Hands-on with 'PoGo' the first Pokemon Go client for Windows 10 Mobile!

While there is no official Pokemon Go client for Windows 10 Mobile - and no signs of one coming anytime soon, either - users now have a glimmer of hope with PoGo-UWP. The open source project started by ST-Apps is available on Github and while it takes a little effort to get it installed (especially if you do not already have a Pokémon Trainer Club account logged into the real Pokemon Go app) it is a significant step for fans of the game..

We took time from our typically slow Sunday to load it up on our Lumia 950 XL to see what all the fuss was about. You can see our results in our new hands-on video of the app, which even shows us catching a "real" (ahem) Pokémon.

Considering the project just got started, it is not half bad. There are limitations everywhere, but you can see the fundamentals getting their due. Here is what we noticed so far:

  • Pokemon do show up, but there are delays when compared to the clients on iOS and Android. These are likely attributable to the fussy nature of the servers, but you should leave the map on for a minute or two at least and no touch it
  • The game kind of cheats - You can capture a Pokemon each and every time on the first shot. There is no "skill" as you tap the ball, and it throws it for you at this time
  • You can use Pokestops, but Gyms, Lures, and other aspects are not yet displayed
  • You cannot access the shop, Pokedex, see your items, or your captured Pokemon yet

Nonetheless, it is still rather neat to see the game basically work. Clearly, there is a lot of polish and features that need to be added, but assuming Niantic does not get it shut down, those should come in due time.

ST-Apps has done an impressive job so far. Now it's up to the community to continue the work. Maybe they can take it to the next level and Find 'em All could merge into PoGo to create the one-stop Pokemon Go app that Android and iOS users could not imagine.

For more information, follow the story link below on how to get started with PoGo-UWP today:

Get Pokémon Go on Windows 10 Mobile right now with the PoGo-UWP beta client!

Daniel Rubino

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