With Mango comes expanded ringtone capabilities. With expanded ringtone capabilities comes Windows Phone apps such as Pimp my Ringtone.

Pimp my Ringtones is a collection of twenty-one ringtones that can be saved to your Windows Phone. They range from the cute Pikachu ringtone to the R-Rated Samual Jackson ringtone. You also have Yoda making an appearance as well as a rather unnerving ringtone entitled "A very funny ringtone".

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You can preview the tunes and when you settle on one you like, tap the cell phone icon to save the ringtone to your Windows Phone. You'll have the option of renaming when you save the ringtone.

Pimp my Ringtones has a nice collection of ringtones and hopefully the selection will grow with each update. If you're running Mango on your Windows Phone, you can find Pimp my Ringtone here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace for $.99.