Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version, an endless runner game that is full of gas

If you are looking for a challenging endless runner game that has a World Cup connection, check out Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version.

The story line behind the game has you playing the role of Piggy who has just stolen the ball of the 2014 World Cup. You have to guide Piggy over and under a frustratingly challenging obstacle course using his power of flatulence. Hit one of the obstacles and it's game over for Piggy.

Available for low-memory devices, Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version is a challenging game but maybe a tad too challenging.

Simple menu, challenging game play

The main menu for Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version has only one option, play the game. Before jumping into game play, a storyboard will appear to explain that Piggy has just stolen the World Cup ball and you have to help him escape.

You then can choose which country your want Piggy to be working for (Brazil, USA, Spain, England, Germany, France, Argentina or Italy) and then you will finally enter game play.

Game mechanics are explained in the background as you launch the game. Just tap the screen to have Piggy generate a fart, which will elevate Piggy. The more you tap, the higher Piggy rises, to the point where Piggy can fly between the obstacles.

Speaking of which, you will find stacks of boxes that vary in size hanging from the top of the screen and rising up from the bottom of the screen. As you would guess, Piggy has to navigate over and under these boxes without making contact. Your score is based on how long you can keep Piggy safe and if he makes the slightest of contact with a box, the game ends.

Overall Impression

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version is a touch endless runner styled game. It requires a rhythm of farts to keep Piggy rise to a certain height and avoid these boxes. It's a Windows Phone game that is not very forgiving is your attention strays the slightest.

Some games start out slow to let you get used to the controls but not Piggy Ball. Right out of the gate, you're having to fart over and under a difficult layout of boxes.

Piggy Ball has nice graphics and don't be shocked if it takes you several tries to get a score in double digits. I wouldn't mind seeing the difficulty of the game dialed down slightly for the first few seconds of game play to give everyone a fighting chance.

There is a bit of entertainment value to Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version, you just need to be patience and learn to control your farts with precision.

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