Poll: Did you preorder the Xbox One X 'Project Scorpio' edition?

The Xbox One X is now officially up for preorder (opens in new tab), which means retailers all across the globe are ready and waiting to take your money in exchange for a shiny, brand new Xbox One X console launching later this year. Are you ready to part with your hard earned cash?

Those interested in getting an Xbox One X can currently pre-order a limited edition 'Project Scorpio' edition of the One X (opens in new tab), which has "Project Scorpio" etched into the console and controller, similar to the original Xbox One Day One launch console.

So we want to know, are you preordering your Xbox One X? Are you sticking with your current console? Or are you going to wait and buy one on launch day? Partake in our poll and the comments to let us know.

If you're still unsure if you need an Xbox One X, check out the consoles technical specifications below. It's a beast, and can play 4K games at 60fps! If you don't own a 4K TV, the Xbox One X can enhance games in other ways, too.

Xbox One X specifications

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CPUCustom CPU @ 2.3 GHz, 8 cores
GraphicsCustom GPU @ 1.172 GHz, 40 CUs, Polaris features, 6.0 TFLOPS
Memory12GB of GDDR5 RAM @ 6.8GHz w/ 326 GB/s bandwidth
StorageStarting at 1TB HDD
Connections and expansionsHDMI-in; HDMI-out; 1x front-facing USB 3.0; 2x rear-facing USB 3.0; IR receiver/blaster; SPDIF digital audio; Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000)
WirelessWireless IEEE 802.11ac dual band; (5GHz & 2.4GHz); Dedicated dual band Xbox Wireless radio
Power supply245W, Internal
Disk drive4K UHD Blu-ray drive
Dimensions11.81 in x 9.45 in x 2.36 in (30cm x 24cm x 6cm)
Weight8.4lbs (3.81 kg)
In the boxXbox One X console
Xbox Wireless Controller
HDMI cable
Power cable
1-month Xbox Game Pass trial
14-day Xbox Live Gold trial

The Xbox One X is on sale now for $499 and is expected to launch on November 7. If you're going to preorder, you better get yours in quick, as pre-orders are already sold out at several retailers including Amazon!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Don't see a Poll but hell yes Pre Order complete through GameStop.
  • Turn your adblock off and refresh the page.
  • No poll is worth that. There are sites with unintrusive, reasonable advertising, and then there are mobile nations properties. I get it, these sites wouldn't exist without ads, but if they want to get people to actually whitelist them they're going to have to tone it down several by orders of magnitude.  Slide-ins, flashing gifs, multiple videos (the same video, in fact!), all that's missing is some unmuted audio and a couple pop-unders to complete the package.
  • Agreed, WC ads are horrible to say the least. On my dual core system with chrome, if there is a video ad it pegs my cpu. I've already told them and they have done nothing, so I comment via the app and browse with ad block on.
  • You don’t need to keep it off. Its temporarily. Once you refresh, turn it back on. The poll will stay on the page.
  • Totally agree - the ads on this site are insane.  Makes browsing miserable on Edge, Chrome, etc.  I literally can't think of a site that is as bad as this.
  • Where is the poll. yes I did, through Microsoft(After cancelling an amazon pre-order).
  • You need to turn off your ad blocker in order to see it (dumb I know).
  • Yep, did it thru GameStop and paid it in full with all the credit I had on my PowerUp card. Woot! Also got an Amazon pre-order in for my sister since she was at work.  :-)
  • I'm afraid I just can't justify getting another Xbox.
  • Great thanks for that info.... :(
  • Hahahahaha!  Thank you.  I just spit out my breakfast cereal from laughter!
  • Cool..thanks
  • Don't see a compelling reason to get this over the other one.  Personally, I will wait a few months when they offer larger internal storage.  I nearly have 6TB full and I can imagine 4k assets will only be worse.
  • The output resolution doesn't really affect the storage size at all.
  • Assets for 4K games will be larger Sin Ogaris. That's just the way it works.
  • Yeah, but it's not to do with 4K, they may have higher resolution textures or increased particle effects, but they also may not and still be 4K.
  • It has everything to do with 4k. You need higher quality textures if you're outputting 4k, that's kinda how it works. The one thing I find interesting is digital vs disc.  With digital, you only get the assets you need.  On disc, everything is shipped. Digital titles on XBOX ONE X will always get 4k, as the console renders in 4k and supersamples down to 1080p for older TV sets. With Xbox One and Xbox One S, you won't have to download the 4k textures.  Just the 1080p. 
  • I'm not stupid enough to preorder a console, I'd rather wait to make sure it doesn't have issues first.
  • That's what the patient side of my brain kept shouting at me as I pre-ordered mine. The faint bit of logic the devil on my other shoulder offered in favor of not waiting: "It's coming out a month before Christmas. There's a good chance it will be back-ordered through the holiday. Do you really want to ruin Christmas with that old Xbox One, when you could have a shiny new 6TF Xbox One X?" So I also ordered my first 4k HDR TV and 4k, HDCP 2.2 audio receiver...
  • Of course, if you're not a console gamer and you don't have a 4K TV, there's really nothing compelling about the purchase, particularly before seeing what problems it may have out of the gate.
  • Disagree. If you are a console gamer and don't have a 4KTV there are plenty of reasons to buy the X. You just chose to ignore them. 1. Supersampling 4K textures on every game that is enhanced for the the X on a 1080p TV. The list of games being enhanced is over 100 games (at two monhts out)  and that list is growing with old and new game support . Expect almost all new games to take advatnage of 4K in some form. 2. Ansiotropic filtering, this affects all games at any resolution (old and new - even not enhanced) to give clearer textures 3.  Smoother all around game play, no need for a Boost mode like on the PS4/Pro games just are automatically smoother including BC games. 4. Faster load times 5. Games that use dynamic resolution (e.g. Halo) will have better experience from the get go (pure butter) 6. Pre-order means you can get the Scorpio special edition.  7. Games like Tomb Raider may offer different graphic levels that users can select from. Choices that they wouldn't have without the X.  E.g. Higher FPS at 2048 supersampled to 1080p vs extreme high fidelty and true 4K resoultion with less FPS.  
  • I should wait until i up grade my 720p tv first. maybe next year.
  • I don't have a 4K TV either...I still did it though...HOWEVER, A NVidia Shield would get me the same results...I should just pick up another one of those for my Family Room.
  • I'm not. Honestly I'm pretty bored with the Xbox right now
  • Me too
  • can still get one at walmart com by nov 7 :)
  • Ordered mine through the Microsoftstore. They once sent a pre-order to me so early it arrived before release day. Hey, maybe it will happen again. At least it is the same price as the Standard edition. Free vertical stand and fancy smancy stickers. I already have a new 4K TV ready to go.  
  • Yes I did. Can't wait! :D
  • Not available in Canada yet. When will we have access 😔
  • After the hardware bugs and issues are worked out after the beta grou... I mean the US preorders, are worked out. :-)
  • No, didn't pre-order. I'm thinking of building a new home instead. :) Xbox One X will come later.
  • You're going to build a new home for only $499? Wow! Amazing!
  • SunToucher meant that they're saving up the money for building a new home.
  • Tried to pre-order earlier today, thought it was sold out, but tried again just now and got one from the MS Store online.
  • I didn't know it went live until after Best buy closed today. Going to head over there in the morning and pre-order it.
  • Still happy with my Xbox One so for me...
  • No.
  • I don't have a 4K HDR TV to get any benefit as yet. I'll wait till I have the right TV then upgrade the Xbox One
  • You still get a benefit even with your 1080p TV.
  • As far as I can see you don't need to have a 4k TV to get benefits, it will improve the view on a standard HD screen as well (OK not as much as having a 4k one for real). Having said that, I do have a top of the range 65 inch 4k one and I do plan on getting an X but not until after Xmas when the dust as settled, maybe Feb.
  • I have no issues with the price or anything. It is the games. Forza has become stale. This two yearly cycle thing has made it all feel predictable. I prefer Horizon now. There aren't enough compelling this year for the Xbox. I turned it on yesterday and I literally didn't know what to play. I will wait until next year and to see if any of these consoles explode at launch.
  • Got mine thru Best Buy!
  • Yup, preordered today. My 360 is really showing it's age, and my boy is getting old enough to do some more serious gaming. It'll go nicely with our 55" 4K living room TV. Hope the missus can deal with it...!
  • As much as I want it just because it is new and more powerful and I like to get the new shiny stuff on launch day normally I can't justify it.
    My "Day One Edition" Xbox One is still working fine and doesn't get as much play time as my 360 did.
    My TV is not 4k either so unless my Xbone dies I will probably sit this one out until the true next generation starts.
  • What do you mean when the next true generation comes out? 
  • I feel it's not a true next gen in the traditional sense...
    I am happy that the games continue working with each new system but I don't feel it is in the same leaps and bounds as going from MegaDrive / SNES > Saturn / PS1 > Xbox>Xbox 360. I hope whatever comes after Scorpio will give us something more than just a higer resolution.
  • It's a machine that gives developers much more power and ability to create better, more immersive games and run them very smoothly at very high resolution. What more are you expecting? Each successive generation can only provide more power and better software. Thats all. What do you think consoles do? Xbox One X is the next generation as it accomplished those things and enables developers to be able to create better more immersive experiences for gamers and media consumers. 
  • I know very well what consoles do and yes of course more power, nicer graphics, longer draw distance, nicer water more lines and colours come with X but it's common knowlege this is a mid-generation refresh and not the full next generation. Ok if you don't agree but currently it's not enough for me to upgrade from my launch day Xbox One.
    My point is maybe the one after the X in another 2 years if this is now the cycle vs the old 5-8 year console lifecycle will be enough of a jump for me to upgrade.
  • Actually, you are incorrect. The Xbox One S was a mid gen refresh. Just because you and perhaps a few others (due to financial constraints) may have chosen to label Xbox One X as just another mid gen refresh and not a next gen console (and therefore "not justifiable"), doesn't in and of itself make it so. Please explain what you feel supposedly defines next gen? Because as far as Xbox One X is concerned, it's specs meet all the criteria for making it a next gen piece of hardware over the original Xbox One and Xbox One S.  If you choose not to buy it, that's fine. But your not doing so does not mean that its not a next gen piece of console hardware. Designating it as anything less than next gen just to satisfy an excuse for and cover your present inability to purchase it is not a valid justification. In any case, I guess you won't be upgrading to a newer console unless it is designed with the ability to also heat up your hot pockets, cool your code red mountain dew, and provide a complete VR experience with full tactile body sensory abilities and a Star Trek quality holodeck all by being jacked directly into your cerebral cortex. You're gonna be waiting a long time, friend. Best wishes   
  • this has nothing to do with my ability to buy it or not, I could buy it today if it were available. 
    It is about my choice because I don't deem it worthy in my personal perspective. I have been on Xbox since the original and love the platform so no need to get so angry about it. Please read the post below from Robin Thakur as he mentions some things that are behind my perspective and choice.
    Historically next generation is about something new not just higher resolution such as mentioned it's about brining something new such as the move from 2d to 3d or adding the whole xbox live and hard drive in the 360.
  • Ms isn't really selling it as the next generation Xbox though. It's selling it as a commanding competitor to the PS4 pro (which it beats, in hardware terms) but the PS4 pro isn't a next gen machine either. It's like an Xbox 360 elite for those that need bragging rights in this generation. there aren't any games that are exclusive to Xbox x so you're really looking at resolution and frame rate upgrades, perhaps some higher scene complexity in games and effects for a while until games move on and it can't run them at 4K/60. At that point the true next gen console will launch. I ordered mine but I'm on the fence about it, at this point there's very little coming out that I really want to play on Xbox whatever resolution and frame rate it runs at. If it had the games of the PS4 it would be a much easier decision, in all honesty, sorry fanboys. 
  • First, XB1X is not a PS4Pro competitor. XB1S is the competitor to the PS4Pro. In fact, in some ways it even surpasses PS4Pro (4k native optical drive). XB1X is beyond PS4Pro and in another league. Claiming that XB1X is made as a competitor to PS4 is just stupid.  Again, you're making an ignorant claim that it doesn’t qualify as a next gen console  because it doesn’t MSFT wisely chose not to fragment their users by making Xbox One X exclusive titles. That is a wise decision. In fact, I bet that had thy decided to go that route and make X-exclusive titles, you'd be the first one complaining about it. So, please stop with the nonsense already. The fact that this beast of a machine is able to play not only the latest titles as well as games from XB1, 360, and OG XB does not disqualify it from being  next gen console. Hell, no other console including  PS4 Pro can accomplish true Backward compatibility. Xboxone X is the most powerful console every built. It's head and shoulders more powerful than anything available. That fact makes it a next gen console. Being able to play older games as well as being able to play the latest and most visually and immersive future titles (while not fragmenting the user base) does not mean that XboxOne X is nothing new or brings nothing new. Only a fool would reason as such. That is a foolish way to judge what net gen means. By your reasoning, in order to make a next gen machine,they'd have to completely cut off current Xbox gamers from playing the latest games unless they buy a new console. That would be stupid. Seriously, listen to how ignorant your line of reasoning is. Had they gone that route, any such so called next gen console would flop. Because it would require gamers to buy a brand new console just to play newer games, gamers would not be able to play with all of their friends who cant buy the newer concole, and playing older games in their collection would require gamers to keep their old consoles instead of being able to trade them in without losing their older game collection. Msft took all this into consideration and made a powerful next ten ine which is capable of moving ahead but not leaving anyone completely behind. Think about that and let it sink in.  And the fact that you make the insane assertion that the specs jump from XB1/XB1s to XB1X is equivalent to the difference between the 360 and 360 Elite (which only add additional storage) only makes it crystal clear that you have no idea what you're talking about and not very informed on the subject. Im not a fanboy. I happen to know what Im talking about, unlike yourself. Btw, you and many others may prefer ps4 exclusives to those of XBOX. That is your choice. But it's just personal preference. I and many others prefer prefer XBOX exclusives. So to each their own.
  • I don't have a PS4, as I said I have been Xbox since day 1 and had them all on launch day, for me this is nothing to do with fanboy or branding, it's about how I feel.
    You seem blinded by your opinion and refuse to agree to any point anyone else might make, I agree with you on some points but at the end of the day there is not enough between Xbox One and Xbox X to make me buy it. I will probably buy whatever comes after it XOX2 but for now I am not because that is my choice.
    You can enjoy your choice and I will be happy with mine. Goodnight
  • Havent read every single comment but for anyone saying 1X its not next gen because it doesnt introduce a new console that cant play current console games is ignorant. Those days are gone,get use to it..
  • Bingo. The second that standard xbox one has to support all the games supported on X, it is no longer a new console but a refresh. It's more pc than console now. Graphics settings specific to the hardware.
  • Just ordered mine from www.microsoft.fi :)
  • Nope, the scorpio edition is nothing more than green text. If it had an actual compelling external design and not a bland matte black box then yes I would pay extra. Will wait till after the hype has died down.
  • You're not paying extra, though...
  • The Project Scorpio edition does not cost anything extra. It's just a limited edition to show you preordered it early. But it doesn't cost anymore than the XboxOneX consoles that won't have the etching. It's $499 no matter what. I was going to wait til sept or October to preorder mine. But when they announced that the first ones sold will have that Project Scorpio etching on it, I couldn't wait. 
  • Got the scorpio, i think my 2nd will be a standard 1X version.
  • It actually has a different external design. It has an horrendous dot pattern that from very very afar makes it look like there's a gradient from black to grey, but when viewed from up close just looks... Ugh yuck.
  • Yes on BB
  • I usually don't buy the same system twice but I was thinking those enchantments. It like when you go to the movies and have the option of standard def versus premium experience like IMAX. It the same movie just different experiences.
  • I also hope that when they announce the new system. The Xbox x will be fully unlock and just like a PC we be playing newly made games on the Xbox that take advantage of the power when the regular Xbox one cycle is done.
  • Got my preorder in through EB Games in Australia.
  • I called Microsoft as soon as Major Nelson said preorders are live. However, the site did not update for a little over an hour after his announcement. I was on the phone with a sales person the whole time until the site was updated. I was told I was the 14 person to order an XboxOne X from Microsoft. Now, I just have to contain my excitement and wait til Nov 7th.
  • Just don't understand if this is their "flagship" why not SSD and larger storage capacity .. doesn't make sense! Possibly due to price point but make the project scorpio edition with those upgrades!  
  • A 1TB SSD would cost around half of what they are selling it for, I'd have liked to maybe had seen 2TB conventional HDD as a starting point or even had the option to upgrade the internal HDD like you can with the PS4 and PS4 Pro  
  • The only 2Tb 7200rpm 2.5" drives are enterprise models and they cost a fortune.  Hybrid 1Tb 2.5" drives are all 5200rpm, so no benefit from even going hybrid either, just more cost for nothing. Full SSD drivers are way expensive and once a game is loaded, no difference. Given the smaller drive, I wish MS had added a couple more USB sockets.  Using 1 for controller charging, one for the kinect adapter leaves just a single port for extra storage and any upcoming VR gear.
  • Make the HDD upgradable by the user is one of those things Microsoft should have designed into the Xbox long ago but they're stubborn and prefer to try to charge you more for the higher capacity console.
  • Pre-ordered mine via Amazon.
  • I preordered it but there aren't any upcoming games I'm interested in on the platform. Forza is worth it to see it in 4K/60, maybe as a demo.  I'll play overwatch and gow4 in 4K (once they are patched) but hopefully something good gets announced, otherwise I'll probably resell it. Also, the whole thing of "it can play games natively at 4K/60" will only hold upto a point. Once game graphics complexity increases you'll see frame and resolution drops, mark my words. It's not like there aren't games right now which can't be played at constant 4K/60 on a state of the art SLI PC, let alone an Xbox x. There needs to be something other than a new graphics card in this to excite...unless you are just into hardware design.
  • Did you guys see the specs required to play forza in 4k/60 on pc, 1080gtx required... a $500 video card...lol....pass on that
  • If you want a nice 4k tv to go with your 1X, check out the TCL P series 55"..after a couple weeks with it, i am impressed with this $599 4k hdr tv. My one and only complaint is viewing the TV off center, you'll notice the colors fade a bit, other than that im a happy camper.
  • I pre-ordered too. Already have the 4k HDR TV so it made sense.I have the XB1s which I think looks better as its the Gears 4 version. The Project Scorpio edition would have looked better if it had some laser etched design - maybe the 'X' to resemble the box (and first Xbox) or at the very least, the gradient should have kept the X. It would have been nice to see some 'special' LED lighting - like having a green LED to light up the 'Project Scorpio' wording when on. Still think it should have been called the Xbox Scorpio anyway - certainly if MS are not planning on 'generational' formats - gradually phase out the One when it really can't keep up with games any more and holding back the 'X' (most notably with MP games as Devs won't do a 30fps vs 60fps split) and can just bring out the 'next' iterative hardware - like replacing your GPU every 3-4yrs. That doesn't mean your old games are obsolete and a new GPU can improve the old games but also play 'new' games at an enhanced level over those who have the older GPU. Like PC's, you can't expect a 7yr old GPU to run the latest games at a 'decent' by that times standards. You phase out the oldest and the 'next' oldest becomes the 'base' with the 'newest' offering the 'best'
  • oups i might have hit that button now i need to find the money. 
  • Absolutely not. Not paying 500€ for a console with poor developer support but even worse internal storage.
  • 1TB makes this a non-starter for me.  Like others have said, I'll wait for the refresh.