PoGo-UWP beta update for Windows 10 Mobile fixes issues with Pokemon and Pokestops disappearing

The developer behind the third-party Pokemon Go app PoGo-UWP for Windows 10 Mobile has updated its beta to version 1.0.7. It fixes a couple of issues relating to Pokemon and Pokestops disappearing in the app.

The new version fixes an issue that was reported that Pokestops were disappearing from the map while the person was moving. The other bug that was fixed related to an issue after some people caught a Pokemon. It would then disappear from the map, then it would reappear after a few seconds, and then it will go away again in an endless loop.

PoGo-UWP Full Changelog (since initial public release)

  • Fixed Pokestop dissappearing while moving
  • Fixed Pokemon dissappearing issue
  • Fixed crash on loading
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Removed perfect shot every time player throws the ball
  • Changed Pokestop icons to purple on already used Pokestops
  • Added update notification
  • Prevented lockscreen while playing
  • Fixed crash when running on desktop

If you have already downloaded and installed a previous version of PoGo-UWP and want to update to 1.0.7, you will need to uninstall the app from your phone by long-pressing and selecting uninstall from the app list. Then, download the latest files from the link below, and follow the steps in our How To article to install the new version. (You also try to just redeploy the new appx file and overwrite the existing one. You do not need to reinstall the dependencies if you go this route).

John Callaham