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What you need to know

  • PNY's Performance DDR5 modules are now available through Best Buy and Walmart.
  • The dual-channel DDR5 modules have speeds of 4800MHz.
  • PNY's 8GB DDR5 modules are listed at $110, while the 16GB DDR5 modules cost $200.

PNY just launched a new range of Performance DDR5 modules, allowing PC builders to future-proof their setups. DDR5 is one of the next big things in the PC industry. Modules that support DDR5 have the potential for faster speeds than their DDR4 siblings, though it may take some time before PC setups can take advantage of the higher speeds. PNY's new DDR5 modules clock in at 4800MHz, which puts them squarely in the same range as the best RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs.

DDR5 surpasses DDR4 in terms of both data and clock rates. Generally, DDR5 modules manage data rates between 4,800MHz and 8,400MHz, with clock rates scaling from 1,600MHz to 4,800MHz. While there isn't a technical overlap between DDR4 and DDR5 when it comes to speeds, the best DDR4 RAM will come close to some DDR5 RAM.

As many PCs can't fully utilize the speeds of DDR5 modules, some argue that DDR5 isn't worth it yet. Our guide comparing DDR4 and DDR5 can help you decide if it's worth upgrading your PC.

PNY's new DDR5 memory modules are available in 8GB or 16GB variants. The 8GB modules cost $110, while the 16GB modules are available for $200.

Pny Performance Ddr5 Memory

PNY Performance DDR5

PNY's new Performance DDR5 modules clock in at 4800MHz, allowing you to future-proof your PC. Make sure that you have a system that can utilize the speeds of DDR5 before you upgrade.

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