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If there is one thing we like around here it is polls. With an average response of nearly 5,000 votes, you seem to like them too.

Last night, we broke some news about some names that Microsoft is considering for their new Project Spartan browser destined for Windows 10 in the coming months. The names were obtained through a research firm working on behalf of Microsoft to see which ones people seemed to enjoy. There is only one problem: none of them were 'Spartan'.

Interestingly though, all the names began with 'e', which suggests Microsoft is heavily considering a name that evokes Explorer but is still different enough to imply a big change to the browser. Using Microsoft, IE or Internet Explorer before the new name are also under consideration, demonstrating that Microsoft is open to dropping the baggage that 'IE' or 'Internet Explorer' evoke from public perception.

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These reasons of course partially explain why Spartan is not on the list being surveyed. However, it is evident from your comments and the User Voice page setup that you want Spartan.

Indeed, last night the User Voice page calling Microsoft to keep Spartan had 407 votes. This afternoon, that number has skyrocketed to 4,792 votes.

With all of that now in your knowledge, we'll toss out the obvious question: Should Microsoft keep Spartan as the name?

We very likely know the answer, but we want to see some hard numbers and percentages behind it. So make your voice heard.

Vote in our poll, sound off in comments as to your reasoning. Also, mention your thoughts on keeping 'IE' in the name if should just remain 'Microsoft Spartan'.

When done, head to Microsoft's User Voice page to vote if you want them to keep Spartan. Remember, it was your feedback that drove Microsoft to adopt Cortana. Maybe we can repeat history.

Microsoft UserVoice: 'Keep Spartan as the new name of the next version of Internet Explorer'

If you're on mobile be sure to visit in your browser to participate.