Plex updates its Windows Phone app with a bunch of new features and fixes

The popular media sharing app Plex has released a new version of its Windows Phone app, and it looks like this is a major update with a bunch of new features and fixes.

This new update brings the version number up to While Plex recently became a universal app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, this particular update is just for the Windows Phone version. Here's what's been added to the app:

  • (WP) (Camera Upload) Stalled uploads
  • (WP) (Prefs) Nww "send diagnostics" button in advanced section
  • (Video) Prompt to apply bandwidth metering when first video is played over metered connection
  • (Prefs) Moved bandwidth metering preference to media section
  • (Prefs) Music quality preference defaults to original
  • (Prefs) Live Tile controls
  • (WP) (UI) Music libraries are now three columns wide

Here's the list of the app's bug fixes in version

  • (WP) (Activation) Some users were being asked to reactivate their phone app when it was already purchased
  • (Sync) Optimized storage usage calculation
  • (Sync) Deleted sync folder in recycle bin when device has no sync items
  • (WP) (Music) A number of problems playing music
  • (WP) (Music) Fixed music player orientation
  • (WP) (UI) Photo gallery lists now remember scroll position
  • (WP) (UI) Queue flyout was sometimes stuck under appbar (nown Microsoft bug)
  • (WP) (UI) Add to playlist dialog wasn't showing existing playlists
  • (WP) (UI) Multi-select works after going back
  • (WP) (Prefs) Fixed slider widths
  • (UI) Managed users are no longer listed as friends
  • (WP) (UI) Video player now shows advanced media info when preference is enabled
  • (WP) (UI) Going back to pre-play page no longer jumps to cast pivot when no extras are present
  • (Live Tile) Use available connection when asking for tile content from a server
  • A number of user-reported crashes

The Plex app went free earlier this year, but an in-app purchase is still needed if you want to use to some premium features.

Download Plex from the Windows Store

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John Callaham