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PoGo-UWP beta no longer works due to encryption changes from Niantic

The Pokemon Go third-party app PoGo-UWP for Windows 10 Mobile does not currently work, due to changes made to Pokemon Go's encryption by developer Niantic.

In a post on GitHub, one of the PoGo-UWP developers, "Kaankehh", stated:

Hey guys, Like you already know the PoGo app doesn't work. The reason for that is that Niantic updated their server. The update ruined the API, the requests are now cryptographically signed. The latest update was forced so the app could read it.Does this mean that it is over? No, the makers of the API are looking in to this, it is not sure if they can fix it.What do you say? Is it over in your opinion? Sadly, yes. I dont think that the API creators will be able to decrypt it and if they will be able to get it to work, Niantic will probably add more encryptions. This is probably one of the I don't know how many encryption they will add.We have to wait till the API creators have more news, I will keep you updated.

This wasn't exactly unexpected; Niantic has been open about the fact that they don't like third-party cheating apps accessing their data, and the PoGo-UWP app is likely seen by the developer as one of these unauthorized releases.

While the PoGo-UWP app may no longer work, there is an effort being made to make changes to the third-party API that the app accessed so it can work once again. The progress on that effort is being updated on Reddit.

  • Expected.
  • Yup.. to be honest it really was expected. It's such a low move to do something like that. If you don't want to make an app for W10 ok, whatever, your choice. But when someone else makes an app and you intentionally kill it, that's the lowest you can get. Shame on Google (for YouTube), shame on Snapchat (for 6chat), shame on Niantic (for PoGo-UWP) and all others that are doing thee same thing. They are the paramecium that plagues this world. Disgusting. Edit: I mean, I really couldn't care less about Snapchat and/or Pokemon (heck, I think humanity would be better off without it), it's the scummyness that bothers me.
  • Yeah.. I am agreed with u... Think its all just the move of google to kill W10M...
  • It's all about you.
  • On the other hand, it was pretty sloppy of Niantic to write their service with completely open APIs without any sort of encryption or authentication. That's like Web Service 101. They never intended to make those APIs public, and if they had done their jobs correctly they never would have been. So from a certain point of view, this is less about killing third party apps and more about closing security holes that never should have been open in the first place.
  • Shhhhh....facts like that will make you many enemies here :) And truth be told, Niantic was NOT focusing on killing a UWP client so much as they were trying to kill off and other apps enabling instant catches, pokemon mapping, etc. to cheat. Odds are, they didn't know PoGo-UWP even existed, let alone hold a desire to squash it. It just happened to be a casualty of their update.
  • Yeah, leaving these non-public APIs open and unencrypted would be blow for Niantic in many ways. I don't think they intentially want to kill the UWP client, this more like patching holes and prevent ways of cheating the game. The client isn't official to begin with using non-public APIs, so these are expected. The best way is really just to have an great official apps to the platform (not just having an app for the sake of it), not just Pokemon Go in general. I don't see anything that consipiracy here. Maybe at least Microsoft should do something about their own stuff why many developers and users don't invest to their platform and ecosystem. People didn't choose W10M or Lumia because they hate it, it just that they don't see the better reason to get one or maybe because it doesn't exist for them or the marketing doesn't convince them (or simply non-existent). I mean, before blaming to other company about the issue of the platform that not theirs, why not looks for things Microsoft can do to their end first. 
  • Well... They did has authorization token which acquired when user is logging in. The way oAuth2 protocol has described. Sadly, that one was broken when the access token was extracted by someone. On the other hand, that cryptosign (the famous 'unknown6') already exist on the old client as well. It just that Niantic never parse that field on their server before. Now, suddenly, they flip the flag to verify that sign only for one request type, the so called 'GetMapItems'/'Heartbeat' (named by those who create API projects). Up until now, login, get profile, get inventory, and even moving around (setting new location) still working. But without the heartbeat, the 3rd party clients effectively became useless other than for walking around hatching eggs. And even that, they might still uncertainty about permaban since logging in without sending any heartbeat can be detected as 3rd party access. EDIT: This one is a possible theory from someone at Reddit. Niantic MAYBE cleverly, deliberately allow public access to their API to gather data. After they collect enough data (both from players and from bots), they flip the server side flag to parse 'unknown6' from heartbeat request to prevent 3rd party access. With this, they can gather enough data to do Machine Learning on behavior of players and bots to distinguish them. Just one of possible theory though.
  • It was pretty hilarious that so many people were in denial and claiming it wouldn't get shut down. "It's built using Niantics APIs and it's not on the Windows Store so Niantic can't do anything about it!"
  • :D end of this short story.
  • So y don't they make an official game? Godamn.
  • They do. Pokémon Go is available on both mobile platforms that actually have users: Android and iOS.
  • Actual thing is ninatic is formed under the google thing !! And u know the past records they have with the platform !! This was bound to come and they developing an official app is already foggy !!
  • This has nothing to do with Google. It's a business decision that anyone who knows basic economics and isn't completely blinded by fanboyism could see. The biggest problem here, honestly, was Windows Central even reporting on this (illegal) app to start with. It created way too much expectations on some WP users.
  • Lol again, you call it illegal. It wasn't illegal since no laws were broken. Give back your fake law degree.
  • It's actually illegal though. Niantic never publish their API. That means their server never intended to be accessible by 3rd party. So every act of reverse engineering is illegal. They even sent C&D letter to one Russia guy named Mila<something> since he is the one who crack the login secrets by reverse engineering.
  • You're confusing the term illegal. Reverse engineering is not illegal. You won't get arrested for taking apart your Xbox, or breaking down code. You can get sued, but that doesn't mean it's illegal. Just that the original owner is due damages.
  • but it would still awesome if one can play /use something on windows tablet as well. I literally hate to do things on such small screen of phones, even nowadays smartphone became bigger, but if I can do it on an 8 inch why bother doing it on an 5 inch. And I believe lots of others would agree with me, and most of then don't care about w10M but have w10 convertible/ tablet.
  • It is there right but given that they developed in unity it really is a little annoying, since it is more or less to clicks to release it for wm for them. This is a political decission, not one based on user base figures...
  • When Microsoft themselves start prioritizing their own mobile platform you may have a point, but right now you don't since their priority is also ios and android. Why should a 3rd party dev be held to a higher standard than the platform owner?
  • @theefman, I hate what you are saying, but mostly because there is some truth in it :/
  • No, this is a business decision. Stop with the conspiracy theories. The facts are very simple: Pokémon Go is a MOBILE ONLY game. As such, when looking at operating systems, Niantic looks at their user base. And Windows Phone's marketshare is sitting under or around 1% at best, worldwide. So, naturally, when deciding which platforms to support and invest the money in, Windows Phone is excluded. Resources are limited and companies are NOT charities. It doesn't matter how simple it would be to convert the app. Maintaining the app would still cost Niantic money and resources and it's simply not worth it.
  • Gosh, that's a clever comment.
  • Mr Predictable.
  • Hard not to be when people keep refusing to understand simple facts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What a sad and unfortunate comment. It's a shame to spit on a plate you once had food on it.
  • When I ate from it, food was coming and the servants were increasing. Pretty stupid to keep eating when the food is spoiled and the staff is leaving though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You may have a reason, but not an excuse.
  • As long as some people refuse to accept simple facts, there will always be an excuse to try to bring them to reason.
  • So you think you have an excuse to spit on your plate. Well, I just hope you don't think it's your father's fault.
  • Exactly my thoughts!
  • Can I get it on any Nokia devices?
  • Pretty soon you will.
  • DJCBS,  down vote on this comment. to funny...its the TRUTH....NOKIA is coming out with android phones (which are going to ROCK) and then you will be able to play pokemon!  NO untruth there.
  • Yes, but then you will have an Android phone. 
  • Well... He ask about Nokia. Not Windows based phone. What kind of answer did you expect? :3
  • Yes,  a phone that works and actually has the apps people want to use,  instead of a very expensive feature phone (windows w10m phone).  
  • Such a bore
  • Microsoft and windows....I agree.
  • Lol.
  • You surely love downvotes. Why do you even comment on posts related to WM10?
  • Can't we flood ninantic with disappointment and disgust to their complete lack of empathy for us Windows users that they won't include?
  • I'd rather flood them with dissapointment about a game that causes people to tresspass and crash their cars.
  • Last I recall, Pokemon Go hasn't put a gun to my head to make me do anything...
  • Yea this is ridiculous because if a person is that stupid to walk into traffic, trespass, or crash their vehicles, then they deserve full consequence for their action. The game doesn't make them do any of it at all. If you can't make your brain understand how to survive in everyday life, then no game is going to matter, you've got some real serious issues.
  • Who said anything about the users not deserving consequesces that cause any damage?  I'm completely over this game and all the idiots that have come out of the woodwork due to it. I'm not suggesting Niantic should pay for other peoples stupidity, but I have every right to complain to them so they can fix what's in the game, such as using private property as a game area without an owners permission, or allowing the game to even work if you're driving.
  • Yeah Axmantin u are right... Think the same way... Making game work while driving that's stupid ... That game use GPS there's gotta some way to stop it...
  • My partner plays the game while I drive her to and from work, there's nothing wrong with that. People who are taught to drive properly should know that it's not safe to text or play games while in control of a vehicle, it's not the game's fault for allowing people to make their own decisions Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First off, it's a well known fact that cell phone usage and driving is a huge problem all over the world, and Pokemon Go is just another cell phone distraction. The Game already puts in a limitation of speed so they acknoledge this is an issue, and incorrectly attempt to curb it. Also, you're supposed to be walking while you're playing, not driving, so there is something wrong with what your partner is doing.
  • I'd rather flood their servers with actual flood waters.
  • Why not flood microsoft with NONE of your money....action speaks louder than words.  Less revenue means more action.  Just as I did.  I quit all ms subscriptions and I am useing other services...and sold all my microsoft computers phones etc.  Thats how you take action. Not by whining on the website that this or that is not on windows.....I can guarantee that if everyone who loves windows mobile cut their sub's at the same time they would perk up and take notice of the instant drop in revenues  
  • But if Windows mobile isn't oriented to enterprise? Then it's obvious that will not be any game there,if I were developer wouldn't develop an game for an corporative platform, it's obvious by company policies blocks the non enterprise and non productive apps , also the market share it's so tiny that nobody will invest time to do it an app even Microsoft garage don't invest any time to bring to us new apps or even in port the apps with the astoria project so it's perhaps another failure of Microsoft.
  • We could if there were enough of us. but if that were the case, we'd already have an official app
  • Just like Snapchat, the developers don't want third party access to the APIs but won't release an official app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "won't release an official app"   ...they have released it. Just not on platforms with no relevant user base. It's their right to do with their property what they want.
  • It will cost almost nothing to port snapchat over to windows with the MSFT tools provided for nearly nothing. The above is a bs excuse for a company with too much money.
  • See my comment above. Yes, there are costs. It's more than porting the app. It's maintaining it. It's having time and resources relocated to it. And it's WP's marketshare under 1% telling developers it's not worth the money. Companies are NOT charities. NONE of them are. As little money as it could cost Niantic to put the app on WP, it would still be wasted money. And business doesn't like wasted money. Besides, if they were to port it to WP, they'd have to also make it available for BB10, for example. WP with its insignificant market share has as much right to have these apps as BB10 or any other insignificant OS.
  • Like seriously, why do you do this? Always on your high horse insulting WM users? If you don't have something useful to say just shut up. We know you use Android. But please stop trying to belittle people here. You sure do have a sick mind.
  • Which is sicker, the mind that accepted facts or the mind that keep whining because developers don't do what they want them to do and waste time and resources to cater to whims of an ever increasing minority? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think it's more sick when someone who definitely dislikes MS/WM10, yet spends a SIGNIFICANT amount of time on MS/WM10 article comments to an audience that clearly doesn't want to read the garbage being written. I mean, I like my WM10 and other MS products and services, yet even I don't spend that much time comparatively in the comments as you do, DJCBS. So what's your deal? You call everyone here a fanboy, so what does it make you when you spend all that time with argumentative enthusiasm akin to fanatacism?
  • he's just a sad little troll so it's best to ignore him. Surprised he hasn't been banned yet.
  • Maybe because in the civilized democratic world, people aren't banned over their opinions let alone when they are based on evidence. If you want people who disagree with you banned, I'd suggest you move to North Korea. ;)
  • Agree 100%.....Up vote for you DJCBS
  • Boredom in life can be the only answer. I can't imagine frequenting a forum of a product I don't use and call irrelevant, just to spam repeated insult attempts.
  • I don't understand this common sentiment.  Yes, Windows Phone (and Windows Mobile) have a low percentage of the market - however we're talking in abstract terms because the number in the sample is massive.  If you look at the total number of smartphones on the planet (estimated at over 2 billion), 3% of the market still equals over 62 million Windows phones.  An audience of 62 million potential app users hardly seems like something to be ignored.  And I also think 62 million people wouldn't call themselves irrelevant, as you just did.
  • The troll patrol doesn't really understand the concept of numbers of actual users. They can only reference last quarter sales market share they read in some headline.
  • That's the thing about business. People are meaningless. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Niantic, Nintendo...none of them care about the people individually. 62 million Windows Phone users may sound like a big number for a common person but when you consider that the opposite operating systems have over 2 billion users, those 62 million become irrelevant. It sounds harsh from a humanitarian point of view, but business aren't charities. In the case of WP, you can add to that the fact that the majority of WP users are on budget phones (who wouldn't be able to run the app) and on WP8.x. You can't expect businesses to continue spending money on this sort of platform. Why do you think Microsoft shut down the Ovi Store when they took over Nokia's budget phones? It was one of their first decisions. And there are more users of those budget Nokias than there are Windows Phone users. However, neither is in a number relevant enough to justify the investment.
  • Agreed - however, businesses exist to make money.  A well run business will not ignore potential profit in an untapped market unless the barrier to enter that market is too high.  Given that Microsoft has made it convenient to port iOS code using their bridge, I wonder what the ROI would be for them.  Pokemon Go is generating over $10M per day in revenue.  If it costs them $500K in development time to port the iOS version to Windows, and the resulting market penetration generated just $10K per day in additional revenue, the ROI would be 50 days. And I highly doubt it would cost $500K in additional develement to port.  I would even argue Microsoft would help with the port as the PR would be lucrative (as they did with King and Candy Crush - which are just ports of iOS).
  • It was obvious (or should have been) that I was talking about an official WINDOWS app, or are people so stupid that everything has to be spelt out for them? It doesn't bother me cos I have Snapchat on my Android phone and have no interest in Pokémon
  • In Niantic's case, I think it actually makes sense to prevent third party apps. Games aren't as fun when people can cheat. Snapchat doesn't really have a good reason.
  • You think .3% market share isn't a good reason? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's not what I mean. Snapchat banned all third party apps, not just for Windows phones. I don't have to worry about that for much longer because I am definitely not buying any more Lumia devices.
  • Ohh, I see. I am not that familiar with Snapchat, but I think the idea is that your posts and messages disappear after a set time. They couldn't guarantee that a third party app wasn't saving your posts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Snapchat isn't really about privacy anymore. Users can easily take screenshots of photos and videos that are meant to be private. I believe users can save content straight to the app now too. Snapchat started out as a way to send content that wasn't supposed to be saved, but now it seems like the opposite.
  • just a social network with lack of servers to save your photos 
  • I was talking to someone at Niantic the other day,  I asked them whats the reason you are not developing pokemon go for windows phone/mobile.  They asked whats that?
  • Yeah, leaving these APIs that are not meant for any outside developers of Niantic would just ruin the game and companies reputation on securing those access. The very main thing about this changes is to prevent or limit a ways for people to cheat the game. I don't think they intentially want to kill the UWP client or sabotage the W10M, heck they may just not even care and probably hasn't got the news yet about the UWP client. Snapchat on the other hand also do have a reason to close the APIs since its not meant to be public and also causes privacy issues (though whether they really care about privacy or not, that's another story). But its known that the CEO of Snapchat is really just salty against Microsoft, which doesn't have any logical reason and that's why community hates him for that. Niantic changes to Pokemon Go APIs are expected and makes perfect sense. Yes, about the issue where why we still don't have Windows version I do agree, but who knows if they already internally working on it or simply not yet on their roadmap. It's their decision.
  • These illegal apps and their promoters cause real damage to those who want to play the game.
    "In addition to hampering our ability to bring Pokémon GO to new markets, dealing with this issue also has opportunity cost. Developers have to spend time controlling this problem vs. building new features."
  • So called encryption these days...
  • Fun while it lasted...
  • Honestly took longer than I expected...
  • Funny that I just installed it for my brother, what a bad luck
  • So, this is it: We have a great OS, good camera and so many things that make the WP a good cellphone BUT the most famous app in the WORLD can't be installed in our phones...and we need to risk our security installing a app non official...because the Niantic dont care about us. What a wonderful thing!!!!
  • Microsoft doesn't care about you, why would Niantic? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is no security risk when the developers are more trusted than your own family members. You probably have at least one of these devs' official apps on your phone right now.
  • NO,  You have a mediocore OS, great camera, and maybe 3 things to make windows mobile a great phone/os.  Don't get confused.  
  • Thems the risks. ...
  • So I guess this is why "find 'em all" also doesnt work anymore...!
  • So much for all of the "They don't mind them stealing their product, they probably support it" people.
  • Of course they Don't support it....silly people here....MS brainwashed!
  • The last article, that's all you how much the Pokemon developers loved this idea.
  • Well no surprise here. If you have been on windows 10 mobile or Windows phone for a while your just use to this kid of thing happening.
  • Sad but true
  • Sad but true
  • And now all the children crying haha
  • Y'know, my boss who is second to the top dog running the place of 300 employees in the office and mom of 1 plays PoGo. She's like 55 too. Please stop assuming that only children plays this game, because you haven't found a way to enjoy something like this.
  • How dare they do that to app which was illegally accessing their properties and using their IP!
  • Yeah really!  I called this happening as soon as they found out....I guess they found out  ;-)..The "app" creator is lucky that all they did was shut down the app and not come after him.  Desperate windows phone/mobile people.
  • Keep the downvotes coming for the TRUTH!
  • I'll bet you, vhyr and djcbs are really the same people. It would be more sad if it's not the case. That would mean there are three people with nothing better to do than to come to a MS News site just to troll. I suggest stepping out from your basement for some fresh air and think about if this is really the best use of your time. Don't go too far though - mom will be calling you back in for supper soon.
  • bah ha ha ha.  It's responses like this that keeps us going.  We aer not trolling just telling the real truth about Microsoft and windows mobile/phone.  I spent alot of money on windows devices in the past year,  plus way to much on their so called "services" which is really a raping of money from consumers.  After all the broken promises from microsoft I decided that enough is enough,  I am leaving the platform for good.  done.....Why waste my money with a company that does not have a vision more than 2 ft in front of them.  Now,  since they screwed me out of my money,  I feel compelled to try to do the same back to them.  If Vhyr, DJCBS, and myself can accomplish even switching 5 people from this horrid crap than My job is done.  BTW,  we are NOT the same person.  And sorry My mom lives far far away from me.  I think most who make this comment are the ones actually in their parent basement....As the Brad Paisley song says..."im so much cooler online"  ha ha ha...I work,  but visit in here when I can,  because,  1.  its fun to see all the stuff that Microsoft announces then strips back from their users,  and their users keep up hope of SOMEDAY we will have apps, SOMEDAY we will have more than one wearable tech device to work 100%,  and SOMEDAY we will have some mythical unicorn device.  and 2.  Its a personal satisfaction to try to turn any users on the fence from making the same mistakes I did when it comes to buying into microsoft and their "services" because they are rip offs and scam artists.
  • That's just sad, but hey whatever it takes to bring a little joy to your miserable existence.
  • Oh, well........
  • I really didn't care that. I can't login with Google Account and I don't want to start over with Pokémon Trainer Club so I didn't download it.
  • Why Microsoft don't focus on it's user problems there satisfaction,? What they want? Microsoft have shame on him self
  • Microsoft does not care about their consumer users.  It has been documented many times.  Enterprise is the only thing they are some what interested in.  Even then they are half assing it.
  • Lolololololololo
  • Not a fan of Pokémon Go or Pokémon in general, but it really does suck when stuff like this happens. Hopefully they can get the APIs to work or better yet Niantic brings the official app to Windows 10. If only *sigh*
  • Wow, I was just about to start making a port of PoGo for the HoloLens... Would've been the perfect device to play Pokemon go on
  • Well, time to use Emulators in Windows then!
  • I don't think they actually got to know about this particular app? I mean, not a lot of people were using it. iOS and Android has a lot of third-party apps that change the way people play the game. There were apps which detects every Pokémon you could catch. Niantic didn't want that happening. Hence, they changed their API. Because of It, all those apps didn't work thereafter. Unfortunately, POGO-UWP got caught in it as well. Really glad that the developers put a lot of effort in to it.
    Now, don't go raging saying Niantic hates Windows users. They did what they did regardless of the OS. And honestly, I don't think we will see a windows version any time soon. Maybe after they release it to everyone else in the world. That'll take a long time.
    Hope I'm wrong tho :D
  • There are more prying eyes around than you think...Im sure they were tipped off....
  • Considering that the Pokemon Go terms of service allows them to basically turn your phone into a survelience camera for both law enforcement and private party use, I would not install their official app on anything but a burner phone anyways
  • Better than accounts getting banned!
  • Ha-ha! /Nelson
  • D'OH - Homer Simpson.
  • Once you start playing Pokemon Go on Bluestacks, you'll never want to play anywhere else.
  • all these commentors are stupid. They changed encryption which blocks all 3rd part stuff. Not just pogo/find them all. Every third party app on android/ios/pokevision as well. They did this for bs reasons. The tracker in the offical app sux and was completely broken for the most part. They blamed this on  3rd parties and the pokevision site for why their servers suck. Which if they had known how big the game would be they should have put more effort into making thier servers better. This latest update removed teh tracker system and killed all the thrid party apps which you basically needed as teh in game tracker for the pokemon didnt work. The biggest issue with naitic is lack of community manager for this game. The person that does the public speaking or informs what the plans are.
  • Just an update it appears the devs over at have made progress on identifying the function that creates the mystery data in unknown6 (the variable that the new API now expects in each call to the server).  They had to take their main discord channel private because other people were starting to take credit for their efforts.  It does appear progress is being made. Lot's of really smart people over there doing some serious analysis of Assembly code. Huge creds... awesome stuff, these guys have real jobs but are doing what they can to help the community.  It's a shame Niantic doesn't just hire them to take care of the Windows client - they'd probably do it for free anyway...
  • Well, as the first poster said, this was expected. Pokémon Go is a hot mess right now, though, so I can't say I'm too upset. Everyone is rioting over changes that've made the game a lot less playable, and Niantic doesn't seem to understand what "community management" means.
  • That's an cheap move... If niantic won't release their app official than there's only one to do it... And now they make my hate them even more....
  • Why do you hate them? It isn't their fault Windows phones are irrelevant. Your hate is misplaced. This is all on Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And I just installed PoGo last night. Smh.
  • Just stay tuned on GitHub.
    Why? The API creators confirmed that they got their hands on the "Unknown6" code.
    We have to wait till they can make us an algoritm that we can implement so we can send our own hash :)
    There is a chance that before this week ends we have the new API ;) 
  • Thank you for the heads up.
  • haha no problem
  • Guys, the developers found the "Unknown6" code that can read the signed requests.
    It took them more than 12 hours to find lol.
    They are now busy to make it an algoritm, we don't know when they will finish it.
    We will implement it ASAP! 
    Do you want to check when this algoritm is created? :) Stay tuned on GitHub ! 
  • You do realize reporting on every step the third party devs make doesn't help their cause right? You're just broadcasting their progress to the people who want to kill it. You should report on something else and let these guys just do their thing.
  • Well now we know where we stand. Time to get over it n move on.
  • Ah,  the typical WIndows users response.  We know where we stand.  time to move on...TO IOS!
  • Unstalling.........
  • Figures - maybe this will send a message to Niantic to take advantage of UWP and build their product within a week for Windows 10 Mobile users to enjoy and tap into this market - knowing their track record - probably not.
  • Awesome. Best news all day. HAHAHAHA numpties.
  • I'd much rather have Niantic shut down the people that are playing on pc and streaming from their home while collecting Pokemon from the other side of the world.
  • Oh no how ever will we survive...
  • Who cares.
  • After all the bots thy need to do this
  • ha ha...bots.  
  • I just dont understand why a developer does this blocking stuff. If they would write the App for Windows windows in the first place , then we wouldnt have too! But if they just dont want to for the effort for the smaller crowd, then embrace the 3rd part developer who did the work for them!!  
  • So boycott Niantic!!!
  • I knew this would happen. Good thing I brought along my HTC One M8 Android phone to Rio for Olympics. I can still be on the lookout for the elusive Zika-chu!
  • The only hope is the Niantic will reuse their iOS code for us :( Again I remember the greatest failure of Mirosoft, the removal of Project Astoria :(