PhotoWeather Live in the Marketplace forecast [Mango]

The developers of the Windows Phone weather app, Photoweather, have a new weather app in the works for Windows Phone Mango. At this point, we aren't sure if this will be an update to Photoweather or a stand alone app. The app is close to being submitted for certification and while there are a few bugs present, we thought we'd offer you a preview of Photoweather Live.

For those not familiar, Photoweather is a basic weather app for your Windows Phone. Photoweather not only offers you the current conditions and forecast for your selected city but also photos of local attractions. Photoweather Live will bring Mango features into the mix but as well as giving things a bit of a face lift. Instead of having all the information displayed on one page, you now have the same information spread out across three pages.

The Today Page provides you with the current conditions for your forecast city, the Week Page offers a four day forecast, and the About Page provides the local photos. Settings touch on using your Windows Phone location data, turning on/off an illustrated background, and how you want the weather information displayed.

The new Live Tile and Push Notifications allow you to pin weather tiles for each forecast city on your Start Screen. One side of the tile will display an icon for your current conditions and temp. The other side offers your forecast for the day.

Live notifications can be customized to alert you when a particular weather condition exists for a location. The conditions include not only weather forecasts (snow, rain, storms, etc.) but also will alert on a particular temperature. Additional updates are already in the planning stages that should give Photoweather Live the ability to use your photos as the background image or add your photos to the local photo mix.

We aren't sure of the timing for Photoweather Live but wanted to share what was headed to the Marketplace. For the time being you can find the pre-Mango version of Photoweather here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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