Plex brings personalized news to its Xbox One app

Plex brings its personalized news feature to its Xbox One app

When it comes to media streaming, Plex already has most of its bases covered. But with its latest update on Xbox One, Plex is throwing another category into the mix: News.

Plex announced today that its Xbox One users now have access to a personalized news feed, curated with content from organizations around the globe. Users can choose from a slate of more than 190 news organizations around the globe, including some local channels, with filters based on source, category, and location. And because it works across devices, you can start watching Plex News on one device and continue on another.

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If Plex is already where you do the majority of your media streaming, the News section looks like a solid way to fill out the experience. It's also supported by ads, so there's no additional cost involved in catching up with the headlines of the day. For Plex users on Xbox One, you should be able to check out the News section on you console now.

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