Test your Silver Screen smarts with Popcorn Trivia

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Popcorn Trivia not only includes the typical "who starred in what role" questions, but also tests your knowledge of who said what line in a movie and specific actor's actions. Popcorn Trivia has support for single player games and online multiplayer games. It's a fun, free game and a great way to humble your movie knowledge.

The layout for Popcorn Trivia is simple and straightforward. The primary menu holds options to jump into gameplay, access the game's settings menu, view your gaming stats, check out your rank amongst other gamers, view your achievements and tap into a few gaming extras. These extras include customizing the game avatar, unlock premium content (TV-based trivia content) with popcorn points, and buying additional popcorn points through in-app purchase. Those points are earned as you complete trivia rounds, but the in-app purchase option is one way to get a jump on things.

Popcorn Trivia has single player and online multiplayer games. The single player mode has an option to randomly select the movie you'll be quizzed on, or you can pick your own movie from the hundreds of motion pictures in Popcorn Trivia's database. Movies span a wide range of genres and time periods. You have recent releases and classics from the action, romance, Sci-Fi, horror and other genres.

The single player game includes three Acts or chapters, each holding ten questions on the movie. Questions range from identifying a still image from the movie or a question about an actor's actions. The questions are multiple choice in style and there are two hint buttons and a redo button available. The hint buttons include a 50/50 button that removes half the incorrect responses and a poll the audience button that rates each answer based on its chances of being correct. The redo button is a mulligan of sorts, erasing an incorrect answer that you may have accidentally selected.

Responses are not timed in the single player game and each incorrect response reduces the points earned. If you have a particular points goal, using the redo button backs things up a step and restores any points the wrong response deducted. Each hint and the redo button can only be used once during an Act.

The multiplayer game is set up slightly different. You choose the category of movies (Oscar winning, Action, 80's Classics, etc.) and your opponent. You can select a specific player to challenge or play against a random opponent. The multiplayer game includes 10 questions from multiple movies and you have thirty seconds, per question, to find the correct answer. Each incorrect response reduces the number of points earned, and as with the single player games, the multiplayer games has the two hint and redo buttons. The multiplayer games is not a real-time, head to head matchup. You tackle the 10 questions to earn as many points as possible, while your opponent does the same. You can juggle multiple, multiplayer games at once and the game times out in 35 hours. While that sounds like an eternity, in my experience, most multiplayer games are completed within an hour.

The overall gaming experience with Popcorn Trivia is good. The range of motion pictures quizzed upon is vast, the questions do a great job of testing your knowledge of the movie and the layout is user-friendly. After each question, Popcorn Trivia does provide you with an explanation of the correct answer and, if available, an external link is available for more information on the scene in question, the movie, to a referenced song and more. It's a nice touch to offer a little background to the question at hand.

The customizations you can use popcorn points on helps give the game a personal touch. You can select from a number of popcorn bucket styles, hats and backdrops. These features are a nice and at the game's core, Popcorn Trivia delivers a solid Windows 10 game that is a solid test of your movie knowledge.

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George Ponder

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