Mobile specific, at least at first, with the Motorola Q9m and Q9h; Samsung Blackjack I and II, and Palm's Treo 750 and 700w/wx supported.

The iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Motorola Razr, Nokia 5310 and 6301 will be able to upload from the ShoZu service later next month.


WC Staff