Play among the gods with Minecraft's Greek Mythology Mashup Pack for Xbox One and Xbox 360

The tens of millions of Minecraft players on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other console systems have a new add-on to try out. The Greek Mythology Mashup Pack will allow fans of the sandbox game to make structures based on ancient Greek myths for $3.99

Microsoft says:

"Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and many more have descended from Mount Olympus to engage in all sorts of blocky adventures. Along with a custom texture set, new UI and 39 unique skins, the pack also has an original orchestral soundtrack composed by Gareth Coker. Build a pantheon fit for the gods, trap the Minotaur in an elaborate maze, or set sail for adventures across the sea – the world is your square oyster!"

Microsoft recently announced plans to launch a Windows 10 version of Minecraft which will be made available on the operating system's launch date of July 29.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • i can do that for free
  • But it'd take you ages.
  • Through the ages of Pamparius.
  • WorldEdit
  • We are talking Xbox not pc.
  • ah yea sorry peasants you dont have those features
  • And there are many features the console and phone versions of Minecraft have that the Java version doesn't either. Don't be arrogant. You're not special just because you bought a game on a computer. Anyone with $27 can do that.
  • 27$ lol it was almost free in alpha and what special does minecraft version on peasantbox and phone has other than outdated version
  • Nestumk tu ant žmonių :D
  • Split-screen multiplayer, Xbox achievements, controller support, touch controls, in-game tutorials, cross-platform multiplayer, portability, better performance, etc. Every version has its pros and cons.
  • Agreed! Too bad I got the notification as if you replied to me not him, that means he won't. -_-
  • yea split-screen with 8 people multiplayer over unlimted
    achievements on minecraft are useless
    keyboard and mouse its way better since you can build faster and help you survive easier in combat
    portability can be done with a laptop since you install on any device you like with same account
    performance can be improved with Optifine
    anything else?
  • Wow you are reaching lol. You don't know what split screen is clearly. Split screen isn't available on Minecraft pc. Performance isn't anything close to Xbox version. Unlimited on line multiplayer with xbox one online now as well. Portability of using on laptop or phone awesome that means I can have it on every device, so your portability thing is not a feature that makes it better.
  • yea next time i will connect 4 keyboards and mouse on my pc to play in split screen for fuck sake its not FIFA neither NBA 2k
  • Your a joke.
  • Your a joke lol. I have it on all my devices. Playing it on Xbox doesn't make someone a peasant you fool. It's way more fun on Xbox. I can't wait to play Minecraft 10. It's gonna be great. No point in playing full pc version. Do what you want but don't call people who make their own choice peasants.
  • yea its very fun playing multiplayer with 8 people over unlimited when you cant even enjoy the bukkit servers and also im not getting milked for skins and texture packs
  • Let us know how that works out for you. :-)
  • I've got that, the music is really good, the map is excellent and the characters are well designed! Its a mash up pack that I HIGHLY recommend.
  • Yeah, it looks really good. I'd like to see them make a lot more mash-up packs of various cultures and architectural designs through the ages.
  • I have all of the mashups so far, but I haven't played with any of them because they disable the achievements.  Kind of fun to reskin my 'real' worlds though.  It would be cooler if they added some sort of story/adventure/achievements to these mashups to give me more reason to try out the prebuilt levels for something other than 'hey look at this stuff they built that looks neat'.
  • Don't not play them just because their isn't achievements. Try them out anyway, the game is way more important and fun then the achievements that don't so anything for you in real life.
  • Is there something to do in these prebuilt worlds other than just check out the stuff they built?  If not, may as well be killing two birds with 1 stone in my regular world :) - I think getting the achievements are fun, if it wasn't for those I would have put minecraft away a long time ago because just building stuff gets boring for me.
  • The pre-built worlds are just to show you what you can do. You are supposed to load up the mashup in your own world, in Survival mode. There you can still earn Xbox achievements.
  • Yeah I've just using them as texture packs on my existing worlds
  • Yep, agreed.
  • Don't forget about the xbox's creative mode features such as smooth snap movement, precise movement (d-pad), and auto place/destroy when holding either buttons down... and of course lets not forget about the super speed when in creative mode.