Third-party app now lets you change the language on the Microsoft Band

Not in the US and want to alter the language on your Microsoft Band (that you likely ordered off of eBay)? Then good news as our favorite app Pimp My Band is now in version 1.8 after numerous smaller updates over the last few weeks.

Today's addition brings the ability to switch languages, including French, German, Italian or Spanish, as well as UK or US English variants.  The feature is found near the bottom, where 'Tweaks' was introduced a few weeks ago.

Microsoft has been quiet about international plans, noting that they will head into other regions, eventually. The US is serving as a testing-ground for the Band before Microsoft commits to a larger launch as noted by Microsoft's Joe Belfiore back in October.

For those who are too eager to wait, buying the Microsoft Band off of friends in the US or on bidding sites appear to the only way now to get the seemingly popular tracker. At least now you get greater language support.

Pimp My Band is a fantastic companion app for Microsoft Band owners. The app lets users customize the Me Tile image with one of their own, use monochrome images, customize accent colors, and even change the color of app tiles, like Facebook or Twitter.

Usually Pimp My Band is 99 cents for now, the Store is showing the app as free.

Download Pimp My Band for Windows Phone 8.1

QR: pimp

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • As a Canadian, i am willing to wait for Band 2.0 before it gets here.
  • "get here", why don't you just drive to there?
  • Want it in Australia.
    Gas is on you then.
  • Agreed, but I am very tempted to get it now for fear of a sucessor taking too long ;)
  • What's the use , when half of the die hard fans don't even have it.
  • We should just all kill ourselves. --Eeyore
  • Mr. D. Rubino, Eeyore suits you perfectly: pessimistic.
    Go and collect news.
  • Wait he actually said that?!
  • Everybody cares international costumers except Microsoft himself. I'm still not getting the US-only concept for services like Bing Rewards.
    The apple watch will be available in some markets at the launch. And the Microsoft Band just sells in US since months ago, all of us know the success of the band, now what are they waiting for to expand the market??? Again...I don't understand.
  • +1
  • Me too. I don't understand :(
  • maybe bcoz Microsoft wanted to test the band first. this band is like a beta version band for Microsoft. wearables market is still doesn't cover mass population in ths world. when it comes only to see time ppl have their own watches. many of them wear normal watches. the show offs where branded watches like rolex, and many ppl dont wear watches at all bcoz they dont like to wear something heavy around their wrists and just remove their phones from their pocket to see time.
  • And why the band succeed?? I'm agree with the testing market, but sold out every time the band is available means something right?? I'm not telling that they need to launch globally, but maybe add few countries to sell it and see what happens.
  • It can mean various things. Like extremely popular but also extremely limited numbers.
  • I agree. I don't get the whole point of releasing it half heartedly. Like for us here in the Philippines, English is our second language and we are known to be one of proficient English speakers in the world. But we don't have a Cortana even in alpha like in Canada or India. Com'on Microsoft, US is not the only country existing in the world. Samsung and Apple are beating you to product releases/launch in our country and many other countries as well. And this is coming from me, a huge Microsoft fan.
  • Tito - I am not 100% on this, but many of the reasons things end up being US only for is due to legal issues involving other States (i.e. UK, Germany, ect.). Think of it being like Netflix which isn't available in many countries because the countries government/laws require certain conditions to be met and so forth.  Bing Rewards is like any financial system and is most likely a regulated system. Just my opinion though.
  • Awesome!!!
  • This has been bothering me for quite some time... Why we dont have a proper smart watch? Ive seen good microsoft smart watch concepts y dnt we have that
  • Band is "beta". V2 goes to the world.
  • V2, do u have a blue print of MS future plan. Mate??
  • ​The same slow company ever.
  • So Microsoft releases something early and they are criticized for not releasing it world wide, and at the same time they are criticized for being so slow. Which is it? When Apple is far behind in releasing some tech, their fans cheer that it is good because it means that Apple is waiting for the tech to be mature, so they release a product before it is ready because it is so far behind the competition with a higher price point, and the media is praising them for it.
  • Why are you talking about Apple? Cortana, Band, Surface. They are not new and only are sell in few countries.
  • It is called a comparison - showing how Microsoft is damned if they do, damned if they don't, and comparing it to how whatever junk Apple releases they are praised for it.
  • I wonder if Microsoft will get in the smartwatch game. I'm sure between the former Nokia team and the Surface team, they could design something off the hook.
  • I was under the impression that the microsoft band wasnt sold outside the america's. At least no one I know and no blog is really talking about the band in europe. Or did I miss something?
  • Did you read the article?
  • I have shamefully.
  • Hahahahahja
  • I think the reason for the delays is called Windows 10.
  • yupp you may be right.
  • And I think v have have developed a habit of calling it since,
    Windows p 8
    Windows p 8.1
    N now windows 10.
    Lets wait for this windows too.
  • AWE... wait for it ...SOME! Great thinking!
  • Is that a red Microsoft vans in the picture or an optical illusion
  • How about reflection?
  • Will discuss it on twitter like world did for "the dress"
  • Yeah I was pretty sure I have seen these in Europe. Oh hang on, it was a dream! I'm pretty sure Daniel Rubino monitors these forums, so how can MS still not be doing what the masses want?
  • I don't have the band, but it's free, so I'll download it anyway :P
  • Ms should just hire the developer and make the band worldwide
  • Fela RuLeZ :)
  • Eheh LOL
  • Once we can buy it at best buy, I WILL TOTALLY LET IT GET DELIVERED HERe via borderlinx..
  • What kind of person has a picture of themselves on their Band?
  • I'm sure there are plenty of polyglots in the U.S. who can enjoy this feature. Why turn it into an international affair?
  • For those in The Netherlands: I still have a few Bands in size M and L available.
  • So, if my region and language on my Lumia is USA english (Cortana´s then) and I change my band´s language to spanish, what´s the language I have to use for the commands the band sends to Cortana on my phone? 
  • I hope it supports Korean language, ASAP.
  • Tutorial is already supporting Korean in official Microsoft Health app.