Update 3

Poll time! Earlier this morning Microsoft announced their brand new Developer Preview Program. You can think of it as the enthusiast program that was announced a few blue moons ago. Shortly after that, any registered developers could download GDR3 to their Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s been a busy day and a lot of you are now running GDR3 on your handset. What’s your favorite new feature? Take the poll below to answer. 

Don’t forget to head to the GDR3 Preview Forums to interact with fellow members running GDR3. That’s also the place to go for any questions you have or issues you encounter. Did we not list your favorite new feature? Sound off below. 

On your phone and want to take the poll? Head to m.wpcentral.com/poll-whats-your-favorite-feature-gdr3-windows-phone to take it now!