Plantronics Blackwire C3220 review: A good headset for the office

Plantronics creates headsets for a number of scenarios. The RIG 800LX is a wireless solution for Xbox One and PC, while the C3220 is a professional headset for calls and general multimedia. The California-based company boasts the C3220 to be an excellent corded USB headset designed to deliver high-quality audio with a solid microphone for calls and other communications. We took it for a spin.

What makes the C3220 great

The C3220 has professional use in mind. Whether you need to answer a quick call in the morning on your Surface tablet or have a meeting later in the day on a desktop PC, the C3220 is ideal for the job. It also makes for an excellent headset for the office where placing and receiving calls are an important part of each day. This is all thanks in turn for the great audio, affordability, and solid microphone.

Depending on which model you go for within the series, you could even plug the headset into your phone and answer calls on the go. The noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice is picked up clearly without unnecessary background ambiance. And it's light enough to be taken home, thrown into a laptop bag and worn for an hour or few without issue.

The in-line controller is yet another positive to make calls using devices easier by allowing you to change the volume, as well as answer and end calls, and mute the microphone.

Why you may dislike it

Interestingly, the volume control on the product we received for review was also backward, so when you're wearing the headset, the volume down is actually facing up, and vice-versa — you'll find yourself turning up the volume unexpectedly a few times. Unless you look at the controls before activating buttons, of course.

Because of the design and lightweight nature of the headset — and the fact it doesn't have large cups — means you'll hear everything in your surroundings, which can make it a little hard to focus if in a busy environment. Finally, the cable is way too short. Depending on the model you purchase, it may come with a detachable cable.

Ours did not, which resulted in the inability to test a smartphone. These are minor drawbacks, especially if you use a laptop and not a desktop PC on the desk. It also helps if you don't need to alter volume levels often.

Should you buy the Plantronics C3220?

In short: yes. If you need a headset for the office or need the ability to answer calls and more on a laptop or phone before hitting the desk for a full day's worth of work. Great audio, coupled with an excellent microphone make it an enticing purchase. Not bad for around $40.

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Rich Edmonds
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