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How to install PoGo-UWP beta for Pokémon Go on your Windows 10 Mobile phone

ST-Apps and other developers are contributing to the project on Github, albeit without the blessing of the game's developer, Niantic Labs. While we wait to find out if Niantic and Nintendo will give us an official client, PoGo-UWP might be the best hope we have for playing Pokémon Go on Windows 10 Mobile.

PoGo-UWP might be missing some major features, but it still functions fairly well for such an early version. The app isn't currently available on the Windows 10 Store, but you can download and install the necessary files for free.

We've put together a step-by-step guide complete with a detailed video on how to PoGo-UWP for Pokemon Go running on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

UPDATE 14/08/2016: After a period of unavailability, PoGo-UWP is working again following updates! Grab it while it's hot using the method below. Remember, you can always find the most up to date information on this project on Github.

Set-up PoGo-UWP, step by step

  1. Create a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Do that right over here on the official website. You might want to use a spare email account just in case Niantic Labs decides to block accounts for using the app.
  2. Log in via the official Android or iOS client. You can do this on a second phone, or you can use Bluestacks, an Android emulator for Windows. For more information on how Bluestacks works, consult the video above.
  3. Once you've got the app running, log in and select a starting Pokémon. You have to do this on the official client, as it's not possible on PoGo-UWP at the moment.
  4. Log out from the official app by tapping on the Pokeball icon and going to settings.
  5. Download these Github files to a PC connected to the same WiFi network as your Windows 10 Mobile, or directly onto your phone: PoGo-UWP on GitHub. Place them in the same folder. There are separate files for installing on a PC over here.
  6. Enable Device Portal on your Windows 10 Mobile. Go to Settings and search "For developers". Enable Developer mode, Device discovery, and Device Portal. If you're planning to deploy via your PC, make sure it's connected to the same WiFi network as your phone. Note: You can also juse use a USB cable to your PC and pair that way instead of using WiFi.
  7. To deploy from your PC: at the bottom of the Device Portal settings on your phone, you will see an IP address. Navigate to this IP address via a web browser on the PC containing the Github files. See the video above for an example of this in action. To deploy the files straight from your phone without a PC, download them to your handset and navigate to on Microsoft Edge, then continue following the steps below.
  8. You'll also have to pair your phone to the web browser session. Select "Pair" on your phone to receive a code to input into your browser.
  9. Click on the Apps section on the Device Portal in your PC's web browser.
  10. Add the file "PokemonGo-UWP_1.0.3.0_ARM_Debug.appx" under Install App, then Add package.
  11. Add the two other files as dependencies.
  12. Click on Go beneath Deploy. Wait until the app is installed on your phone.
  13. Launch PoGo-UWP on your phone, log in with the account you set up earlier, and enjoy!


  1. Make sure that your phone is set to install apps onto your handset, rather than on an SD card. You can change this in the Storage settings.
  2. If you're trying to load the app via your PC and you're unable to access the Device Portal, try turning authentication off.

See PoGo-UWP in action

Whether you're interested in Pokemon Go or just fed up of hearing about it, you have to be impressed by the tenacity of the Windows developer community who are known for providing us with apps and services we often miss out on. And who knows? The developer of a third-party Steam app for Windows 10 Mobile was eventually hired by Valve, leading to an official client.

PoGo-UWP is an open-source work in progress, so don't expect this app to be fully featured or bug-free. We'll follow its development in the coming weeks and months and let you know when it has been updated.

Jez Corden
Jez Corden

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Even if you hate Pokemon, you have to be impressed by the developer efforts involved here.
  • I'd be more impressed if they ported HBOgo.
  • Just get an iPhone instead of waiting forever...
  • Its a catch twenty two. The Windows Phone OS isnlightw years ahead of the Mickey Mouse iOS, but you get apps with iOS and nothing with Windows Phone.
  •  Or Barnes & Noble Nook app
  • They got me.
  • Agreed. That's some high leveled work around interestingness...
  • Why would anyone want to play this game
  • No sex life.
  • Nice, sick burn bro!
  • Sure are a lot of articles for an app that is essentially IP theft.
  • Well, when enough in a community clamors for something they aren't being given, a third party generally steps in and tries to fill said need and possibly monetize their effort unless it was a charitable effort.
  • And look at what happened with Steam. If this app proves popular, maybe it'll show Niantic they should work on porting it to Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Look at Snapchat.
  • Look at WhatsApp.
  • Look at any app. 99% of the time is better on iOS lol. Even MS apps. Missing apps are 100% better.
  • Good. Let's start rolling out the articles covering bootleg movies. Why stop at this?
  • lel
  • This isn't a movies site for starters, and are not most 3rd party apps originally created without the 'original's' knowledge - it's what makes the cogs turn !!
  • And illegal movie sites is what gets most of us our movies...your point?
  • It's theft. That would be his point.
  • Yeah really!  talk about Intelectual property theft.  Gotta love it.  
  • Not really, yes, it's IP theft, but the movie scenario  would be like remaking a new movie yourself, using your own actors with the same script in the same settings.   
  • Why are you commenting on an article from 1989? Lmao
  • Unless they permission to do this from the owner of Pokemon
  • They won't.
  • Open Source, HELLO?
  • Go look up what open source is, hello.
  • Sure are a lot of articles for an app that is essentially IP theft.
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Clients plug into servers and pull data all the time, does not make it IP theft. Clients are clients. He built a client that interacts with Niantic servers. Nintendo/Niantic don't like the apps that hack their map data to show where Pokemon are aka cheating, but just streaming their content? Not sure they have weighed in on that. Some companies actually enourage that type of thing.
  • The IP theft is the design, the idea, the copyrighted images, names, etc.
  • So,  let's say someone sends this article to Niantic and they read it,  Do you think they would be fine with the app?  Or,  better yet,  lets say,  Someone creates an "unoffical windows central app",  that posts things that you have reported on,  but just put their name on your articles and called it centrally windows,  you would be ok with it?   FYI,  Terms of service from Niantic.....this is stated in the Not approved, acceptable and illegal section... attempt to access or search the Services or Content, or download Content from the Services through the use of any technology or means other than those provided by Niantic or other generally available third-party web browsers (including, without limitation, automation software, bots, spiders, crawlers, data-mining tools, or hacks, tools, agents, engines, or devices of any kind); So,  In actual fact,  not only is this "app" illegal so is the previous one where you find the "mon's".... Just a little tidbit of information for the dev's to ponder before they get shutdown!
  • It wouldn't matter if they copied the articles and changed the names. Just copying the articles to another website with the correct citations to avoid the horrendous ads on this site would be the same sort of theft.
  • "called it centrally windows" Hah! ;-)
  • It's still not my cup of tea (yet I keep reading Pokémon articles, go figure :-)) but if I were niantic, I wouldn't mind this app because in the end they'll somehow get some revenue from Windows 10 mobile players without them having to pay devs to make the app. So it's actually win-win : Niantic gets profits and Windows 10 players can play. It's indeed quite cool how this guy managed to pull this of but I can also imagine the steps needed to get going aren't up to all users.
  • Yeah, *but* have a look through play store and app store and count how many apps are allowed to be there that are a blatant theft of intellectual rights? Plus this hasn't actually altered any of the coding from the app. It is a piece of software using the original app. Can't see nowt wrong with that, providing they don't use the trademark name.
  • They are using every trademarked name in the game.  
  • They decided to ignore a large group of people that chose windows mobile. Android had to fight back the same way and as a developer I would not exclude a platform regardless of size as it only cuts down the total number of people you have access to. What they did was not only insulting but poor business practice. So I could care less if they don't make another bilion off a game that is riddled with easy money in app purchases.
  • No,  but that does not give anyone the right to steal real or intelecutal property.  Its ILLEGAL. I agree with you 100%,  Why not develop for windows as well.  More people more revenues.  Simple.  If All the apps that were in apples app store were in windows,  I would still be with windows.  However,  that is NOT the case.  Windows mobile/10,  is WAY WAY behind in app saturation.  And....the way Microsoft is treating windows mobile/phone area,  its not getting better any time soon.
  • Is it still theft if the "thieves" don't get any profit for it? (it's just a doubt, not being sarcastic)
  • Yes,  if i steal your phone and just keep it for myself is it still theft?
  • Cool
  • Can they just put it in the store for easy installation.....
  • Yeah sure, not like MS would take it down after a while /s
  • Microsoft has no passion.
  • In real MICROSOFT has no lumia sales :v
  • Sure they do.  They are passionate about their iphones,  and rubbing up to large corporations.  They are NOT passionate about consumers.  
  • The store had over 20 fake LinkedIn apps, so I don't think it would be a problem.
  • It's soon not going to have even a real LinkedIn App.   MS will take care of that.  26 billion down the ******* for MS,  and I wonder why LI took the cash payment,  so they could laugh all the way to the bank with MS money for nothing...
  • MS will pull it down ASAP as it is illegal.
  • Give us Clash of Clans :v
  • Hell no :P
  • Can we do this using USB cable instead of Wi-Fi?
  • Yes
  • RTFA.
  • Ride the Ferris-wheel, ahole? That's not very nice..m
  • Upvotes. U made me laugh u funny ahole. :D
  • Do I need to log out on android before logging into this?
  • Yes :3
  • No.
  • Yes :o
  • Thanks Dan. I saw it called out explicitly in the article so was curious if it was a required step and if so why. If the answer is no, great. Off to try this out.
  • i'm logged into the app on iOS and on Windows 10 Mobile. I get occasionally booted on Windows 10 Mobile so maybe that is what is causing it? But it works most of the time without issue.
  • Seems to be working fine for me on both my 6p and 1520. Not getting booted (yet) Gameplay certainly not as good but an excellent accomplishment nonetheless.
  • RTFA. Again.
  • Wow thanks.
  • Not bothered about the PokéMans hype but love this community and the developers who take the time with this kind of initiatives! Never gonna leave this platform!
  • I guess you are new here in windows mobile environment, your opinion will change soon. xD
  • Nothing better to do than trolling on a Sunday night?
  • Been here from the beginning my friend... Well from Samsung Omnia 7 onwards
  • Cheers !!! Me since Lumia 720 and still using it cause I love windows ;)
  • been here since HTC 620.....check that one out.  Gone for good now however.  Thanks Microsoft,  for killing the awesome windows phone platform.
  • You really are a mug. Most of the guys I know, who share your surname are top blokes. What happened? First cousins??
  • Not interested. If I was I would buy an android. Side note. Wouldn't write articles about project Astoria and how to enable it. But stealing ip is a go..
  • It's fun being our own bosses! You should try it. On a serious note, the problem with Astoria and talking about APK files was linking to sites that also hosted stolen APK files that cost money/paid apps/games. How to separate that from say a free APK app like Snapchat was difficult, so we just said screw it. Once you go down that path it is opening the flood gates to piracy. It was not ONE app, but thousands of of apps and games. I mean, do I need to point out that difference here? Plus, as it turns out, Astoria died a few weeks later making it completely moot. This app steals no money from Niantic, and the app itself is free and no ads. It is also _not_ a roadmap on how to steal every app on the Google Play Store. The moral implications here are a lot less, so we made the call. You don't have to agree with it, that's totally fine. I do find your argument, however, severely lacking.
  • How does this not steal from Niantic when it uses their API's without permission and degrades the value of Pokemon Go with sub par copycat that is but expense to Niantic? Also I remember seeing articles of ad selling similar apps in this site..
  • Niantic doesn't mind because this Dev it's making them profit without added cost on their end. It's win-win really...
  • me the press release that says they don't mind. You all are watching this guy steal from them and keep claiming they don't mind. I'd love to know how they are leaking this info to you people, because the rest of us don't see it anywhere.
  • Let's bounce the ball back and you show proof that they do mind then. The trick still appears to be working so if Niantic would mind, they would have closed of the access already. This dev is giving free attention to the entire Pokémon thing this way... What actually did this guy steal? It's Niantic losing money or profit by this? Again, nothing has been stolen imho and it's win-win.
  • You can be safe in assuming if someone is being stolen from, that they aren't to happy.
  • Again : What it's this guy stealing? Is he making profit on behalf of Pokémon go?
  • Nevermind. If you don't think there is a problem, that is your opinion.
  • Exactly.
  • Ok you don't get it. Its intellectual property.
  • See my post to Dan above....directly from their terms of use......IT STATES EXACTLY....that what this dev has done is against their terms of use....therefore ILLEGAL!....
  • ball bounced! btw......
  • If your api is publicly accessible then they either wanted it that way or they messed up on their setup but I would rather think the first. Please also explain how this is giving Niantic extra expense?
  • Pokemon Go has very clear TOS. Do you think that this use of their resources without permission does not cause any expenses, does the backend run on holy spirit? And furthermore do you know how Pokemon Go is monetized?
  • How do you think it's monetized? try this link :
  • Awesome,  Since my Centrally Windows App steals no money from windows central,  then it must be ok for me to just put my name on all the articles written here and publish them on my app and site as my own.  Wicked!   Centrally Windows,  Coming Sooner than any MS product.  I don't have to spend the money on travel to the confrences, shows etc.   You can do all that for me Daniel,  and I can just put my name on your articles.  Since my app is all free,  you don't care!  
  • If you do the website as well be aware that there is some proprietary magic to make the performance so unique.
  • actually I have more magic since my app won't crash constantly...the website is even easier..I have disney type magic!
  • one thing tho,  the app won't be available in the windows app store.  sorry!
  • Sorry down voter,  Maybe i can port the ios version over at some point.  
  • You up vote the app stealing the game but down vote my app for stealing content?  what gives?  its the exact same thing downvoters!
  • This program is apparently ad-free so they aren't making money, its open source so its not designed to steal logins. I would say its closer to SAMBA in terms of what it sets out to do.
  • How to get accounts banned by Niantic step-by-step.
  • Hopefully!
  • Nice, thanks a lot
  • Failure reason: Failed to start deployment. Failure text: Package could not be registered. (0x80073cf6) :/
  • Same for me
  • Found the reason. Default location to save new Apps should be kept device. Installed then
  • Remove memory card then install
    Ii works for me
  • COMING SOON for you!
  • Its crashing alot please help I am loving the efforts but please look at it
  • Anyone having any luck logging in with Bluestacks? I only ever get the Google account option.
  • use nox player instead of bluestack.  game preinstalled and actually runs well.
  • Not install shows some error
    Fail to start deployment.Failure text.package could not be register
  • <p>Shift your app stora​ge to this device ......worked for me.</p>
  • works like a charm on blu win HD LTE
  • Don't want such game and such phone
  • Many game. Such phone. Amaze.
  • But the official Pokemon Go was made in Unity, so wouldn't it be easy for Niantic to publish to Windows Store?
  • Niantic belongs to Google
    remember what happen when YouTube (wich also belongs Google) was published on Windows the last time?
  • No it does not.
  • It is developed by an ex-Google guy. Niantic does not belong to Google.
  • Well, it ran........ Once..............
  • Where to download this pokemon go beta file.
  • Too much trouble, and while it is extremely popular now, it was just a year or so back that if we couldn't get Candy Crush, the world would end. I'll wait until the official app makes it or...simply continue to watch my children and wife swipe repetitiously on thier iPhones while I get actual work done. I am waiting on the full report of injuries here in Japan related to boneheads walking into traffic, into Kabukicho late at night, or getting lost in the woods.
  • For those who are having issues downloading this and keep getting that error, what you need to do is change the location of where your apps are downloaded, I've been trying all night long to download it and kept getting the error over and over; as soon as i changed my storage it worked! Thanks to whoever suggested it.
  • my L730 became too slow after installing the app but tried to open the application but it crashes all the time.... uninstalled it.
  • Like I care if the alphabet dies a sudden death? As long as Youtube survives, the rest of the alphabet and google can die. Never going to pay a cent for an android app.
  • You probably don't pay for any apps period. Regardless of the platform.
  • Last three year developer are doing nothing always make buggy apps.there is no development then how to increasing market share?
  • MS is trying to get new features but not providing bug fixes to it's OS. Win10 is not running as expected for the mobiles which didn't came with 10 native. They know our issues but if u resolve existing issues for old mobiles then old users won't buy new phones.
  • Really?? Would that be why a lot get left behind on 8.1? Didn't MS warn about poor performance on devices. Before you inform us of your issues, what device are you using?
  • Still WC app crashes while reading or swiping comments down. After several updates all we can realize is either windows 10 is not stable to develop good apps so that is y it failed to bring new apps or wc might not capable of resolving this issue. Not degrading anyone, but we can understand why new apps r not coming to windows 10 & y we r not getting uwp updates for existing apps.....
  • Very stable for most of us.
  • First of all, developing takes time. Pandora is on three or more platforms. One simple change may take a few hours to a day to change. Then testing needs to be done. Which could take a couple days. That was just on iPhone. Patience is a virtue; and developing isn't instant.
  • To all of you out there saying about porting and piracy. This effort is not about porting the game it is about sending a message. For years developers have been speaking crap about Windows Phone being a difficult platform to develop for, efforts such as these show that they are just not even trying. If people can get to re-work the app to bring it to our platform (ip theft or not), the original developers can definately do a better job. They are intentionally giving Google and Apple monopoly. Windows Phone development isn't hard it is just ignored. And specially Google should take note, as they have deliberately chosen to not develop for us because "competition", bloody cowards.
  • Yes,  before w10m it was a totally different way for devs to go develop for windows 7 and 8.  Now,  however,  Microsoft did so much damage to windows mobile themselves the dev's just could not be bothered to create apps for an essentially dead platform.  And I mean dead from the creators point of view,  not the community.  Face it,  MS does not want windows mobile to be successful.  Oppps,  let me rephase that....NUTELLA does not want Mobile to be successful.  As for google,  its not the competition aspect,  since they have all apps available on IOS.   Its the fact that some years ago,  MS would not do something google wanted...and google pulled their apps.  Nothing to do with competition.  They did the same thing with apple, but apple agreed to do whatever it was.  I cannot remember how the whole story went.  But Microsoft tried to be the bully and LOST.
  • Its going to crash every time in lumia 540
  • Failure reason: Failed to start deployment. Failure text: Package could not be registered. (0x80073cf6) this appears after uploading, what can i do?
  • Same here
  • Found the solution is to make apps to install on the phone momery not SD card
  • Feed the Illuminati
  • Another tidbit....
  • downvoter,  remember,  if you were the company that created the pokemon go app,  and ninitendo.....would you want your property stolen?  I bet you would not!
  • It was fairly easy to install using bluestacks and my Windows 8.1 PC on my 950 XL. I hope they'll be able to update it soon without any problems
  • Windows 8.1 PC?
  • Has anybody tried to catch a Pikachu for their first Pokemon with Bluestacks? The Pokemon GO app crashes when the camera is trying to be enables and the location spoofing crashes sometimes.
  • Got it to work. The default GSP spoofing occasionally sends you to a popup link. I kept closing that and starting it back up. As for Pokemon GO crashing, when you go to catch your first pokemon, you click on yes to allow camera.
  • Bluestacks is an android emulator correct?  that means you ar using the offical app.  which is fine.
  • Yes, to login into an account the first time and make some changes. Then u ditch the original app on the emu to use some hacked together client which is totally unofficial.
  • I realized this method wont work on a guest network connection so i cant get it to my lumia 650
  • Try doing it by USB cable.
  • I'm getting the server error says "PTC login is probably down please try later."...what to do now..???
  • Same
  • Worked only once... Then it became a useless crashing app -_-.. Thanks fr giving me the excitement fr one login !!
  • cant find project my screen app why??? it was very usefull app wtF???
  • The deploy method fails .. When I press on ( Go ) and start and finish upload and then install but it doesn't complete and shows ( Failure reason: Failed to start deployment. Failure text: Package could not be registered (0x80073cf6) ) and I tried for v1.0.3 and v1.0.7 and giving the same error ... Any solution ?
  • The solution is to make apps installation on phone memory not sd card
  • same problem here
  • Please, make it stop!!!!
  • Can't login?
  • I can't even log into the Android Client? Anyone having the same problem or know of a fix?
  • I've enjoyed reading all the comments, just want to make my first comment on here that I love my Lumia 950xl so does my wife and kids enjoy their windows phones too, not bothered about Pokémon or Snapchat etc everything I do and use on windows mobile works for me and my family. Just saying windows doesn't have thousands of duplicate apps and yes sometimes we wish we had more, but what we have we use or push come to shove the browser auto logs you into various sites logged into before across windows devices. Microsoft is working on universal apps right now so maybe better because you can buy once and use across all devices including Xbox. Just saying !
  • man can someone just package this up already and release it that way lol, this is a long workaround. But i want to grab a pokemon sooooooo here i go
  • I don't see the nearby pokémons.
    Lumia 650
  • after i installed the 1.0.12 and the 2 dependency's, i must say i installed them both in sd card and phone,when i'm on that page where it asks me to login from phone,after i put username and password i get this message: "PTC login is probably down,please try again later" and anytime later i get the same message....can someone tell me if i have to do something else?   on my pc it works but i can only see my feet,i cannot scroll out more and also i don't see the map(no streets,no poke stops,no nothing) ps: i saw on the download page that is a 602 Mb zip file,should i put those files somewhere in the phone? i also have Lumia 650   thank you in advance
  • to bad after update...bleustracks version is no longer opperational
  • I have to update pokemon go via bluestacks for playing it for the first time but the playstore says my device isnt compatible. HELP
  • The links to the 3 files I need to download are dead.   Please  Help.
  • google them..
  • Hey, i got maybe server down error! What should i do!?
  • This is not ORIGINAL POKEMON GO, this is CRAP POGO
  • Unofficial Pokemon GO for Windows 10 version with new api 1.0.13 up to
    x64!ZM4gjSYR!ZZK0Dl-ZuZvMRC2bDzpLFgMLpFhHdHIc2k2TmX_RoI0 arm (windows 10 mobile)!BRJE3LZa!OQwDQdLCZ78_WjFYQR6gcqObe5p_ZyjutX8YxyxKjUI
  • I cant install Pokémon go with wireless network how to install with usb help me
  • Too lazy to do all that :P maybe one day
  • I just update to the last version .25.0 but don't show any pokemon or pokestops, before I was played and catching some pokemons but now there are gonne this version really works or no? Thanks