PoGo-UWP team warns against installing current version

The team behind the third-party Pokémon Go Windows 10 Mobile app PoGo-UWP have issued a warning not to install the current version of the app. It could cause your Pokémon Go account to be banned by the game's developer Niantic Labs.

The people who created PoGo-UWP released their app, via GitHub, in late July, but a few days later it became unplayable. This was due to Niantic shutting down access to the API that PoGo-UWP used to get the data from the Pokemon Go servers.

While the PoGo-UWP team has been working on a solution, they have also updated their GitHub page warning people not to install or use the current version of the app:

Please do not install any builds that are not officially released at the link above. We currently are not releasing new builds for a reason, which currently is: We don't have the right tools to spoof your device like an Apple device. If you download and run any non-dev generated appx, your account is being flagged and there is a high chance you'll get your Pokemon Go account banned. Please also do not ask for new builds. We'll release them when we're comfortable releasing them, both in terms of stability & making sure it's safe for your account.(edited) To clarify a few things for those who are curious:

  • There are no official working releases
  • If you find any unofficial release and use it, you are risking getting yourself banned by Niantic
  • Why? The API fix for Unknown6 issue is working, but it contains some values, that we do not provide correctly. (For example DeviceID is one of them)
  • So until we figure out a fix for those incorrect values (to prevent our users getting banned) we won't release any new public version
  • Other problems with inability to catch pokemons or any other issues are just minor issues, which will get fixed eventually, but the DeviceID is top priority

We will post an update if and when the PoGo-UWP app gets a new public release.

  • I'm just glad to hear they're still trying to develop the app. I'll keep using my phone as a hotspot for my iPod until there is a new version.
  • For some reason something inside me says not to download this app at all even though I trust the devolopers. I think its because I like to use the apps/programs from the original creator.
  • I honestly didn't know they were still working on this. Good to know.
  • The progress is very good. As the project is on GitHub, the community is contributing like I never seen before. Some users are even exploring the possibility of implementing the AR mode using some DirectX elements, further bringing 3D models to the whole game. I'm really impressed, and as soon as I put my hands on my new PC, I will surely contribute to this project.
  • Nice, keep working, I will wait.
  • They are trying to get v1.1 published around Sunday! If not, DON'T STALK THEM WITHTHE QUESTION WHENTHE NEXT BUILD WILL ARRIVE. ;)
    And it will be nothing like the last version, we will have:
    -Pokémon inventory with organize option as official app
    Pokémon view, this means:
    *amount of CP
    *you'll be able to power up and evolve
    *transfer Pokémon
    -eggs wil be able to get incubated and hatch
    -user profile with batches, team and amount of coins
    -pokéstops will work
    -you will be able to login using google account or PTC account :) Gym's won't be available yet I hope this makes you all happy :)
  • You know this as fact or you are assuming? I'm not asking to be a jerk, I am seriously curious lol
  • The bullet points are confirmed.
  • That's awesome news!
  • I know this as fact ;) only the specific date is not a certainty.
  • Will they soon create a windows phone 8.1 version?
  • No, unless someone forks the project and ports it to 8.1.
  • You can do it if you understand coding,am still an amateur I don't wish to mess up with the app
  • Sigh brother, looks like you and me are one of the last four guys that are still on WP 8.1
  • A lot of people are still on WP 8.1. Microsoft aren't pushing it, and some people don't even know about it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some of them didn't have w10 compatible phone .
  • I just upgraded my 1320 and my sons 630 to Redstone and it runs really well on both. Better then the last build of W10 did.
  • Hi, can u help me upgrade my 630 to w10m, i can't even go to th2 from insider ;_;
  • I just checked and I thought I bookmarked the tutorial but I didnt. I will try to find it again for you
  • @Keith White, how and did you manage to upgrade to wm10? Been trying but can't get my 920 to get it
  • look around XdaDevelopers. there is a registry hack that lets you update. Only go this route if you understand the risks and are willing, as this involves jailbreaking your device.
  • Correct!
  • I checked and I thought I bookmarked the tutorial but I didnt. I will try to find it again.
  • You can upgrade to windows 10 ,I can recommend it to anyone including those on WP 8.1.
    Battery usage is very good on official build 10586.494
    Best official apps.
    Everything cool
  • Yeah Windows 10 mobile is pretty great. Running th2, build 10586.494 on 630. UWP apps are great. But like I said before, most people don't know about win10mobile. I had to tell friends about it, and people on forums that have win 8.1 don't know about it. Pretty sad
  • MS probably doesn't want them to upgrade. This should be automatic upgrade process for everyone on WP8.
  • Haha Really!!?
  • As a Windows Uniwersal(8.1) and UWP apps models are really similar, I think, that when devs don't use only W10 features in this app, that can be easily ported to 8.1. I don't have much time now, but maybe when the 1.1 version will be ready, I will take a look at source code someday.
  • These type of apps make my Lumia unique from Android / ios apps.
  • Yes, not having genuine apps and having to use broken 3rd party rip-offs sure makes Windows phone unique.
  • Now that is what I call progress , good going guys !!!
  • Well that was quick....the thing is if they rebuild their current UWPapp and after a week it's down again then what's the point.
  • The windows phone community is full of love,everyone wishes to have the best from it.
  • then we get back up and do it again, but BETTER! This community isn't weak.
  • I wish the developers all the best. I count on you to bring me back to Windows phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not having Pokémon Go is what keeps you away from Windows Phone?
  • This, and Musixmatch (the Windows version no longer works properly). I miss Groove (surpised to not able to find a good player on Android), News (MSN News on Android is horrible; well at least it syncs with Windows), and Camera (Lumia Camera likely the best free camera app on any platform) though.
  • Oh ok. Just wondering. I mostly use my phone for Office, Email, Calendar, Alarms, News, Photos/Camera, Groove (stream all my music from OneDrive). Very little of anything else. But I'm one of the few I guess...very minimalist.
  • Respect to the Devs and WP community who support Windows phones.
    Love it
  • Just keep the Great work going !! I'll wait as long as it takes to make a nice stable app.
  • I'm sorry but I just don't see what all the fuss is about with this game/app.
  • Let others be and like whatever they like. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They need to find a way for login with Google Account instead Pokémon Trainer Club.
  • Can you even read? You can use google account... Read the 6the comment
  • Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Why is WC still promoting these illegal apps? Now that Nadella leaked 'secure' boot keys why not make an 'how to' article on installing Android on Lumia and running legit no stealing full functional Pokemon Go?
  • Just go sit in a corner and cry :'(
  • Not illegal, and that's been proven before. Troll harder.
  • sure it is.....they are still stealing the content....regardless if they make money or not is a moot point.  If I steal your car and keep it,  not to sell but just to use,  I guess im not stealing your car.  
  • First off, that's a poor analogy. If you take my car, I am then unable to access it. The content it not blocked from others. But that's getting off the topic of the entire situation since nothing is being taken. Data is being accessed, that you are able to access anyway using your Pokemon trainer account. When I access a Pokemon website, I'm not stealing the content of that website am I? You may say it's because I'm accessing it from an unapproved device, well when someone access a website from out of the country using a VPN, is that stealing? No, they are just spooofing thier IP address so they can access from an unapproved device.
  • OK,  I will only steal your car and use it while your sleeping!  DUMBASS!
  • How true VHYR.....load a real OS onto the 950 xl and play for real with the real apps,  etc.  
  • Crazy yeah. Instead of illegal fake app using the real thing legally. Crazy.
  • MS fanboys need to actually use their brains for a min!  IT IS STEALING.  That is why the whole thing got shitcanned by the OWNER OF THE CONTENT....
  • We're not downloading the official app from an unapproved site. If you compare this to music, it's more like we're downloading a cover version sung by a different artist. Pretty sure you'd have done that too from time to time.
  • You are illegally using resources of Pokemon Go and infringing IP of the same. Google CFAA.
  • You do know that if they put out music sung by another artist they get royalties right?  NO?  you did not know that?  well......IT IS TRUE.  Should look up some copywrite, plagerism and I.P. Law sometime!
  • Not if I go see a cover band play live. The original band isnt getting anything from that. I don't disagree that the PoGo app is stealing, becasue it technically is. But much like a local cover band, the developer isnt making money from it, so maybe Niaticwill let it slide.
  • NO but you are not recording it nor are they for their use....if you do,  TECHNICALLY you have to pay royalties.  thats how it works.  Making money is Irrelevant to whether it's stealing or know.  Again,  I can steal your car,  while you sleep and bring it back...You never lost the use of it,  But did I not steal it?  JUST BECAUSE I NEVER MADE MONEY does NOT matter....
  • I CAN USE CAPS AS WELL!!! As I already said, I agree with you that it's stealing. I was in no saying it isn't stealing. MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ WHAT I WROTE... OR DOES IT ALL NEED TO BE IN CAPS?!?!?   ;) Relax a little bro, we are all here having a conversation. Just because someone disagrees, that doesn't mean you need to blow a gasket.
  • PS... Are you putting gas in my car when you take it night? Because if you are filling up the tank I might be cool with this arrangement.
  • You have NO idea what you're talking about. Go troll elsewhere  
  • OBVIOUSLY we do since they SHUT IT DOWN.  ITS ILLEGAL!  FANBOY scrape the MS crap away from your eyes and ears.....do some research.  I worked in the legal field for 5 years doing corporate Law,  I know EXACTLY what I am talking about!
  • Actually, they shut it, and all 3rd party apps down because most were used for cheating at the game.
  • FANBOYS dumb as rocks.
  • Hahaha i told you all that this would happen!! Since theyre crating the app illegally the owner of pokemon go (who is the creater) is banning people using the third party PoGo, and no one listend to me!!
  • I said it to.  BUT HEY WHO AM I?  Its Illegal,  and its theft.  I dont care how the little fanboys try to spin it,  it's theft.  
  • Just a load of warning since now people are being banned, your also allowing yourselves to be hacked. So be very careful.
  • Until the police come to your door and arrest you for IP theft.  GO POGO!
  • I doubt that will happen lol.
  • Lets see,  GO PoGO,  keep it up and see what happens.  
  • Agreed! GO POGO!!! 
  • The green 830 is such a nice looking phone.
  • I agree Jack,  The 830 was an awesome phone,  in all the colors!
  • Honestly, there are 2 things i would like to make it clear.1. Windows phone fans is not a toy, Niantic shouldn't treat them like a beggar. Let me get this straight. If in the next few month Niantic act too over  towards the community. I will just DELETE the "Pokemon Go" game from my portable laptop. and even my andriod device What's so good about Pokemon Go afterall.  From now from what i see, it is only a way that "Niantic" wants POPULARITY and make MONEY and become BIG BOSS, Why should i promote or support a game for a company that only a "MONEY FACE"  but NO CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES? Pokemon is crying now because by the way Niantic please listen to me, It is not you created Pokemon but it is the TOEI Company from japan! Seriously, there is no point we windows fans being treated and tortured like that! Not only Niantic not intended to produce windows version and even block everything. Since they are not planning to release windows version and yet they blocks windows API!?  That means they not welcome us( windows) so if i was you i will just find another games. But beware, One day windows will comes out with Hololens and Niantic will be very sorry. Once again, I declare if Niantic in the nearing future put any sensitive statement or make a joke on windows fans, I WILL STRAIGHT DELETE POKEMON GO from my devices Once and for all! Yes, windows fans please live with dignity and reputation. CAUSE this is not the pokemon we know. Pokemon is for everyone you see this Pokemon is only a FAKE Pokemon (MONEY MAKING ). I loves Pokemon Go but i don't like both CONSPIRACY and NIANTIC!!!  PS: To Niantic, Yes sir, your meals here taste nice but sorry i won't give a second chance to a restaurant with rude and ignorant hawker so i won't come again!" I hope PoGo-UWP can try their best to COUNTER Niantic! Yes you can do it!
  • There is a new release candidate: https://github.com/ST-Apps/PoGo-UWP/releases/tag/v1.1.0-rc1